15 Best .22 Air Rifle Reviews [2020] – DO NOT BUY BEFORE READING THIS!

Current generation is addicted to shooting and hunting. If you are searching the best air rifle as per your requirement, the best .22 air rifle are suitable for you.

It is lightweight air rifle. It comes with various high-quality materials. Before purchasing the best .22 air rifle always keep in your mind to teach your family members and loved once. How to handle the air rifle? Otherwise, you can take a lock to your rifle.

The best .22 air rifle come with advance technologies and high power velocity. It also increases the noise reduction and helps to improve the quality of the product as well as the quality of your performance.       

Best .22 Air Rifle 2020 – Detailed Review!

Before you decide you visit a nearby store to start searching for the right options online, it is important to learn about the best .22 air rifle in the market.

Let’s delve into the review of each model one by one.

#1 – Gamo whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle



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If you are searching the best rifle for shooting and hunting purpose,Gamo whisper is one of the best .22 air rifle. It is made in the USA. It is comes with high-quality air guns. 

The USA scientists have developed this gun with high-quality materials. They use the various types of optics, lasers for making the strongest whisper fusion Mach 1.

The rifle comes with major estimate whisper technique. It is very advance technology with unified noise. More than thousands of users believe in this technology. It also unified sounds and removing the mouth like shape above the barrel.

It is constructed with IGT Mach 1. It is very strongest gas piston technology comes with Gamo. You easily shoot a minimum of 1420 feet per seconds. Its shape like a larger cylinder up to 33 mm. This air rifle provides 3-9*40 Gamo.           


  • Insert Gas Technology MACH 1 gas piston
  • Break barrel
  • Single shot
  • Velocity up to 1420 feet per seconds
  • Fully adjustable 
  • 11mm scope rail.
  • Shockwave absorber recoil pad removing felt recoil by up to 74%
  • Raised cheek piece
  • Manual security
  • Includes 3-9*40 scope
  • Optics features  
  • 3-9*Magnification
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1”tubes 
  • 30/30reticle with fine crosshairs
  • 13.5”long
  • Waterproof
  • shockproof 
  • Large cylinder delivers
  • Smoother cocking and shooting
  • Increased precision and speed
  • Low vibration
  • No spring fatigue
  • Functions perfectly in cold weathers
  • Steady creep
  • Cocking pull weight is high


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#2 – Gamo swarm Maxxim 


best .22 air rifle


It is created for automated cocking safety system. It comes in the current market with .177 or .22 Cal pellet. This system preferred the 10X timer faster shot repeater using patent remaining technique. It uses for the 10 times rounding rotary-styles magazines. It give the smoother and faster shooting experience.

The swarms Maxxim barrel is unified with whisper Maxxim noise crushing techniques. The IGT is supplied the stable and compatible energy. They also increase the perfectness. It is a very long-lasting product.

It is developed in Spain. Its low vibration comes with long-lasting periods. You can easily handle this rifle because it is most adjustable with patent-pending custom action trigger. Its includes with Gamo up to 3-9*40 scope.           


  • 10 shot repeater
  • Gas-piston power plant
  • Multi-shot
  • Whisper Maxxim sound suppression technology
  • Recoil reducing rail maximizes scope lifespan with 99.9% recoil compensation.
  • 3-9*40 scope
  • Optics features 
  • 3-9* Magnification
  • 40mm objective lens
  • 1”tubes 
  • 40ft to 12 ft. field of view
  • 3.5”eye relief
  • 21.6 oz.
  • 13.5”long
  • Fog proof
  • Shockproof
  • waterproof   
  • Smoother cockingSsmoother shooting
  • No spring torque
  • No spring fatigue
  • Functions perfectly in cold weather
  • Powerful
  • Perfectly balanced
  • Loudness is 3-medium


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#3 – Ruger Targis Hunter Max .22 Air Rifle


best .22 air rifle reviews


Ruger Targis hunter max .22 is more advance version. It is better than the previous model. Its technique is developed the shape of the stocks. It is very supreme air rifle. Its comes with automated security. Its includes with Gamo up to the 3-9*32 scope.

It is perfectly suitable for the front sides and movable for the backsides. It’s developed with sling for easy carry and adjust the product. It comes with a silencer technique to making the sound range is low.

It generally focuses on the hunter Max.22 pellet rifles is a very huge velocity. They provides the strongest impact on the air guns. It’s comes with .22 pellet at 800 FPS.


