How much distance are air rifles accurate?

Tere’s no definite answer to this question as the effective range for any air rifle depends on many factors and the most important factor is the air rifle caliber. Different caliber air rifles perform differently and shoot accurately up to different distances. You can understand the nature and effective range of your air rifle with … Read more

Do air rifles need cleaning?

Air rifles barrels do get dirty over time and you may clean them at regular intervals. Barrels get dirty due to many reasons like dust, oil due to the mechanics of the gun, etc. but the dust does not remain there for a long time. So the question is do air rifles need cleaning?  Pellets … Read more

Can an air rifle kill a human?

Ar rifles are rifles that shoot a target by making a projectile. They are generally many uses of air rifle like to hunt animals, pest controls, recreational activities or competitions and none of them involves the killing of humans on any level. But the question arises that can an air rifle kill a human? Can … Read more

Which air rifle calibers is the most competent?

Every air rifle serves different purpose according to its range and power. The most common air rifle calibers are .177, .20 and .22. They come with unique features and are suitable for different scenarios.  .22 calibers The .22 caliber air rifle is the heaviest of the three and has the maximum knockdown power. The only … Read more