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Beginner’s Guide on How to Clean a Gun

Cleaning the gun is essential after every time you use and especially after the target practice as you fire a lot of rounds in it. Properly cleaning the guns will keep the firing safe and make it proper effective functioning. but the question is how to clean a gun?

A perfect place is necessary where you can easily clean your weapon. The place should be big enough with a proper light source so that you can easily see the components of the gun.  The garage is one of the best options for it. If doing inside the house, you need proper ventilation and a big table so that you can easily assemble all the components of the gun on the table. Avoid using areas such as kitchen and dining table because the cleaning Kit materials involve chemicals, solvents and carbon which can contaminate your food.

how to clean a gun

Here are the few steps that you should consider while cleaning your guns properly:

#1. Firstly, you must remove the magazine and make sure that the gun is unloaded.

#2. Clean the chamber and scrub the barrel thoroughly with a nylon brush. The brushing must be done in the chamber in the muzzle direction. It will remove the large carbon which sticks to the barrel’s inner surface. Dip the cleaning cloth in the bore solvent and place it on the cleaning rod. Then, soak the chamber and bore surface while pushing the rod through the barrel and avoid pulling it back. Permit the cleaning dis-solvable to separate bore fouling for 10-15 min.

Then, use the brush to scrape down the whole dirt in the bore. Use any luster cloth to wipe down the extra dirt on the gun. Now, use a light silicone lubricant for more cleaning and run it through the bore surface so that there is a light coating of gun oil. Clean the outside of the feed incline barrel, barrel hood and barrel drag.

#3. You have to clean and grease up everything other than the barrel of the weapon. To clean the slide, bolt or pump you can use a nylon brush or dry cloth. Spray the solvent from the top, this will wash away the carbon and metal dirt into the drip pan.

Finally, utilize a needle instrument to apply lubricant on the slide assembly, frame and exterior of the barrel. It is significant not to over grease up, as it will attract more dirt and leads to quality issues.

#4. Reassemble the gun and Check its working and whenever a gun is dismantled and reassembled, a useful check should be directed so that the gun works properly as planned after the dismantling. During this check, the correct working of the trigger mechanism, slide activity and locking, magazine maintenance and ejecting systems are checked. For your reference, you must follow the manufacturer’s manual / procedure for your gun assembling and always follow the rules of the gun for your safety.

This is how you can clean a gun. Thanks for visiting us.

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