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Are Crosman and Benjamin the same?

You might have come across two air rifle ranges in the name of Crossman and Benjamin separately. So, one question comes to your mind that ” Are Crosman and Benjamin the same?”. But the fact is Crossman is the parent company of Benjamin air rifles. 

Crosman acquired Benjamin at the beginning of the 20th century i.e. 1991 by taking control of its manufacturing, supply chain, and marketing activities. Crosman bought Benjamin Sheridan manufacturing which was located in Racine, Wisconsin. But later you can hardly see Sheridan in any shooting products except for just one Benjamin product, “the cowboy”. 

Benjamin is the popular brand name among professional shooters. It manufactures air rifles for a wide set of activities like deer hunting, competitive shooting, pest control, and much more. Hence, they are a highly versatile air rifle range and I assure you that you will definitely get an air rifle as per your requirements from the Benjamin air rifles range in your budget. Benjamin is the official product line for adult hunting. Even army professionals use high-quality rifles produced by Crosman Corporation for their hunting and shooting requirements. 

Benjamin air rifles are produced in the manufacturing unit, ROCHESTER of Crosman located in New York, United States of America. They also handle the designing, marketing, and other related activities in accordance with the Crosman Corporation. Benjamin air rifles are available for worldwide shipping including Countries in Europe, Asia, and other prominent places and cater to a gigantic customer segment.

Since Crossman has been manufacturing high-quality Benjamin air rifles for nearly 30 years, so it is pretty obvious that a huge segment of customers knows and trusts them.


After the above extensive information, it is evident that Benjamin is just a product line in the Crosman Corporation which manufactures highly versatile, durable, and value for money air rifles. 



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