Is PCP air rifle the best choice?

Air rifle is the rifle which fires bullets using the compressed air without involving the chemical reactions. There are different types of air rifles already available in the market. On the basis of design, there are three types of air rifle available i.e. spring-piston, pneumatic and bottled compressed. PCP air rifle (pre-charged pneumatic air rifles) … Read more

What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Wen you are new to air rifles and have asked “What is a PCP Air Rifle?”. PCP is an abbreviation of “pre-charged pneumatics”. These guns are also called “pre- charges” by some industry people like these type of guns are filled with air before it is fired. PCP airguns are very popular in the last … Read more

Are Crosman and Benjamin the same?

You might have come across two air rifle ranges in the name of Crossman and Benjamin separately. So, one question comes to your mind that ” Are Crosman and Benjamin the same?”. But the fact is Crossman is the parent company of Benjamin air rifles.  Crosman acquired Benjamin at the beginning of the 20th century … Read more