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AR15 Sling: One Point Sling vs Two Point Sling vs Three Point Sling

If you are a regular AR-15 user, you must know how important it is to get an AR15 sling. People who frequently go hunting or mountain trekking should carry several heavy stuff. Along with all the stuff, carrying your rifle all the time in your hand is quite painful. You can’t keep your rifle on the ground for safety issues because you have to prepare for every time with your rifle. Using a sling will allow you to get ready all the time and give your hands some rest at the same time.

Types of the sling. 

  • One-Point AR-15 Sling
  • Two-Point AR-15 Sling
  • Three-Point AR-15 Sling

These three types of slings have great importance on your hunting trip. You should definitely keep a sling with you while going on a hunting trip or mountain trek. These three types of sling have their own essentiality. Let’s know them in detail.

One-Point AR15 Sling

This one-point AR-15 sling is also called a single point sling. This kind of sling is attached to the rifle at a single point. This type of sling is used to hand the rifle on your shoulder. You can also hang the rifle with your chest. This kind of sling will help you with enough stability.

This single point sling will allow you to change the shoulder whenever you want that is really great. Wearing it is very convenient and comfortable. You have to wear it around your neck and tie the strap so that it won’t lose. A single-point sling is very useful for fast-moving rifles.

So, you can take it in your hand instantly whenever you need the rifle. The freedom of movement is the reason why people like this sling very much. Actually, people love this sling.

Why you need a single-point sling:

  • You will get rapid access to your rifles.
  • You will get the opportunity of moving your hands and other body parts even when you have the rifle.
  • Your hands can get enough rest.
  • You will be able to put it on and put it off very easily.
  • You will be able to bear the heavy rifles very easily.

Two-Point AR15 Sling

Two-point AR-15 sling is a traditional sling that has been used for years. This kind of sling is perfect for hanging the rifles keeping upside down. So, This is pretty convenient to face sudden attacks. You can easily get the position with your rifles to fire.

This sling is very simple to arrange. You just need to hang it with the stock and barrel. You can use it on your back, wearing around your shoulder, etc. This sling is very suitable for all size people. The reason is that you can make it big or small as it will allow you to resize it. This not only helps to get the rifle instantly in your hand, but it will also help you to aim the target by holding the strap at the front side.

In this way, you will get a strong and accurate shot. A two-point sling is capable enough in providing the accessibility that a hunter actually needs to face any odd situations in the hunting ground. Besides, it will give your hand enough rest when you are not shooting. 

Why you need a two-point sling:

  • You will get rapid access to your rifles.
  • You will be able to shoot with a more stable position.
  • Your hands will get enough rest when you are nor firing.
  • You can resize the length of this sling.
  • You can use it on both the left and right side.

Three-Point AR15 Sling

A three-point AR-15 sling is the combination of one-point selling and two-point sling mechanism. This sling has both the previous two. It has a loop like the single-point sling that is attached to the barrel. One side of the sling is attached to the stock as well just like a two-point sling.

There is a loop in this sling that will help you to hang the rifle as the one-point sling and another loop that will allow you to hang on your shoulder just like a two-point sling allows you to do. This is the safest way of carrying your rifle. You can carry it in different positions. You can carry it keeping the strap around your neck and the rifle with your chest. 

This sling will allow you to get the rifle in your hand at the minimum time. You can hold the rifle in any position while hanging on a three-point sling. In fact, you can shoot in a versatile way with this sling. Though this sling is a bit difficult to operate, an expert can explore it properly and get the ultimate opportunity it provides. So, if you can conduct this sling, you should take it along with the other gears. You will definitely get lots of advantages.

Why you need a three-point sling:

  • You will get fast and reliable access to your rifle.
  • You will be able to shoot in different positions.
  • Can move your body parts very easily.
  • You will get multiple carry positions when you are not shooting.
  • You will get the accuracy very easily.

Before leaving your house for shooting or hunting with your AR-15, you may pack all the gears you need on the hunting ground. Sling is one of those crucial things that are simple to see but has a huge impact on the success of the trip. It will help you with lots of advantages that are very rare, in fact impossible, to get from any other gear. So, you have to carry a sling with your rifle while going hunting. It will astonish you with the amazing performance.

One Last Tip

People who know about AR-15 well know that this is a military-grade rifle and it has been used in the military force very much. You will get detailed information including its benefits, operating system, etc. in the military AR-15 manual. So, you can check it out to know about the AR-15 sling deeply.




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