Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen3i - Detailed Review

Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen3i – Detailed Review

Break-barrel repeater Gamo’s next-gen Swarm has been in the news ever since it was released in early 2019. The Gamo Swarm Fusion 10X Gen3i gas-piston air rifle shares the same cutting-edge features as its predecessor, making it an excellent choice for target practice, pest control, and hunting small game. Shooters are able to use low-profile … Read more

Diana Stormrider Air Rifle Review

Diana Stormrider Air Rifle Review

Diana, a manufacturer of superior airguns since 1892, is known for its products’ dependability and precision. The Stormrider might not be their first PCP, but it’s the most cost-effective option. The Stormrider is a no-frills, entry-level PCP that is a top contender due to its combination of repeating shots and unique features. After giving the … Read more

BSA Scorpion SE Review

BSA Scorpion SE Review | PCP Rifle

Created and manufactured in Birmingham, England, this rifle will amaze you with its gorgeous lines and premium workmanship. Most importantly the precision you will achieve with BSA’s BSA Scorpion SE will leave lasting impressions on any user. It is great for hunting and pest removal as that’s exactly the purpose it was designed to accomplish. … Read more

Beeman QB Chief Detailed Review

Beeman QB Chief Review – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

An ideal balance of performance, high-quality features and price, the Beeman’s first venture into budget-friendly entry-level PCP guns. With a style that takes you back to classic styling, the Chief’s hardwood stock has a lot to offer when compared to synthetic alternatives. Every stock is proudly engraved with a yellow-hued Beeman logo. The airgun ups … Read more

Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle - Detailed Review

Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle – Detailed Review

Benjamin Discovery air rifle is setting a new benchmark in the market and may be the most popular, inexpensive PCP air rifles available on the market today by the combination of great power for long distances with precision, as well as unbeatable value.  Benjamin has made it possible to bridge the gap and take the pain of … Read more