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Factors Affecting air rifle scope zeroing distance.

Zeroing on a target is sighting-in your target. It is the vertical alignment of your gun according to the distance between the shooter and the target. It is zero. Knowledge and expertise in zeroing the air rifle scopes is a must-have skill to have a perfect shot. Without this knowledge, even having an air rifle is a waste of your money and time. There are many factors that account for the air rifle scope zeroing distance. I have below mentioned some of the most important ones so that you can understand the role of different factors while zeroing your rifle scopes.

Factors Affecting Zeroing-In

  • Type of air rifle

The type of air rifle you use is one of the many important factors that affect the method of zeroing-in. Whether you use a .20, .22, or .177 caliber air rifle, the method and distance that be zeroed vary a lot. 

  • Type of pellet 

You must decide the type of pellet you would be using with your air rifle. Different pellets perform differently with different barrels. The more experience you have with your rifle and pallet, the better will be your accuracy while zeroing-in. 

  • Distance between the shooter and the target

The method and distance for zeroing your target largely depend on the type and the range of your target, whether it is short distance target (up to 25 yards) or a long-distance target (more than 50 yards). Initially setting the zero of your scope at a convenient shorter distance will be more favorable as it would give you an opportunity to adjust your scope much easily. I would suggest to zero it to as low as 10 yards and then adjust accordingly.

  • Type of your target 

The size and type of your target also factors in while zeroing your rifle scopes. Whether your target is a big or a small one, you have to zero-in your air rifle very carefully to have that perfect shot. 

  • Other variables 

Apart from the above-mentioned factors, there are other factors as well which affect the method of zeroing-in. The stance of the shooter while shooting the target, the grip, and the technique of the shooter makes a lot of difference while zeroing-in from person to person. 


Now, I can surely say that there is no sure shot answer to the question, “From how much distance, should I zero my air rifle?”. Rather the answer lies in the fact that many factors contribute to the decision of air rifle scope zeroing distance. After zeroing of your air rifle, make sure your target is perfectly aligned and clear with crosshairs also aligned properly for a well illuminated and clear vision.



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