Beeman QB Chief Review – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

An ideal balance of performance, high-quality features and price, the Beeman’s first venture into budget-friendly entry-level PCP guns.

With a style that takes you back to classic styling, the Chief’s hardwood stock has a lot to offer when compared to synthetic alternatives. Every stock is proudly engraved with a yellow-hued Beeman logo. The airgun ups the game by incorporating an adjustable trigger with two stages, a fantastic option for a beginner PCP. For sighting, shooters can use of the fiber optic sights or mount their optics on an 11mm Dovetail rail to make precise shots.

With a fill pressure of 2000 psi, users can fill up the Chief’s 136cc tank with a handpump, or a small tank for shots after repeated shots. Take a pellet, load it up and then send it spiralling down the field at speeds that can reach 1000 FPS (in .177). Beeman’s specifications claim that this PCP is capable of shooting up to fifty rounds within .177 or 35 in .22.

If you’re looking to get into the thrilling arena of PCP airgunning, pick up the Chief and be amazed by its quality, performance and price!

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Caliber.177, .22
Max Velocity1000 fps
Overall Length39.0″
Weight6.8 lbs
Scopeable11mm dovetail
Barrel Length21.5″
Front SightFiber Optic
Rear SightFiber Optic
TriggerTwo-stage adjustable
PowerplantPre-charged pneumatic
Max Shots per Fill50
Operating Pressure2000 PSI / 137 BAR
Fixed/adj. powerFixed
Cylinder Size136 cc



Beeman QB Chief PCP Air Rifle Details


Beeman QB Chief is equipped with a wood stock, giving it a classic look. The wood feels and looks very premium for the price. Its excellent surface finish gives the product the perfect appearance. The metal parts also have an excellent surface finish and the bluing isn’t just impressive, but also extremely efficient.

While it is true that this Beeman QB Chief may be a pre-production gun, however, there isn’t visible markings of the machine regarding which you need to be particularly concerned.

If you can get a bit higher than the standard comb, Beeman QB Chief will be a sleek stylish gun that is far more attractive than modern black synthetic stock.

Speed & Accuracy

When loaded with lightweight Gamo Platinum alloy pellets, the Beeman Chief air rifle tested by HAM achieved a maximum average muzzle velocity of 1,117.27 FPS. As may be expected, the 7.0 Grain RWS Hobby pellets had the highest muzzle velocity of any lead pellets tested. Over the course of ten fires, this averaged 1,032.21 FPS.

The majority of Beeman Chief experts agree that 8 to 8.5-grain domed lead pellets are the sweet spot for this gun. The results show that the Beeman Chief air rifle tested by HAM produced muzzle velocities in the 960-990 FPS range while using these pellets. The resulting Muzzle Energy (or destructive force) is approximately 18 lb.

Expectedly for a PCP air rifle, Muzzle Energy rose with pellet weight, reaching a maximum of around 20 Ft/Lbs with the 10.65 Grain Baracuda match pellets. For an air rifle with a.177 caliber, that’s really good accuracy!

One of the features of the prototype Chief that was tested by HAM was an adjustable hammer spring tension and power knob located at the end of the tube. Beeman assures us, however, that degassing systems will replace this feature in the final production of firearms.

Trigger and Cocking Effort

During HAM’s tests, the Beeman Chief air rifle had an average trigger pull weight of 3 lbs 11 oz. Having some experience with the QB78-type trigger found in the Chief, we can confirm that this is a conservative choice. Of course, we always use the factory-issued trigger during testing.

There is considerable slack to be taken up in the single-stage trigger at the outset. And unlike more expensive triggers, the release point is only slightly iffy. The Chief’s trigger may not be perfect, but for the asking price, it should be adequate for the vast majority of its owners. The trigger’s draw weight, sear engagement, and overtravel may all be modified with relative ease. As soon as the action is detached from the stock, the expert user has easy access to the set screws that regulate these changes.

Beeman Chief air rifles are cock-on-opening models. It’s not difficult to retract it, and pushing it forward to load a pellet into the chamber is a breeze. However, the pellet loading trough is somewhat narrow, making it difficult to load longer pellets or other ammunition into the gun. This is also true of other cock-on-opening bolt actions, such as the Benjamin Discovery/Maximus. Although it serves its purpose, the greater room would facilitate loading.


Among the Beeman Chief air rifle’s many strengths, the HAM team praised its reliability. It is not “pellet fussy,” as demonstrated by its excellent accuracy with all but one of the usual HAM pellet test series. The average weight of the trigger pull in HAM testing was 3 pounds, eleven ounces, and it varied by barely an ounce or two.

