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8 Discrete Tactical Travel Gear to Pack for Every Solo Trip

When you are going out on a trip, you can’t ignore the safety issues and some common problems that maybe you don’t care about at all. Well, when you are going to be out of your home for some days, it’s going to be tougher than you are thinking in terms of convenience. You may need to arrange food, you may need any emergency help, you may need to face any odd situations. In all these conditions, some accessories are needed to keep you as it can perform to make you comfortable in an odd situation with great convenience. People like you who want to explore the world with maximum security and preparations need to explore our article first as it has the most important tactical travel gear you may need while going on a trip. Let’s dig into it!

#1. Tactical backpack

tactical travel gear

Is there anyone who can think of going out without a backpack? We don’t think so. This is simply impossible. When you are deciding to go on a trip, you must have to carry some stuff with you and you need a backpack that is super-convenient to carry all your staff. You should get a back[pack that is very compact but has enough capacity to hold all your necessary things. Thinking how is it possible? It’s possible only when you will get a tactical backpack. A tactical backpack has lots of sections and compartments where you can place stuff more organized. You should also choose a bag that is not lightweight. Try to get one that is easy to carry and won’t add an extra burden on you.

#2. Tactical flashlight

tactical travel gear

The next important thing you should take with you is the tactical flashlight. The flashlight is a very important tool that must have to be kept in your backpack. The reasons are many. A flashlight is a good tool to keep alert at night time. You can get a visual presentation of anything from a great distance. A tactical flashlight is very powerful and long-lasting. So, you can get the best results for a long time without changing the batteries. You can also use the flashlight to break or crack something as it is very strong and robust in physics. The flashlight can be a good self-defence tool for the same reason.

#3. Tactical knife

tactical travel gears

No one can think of going on a trip without keeping a knife in his bag. The reason is very obvious. A knife is used to cut anything you may need while travelling. You may need to cut food items. You may use the knife for crafting your tents. You can use a tactical knife for any emergencies in the travelling time, you can hide your knife in your boot. A tactical knife is a very good tool for your self-defence as well. This is so strong that it won’t break even when cutting strong stuff. Besides, it is very light that makes your stuff very easy to carry.

#4. Tactical pen

best tactical travel gear

A tactical pen is a very important stuff to carry when you are not allowed to carry any weapon. You can get a tactical pen in your bag to use it for multi-purposes. You should get a tactical pen that is very smooth in writing, has a strong build and most importantly the tip that has to be strong enough so that you can use the pen as a weapon if you need to do that. This is small but very crucial stuff for self-defence, we think.

#5. Hunting Earplugs

Ear Plug

If you are going out on a hunting trip, let me make you know that you should get a pair of earplugs. While shooting, it is very obvious that your rifle is going to shout loudly and this is very harmful to your ear. So, you should get an earplug that is very good to keep your ear safe and sound, protecting from the loud noise.

#6. Pocket Organizer

pocket organiser

A pocket organizer is a kit box that has lots of stuff in it to make your work easy and comfortable in the travel. A pocket organizer is a box that has a number of items. It has medicine, utility cutter, lighter, pen, small scissors, wire, tape, safety pins, etc. These may be silly things in your daily life. But, these are actually awesome life-saving tools when you are out of your home.

#7. Pocket Holsters

Pocket holsters gear

The holster is a thing that helps to keep your gun safe and hide for the common people. This is very important to keep with you when you are travelling. You can roam with your guns openly. Your safety weapons can be the reason for someone else’s panic. So, keeping your weapon is very important. And a best holster can do this job perfectly.

#8. Multi-Purpose Card

multi purpose card

A multi-purpose card is very useful in your journey. It helps in doing many things easily. You should get a multi-purpose card that is easy to use in different ways. Normally a good card has the shapes for the opening letter, opening the bottle, using as a wrench, screwdriver, knife, etc. These are very simple and small parts of your daily activities but may suffer you without doing it properly. So, don’t forget to get a card that will help you in different ways.


As a traveller, you may face many awkward situations on the road and you have to be prepared for this. You can make your journey more comfortable and safe only by keeping some things in mind. Getting some necessary accessories is one of them and you can do it easily. So, before leaving your home, make sure that you have taken all the necessary discrete tactical accessories.



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