Standard Deviation (the amount of variance in frames per second) is a little greater than ideal, it has to be noted. Across all HAM benchmarks, it managed an average of 11.8 FPS. However, this is typical with PCP air rifles that lack regulation, therefore the decrease in pressure (and muzzle velocity) with each subsequent shot was to be expected. The Chief’s “shot curve” was more linear than that of certain other uncontrolled PCPs, which tended toward more extreme curves. There is, at least, a steady and expected amount of variance from shot to shot.


It should be noted that the Beeman Chief air rifle does not feature a muzzle brake or other device to reduce the muzzle report. When dealing with someone as powerful as the Chief, there is only one possible consequence. In comparison to other air rifles, the Chief has a very loud report.

Since the test gun was.177 caliber, the muzzle velocity of the light alloy pellets was greater than the speed of sound (about 1100 FPS). When using our indoor range, HAM testers were required to wear protective earplugs. Therefore, the Chief can be as loud as a.22LR pistol when employing alloy pellets. That’s why the Beeman Chief is best used with medium-weight, domed lead pellets. It reduces the rate of sound emission from the muzzle.

The Beeman Chief air rifle is not a top choice if you’re concerned about noise levels in your backyard. However, its main rival in terms of cost, features, and performance is the Benjamin Maximus, thus neither is perfect. In addition, the average price of a fully-silenced PCP air rifle is around $50 more than the Chief’s MSRP of $199.00.

Sights & Scope

This Beeman Chief air rifle is equipped with fiber optics open sights. The rear sight can be adjusted to adjust windage and elevation, like you’d expect. But, the majority of owners choose to increase the accuracy that the Chief offers by installing the scope. The breech has been grooved using the standard rails of airguns to facilitate this.

The reviewers used a Leapers 3-9x 40AO scope on the Chief for our testing. This is the kind of scope selected by Chief owners in a variety of ways and the results were excellent.


In HAM’s testing, the Beeman Chief air rifle proved difficult to fire accurately due to the stock comb’s unusually low height. While using the scope, HAM tester Stephen Archer experienced “chin weld,” not “cheek weld.” Beeman assures us this will be adjusted before mass manufacturing begins, so the comb height for end consumers will be far greater. We can expect significant progress as a result of that.

For this section’s HAM rating, we’ll assume the higher comb is at least as good as the standard-issue QB78 Deluxe from the manufacturer. We reserve the right to adjust the final tally in the event that this proves to be incorrect.

The Beeman Chief has a nice weight to it without being cumbersome. For a rifle of this power and a standard 3-9 x 40AO sight, the combined weight of the gun and scope tested by HAM was only 8 lb 6 oz.

The low 2,000 PSI fill pressure of Beeman Chief air rifle makes it the simplest PCP to fill using a hand pump. This is a huge advantage for shooters struggling to achieve the more of usual fill pressure of 3000 PSI (or greater) that is required by others PCP air guns.

Another aspect we anticipate to change before the mass production of the Chief begins is the ambiguous pressure gauge. The green section of gauge plates suggests that it’s safe for the gun to be filled up to 2500 PSI even though there are clear indications that 2000 PSI is the recommended fill pressure. However, this is a simple change.

The small (good) RateAGun score of just X.X is proof of it. Beeman Chief is easy to shoot.


Beeman QB Chief isn’t an airgun that requires too much power to remain functional for a long time. There is nothing to be concerned about anything since you’ve got Beeman QB Chief on your hands. It is easy to clean any grease off of the gun with the simple wipes available on the market.

To ensure that seals and O rings lubricated , you could select popular lubricants such Ultrair CO2 lubrication, or Pellgun Oil. One thing I want to highlight in this article is to ensure that you have your O-ring and seals replaced. If you’re looking for a tuning kit, it’s best to purchase two sets.

These are the things you Beeman QB Chief require to last you an extremely long time.


The Beeman QB Chief is a premium air gun with an incredible price in the world of air guns.

A PCP air gun that cost just $180 was a myth at one period of time, However, Beeman has made a dream come to reality.



Beeman Chief vs Diana Stormrider 22cal by STKO


The Beeman Chief air rifle is a hand-pump-friendly PCP because of its low fill pressure of 2,000 PSI. Many shooters have trouble filling their PCP air guns to the standard pressure of 3,000 PSI (or more), thus this is a huge advantage.

Anyone craving a traditional hunting rifle design will like the polished appearance of this Beeman model. The combination of its low price, high reliability, and this feature makes it a fantastic buy.

The loud muzzle break, loose bolt, and the possibility of air leakage from the cylinder are, nonetheless, serious issues. Our final verdict is that this Beeman QB coach is cheap for good reason. So, if you’re looking for the best budget air rifle, and are happy to accept the flaws, then go for it.

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