  • The cocking strategy is 34 lbs.
  • Barrel lengths is up to 14 inches 
  • Total length of 45 inches 
  • Total weight 7.5 lbs.


  • Silence Air technology
  • Nucleus rail system 
  • Turbo nitrogen technology 
  • 3-9*32AO air gun specific scope 
  • Rubber recoil pad
  • Rifled barrel
  • Length of pull:14.5”
  • Rifles weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • 1000 fps with alloy,800 fps with lead  
  • Durable
  • Improve the accuracy
  • Very adjustable
  • Easy to carry
  • Increased noise reduction
  • Heavy model


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#4 – Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston 


best air rifles reviews


Benjamin  is the most famous brand of the air rifle. Its design is equal as Crossman air rifle. Crossman change the name of Benjamin but it doesn’t update its material quality and various features of models.

 Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle comes with 2 different calibers. One is .177 calibers and another is .22 calibers rifle. It completely based on the pellets model because of its speed up to 800 &1200 feet per seconds    


  • available in .177 or .22 Cal pellet 
  • 1200 foot per seconds /950 fps 
  • Patented GP Nitro Piston
  • Includes center point optics 4*32 scope 
  • Hardwood thumbhole stock
  • Smooth break barrel reloading
  • One year warranty. 


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#5 – Gamo Magnum Air Rifle


best .22 air rifle reviews


Gamo is the best solid rifle. It comes with Magnum. It offered the .177 or .22 calibers. It developed with a high velocity with noiseless discharge and less vibration.

The .177 calibers rifle are working with very impressive 1,640 fps range. It is give the excellent result with the help of low caliber powder rim rifles.

It is very easy to carry. Its velocity power is so high. You do your hunting and shooting using this air rifle. You also do your little game activity.

If you want to squirrel hunting and rabbit hunting air rifle then Gamo Magnum Air Rifle is perfect choice for you.   


  • Available in .177 or .22 Cal pellet
  • 1650 fps /1300 fps
  • Recoil reducing rail
  • Gamo3-9*40 AO scope included 
  • IGT MACH 1 gas piston
  • Patented custom Action trigger (CAT)
  • 5 years warranty 
  • Automated cocking secure system
  • More consistent velocity
  • custom Action trigger
  • easy to carry
  • high-velocity power
  • Very loud model


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#6 – Gamo Raptor Whisper 


best .22 air rifle


It is topmost rifles in the all best .22 air rifle. This rifle has more capacity to select the .177  is up to 1.300 fps and .22 is up to 975 fps.

It is developed in Spain. Its insert into gas piston they are accepts the high velocity. It also offered the low vibration range as well as noise. It is a very durable air rifle.

Various Gamo rifles are helped to remove the sound releases.

It was made with good power of the Magnum. It is a smart applier. It is come with advance technique to use the soft packages air rifle development for the customers. 


  • Choice of 0.177 or 0.22 caliber
  • Inert gas technologies (IGT) – a gas piston are supplies with high velocity 
  • It is up to 1300 fps for 0.177 and 975 fps for 0.22
  • 4*32 power shockproof scope
  • 1-year warranty  
  • All environment suitable -polymer stock
  • Made in Spain
  • Less stock
  • Consistent power
  • Smoothing cocking action
  • Large perfectness
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable
  • Low vibration
  • Accurate
  • Serviceable scope
  • Scope mount
  • Big Recoil


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#7 – Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet 




best .22 air rifle




It is very rough synthetic stock for suitable all environment. It is all handed combination as well as the inverse of bold handles.

Its weight is approximately 7 pounds. It’s attached with the choked barrel. Fire pellets are available for the top perfections. The magazines have more capacity up to 8 pellets with auto-indexing features. You easily fire the .25 calibers of pellets. Its range of speed is approximately 900 feet per seconds.


  • Precharged Pneumatic air rifle
  • 10X repeaters deliver 
  • Topmost accuracy 
  • Chances to reversible bolt support to left and right-handed shooters
  • 2- steps adjustable trigger
  • Ambidextrous 
  • Air pressure gauge
  • Simple breech design 
  • Price accuracy power
  • Quiet
  • No recoil
  • Eeversible jolt
  • Gagged barrel for excellent precision
  • Great grip and stability
  • Perfect for hunting the little games
  • Silent
  • Heavyweight
  • Refill method


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#8 – Gamo Wildcat Whisper 




best .22 air rifle




Gamo Wildcat is a very quiet air rifle. But it developed a large amount of energy for constructing the synthetic stock. It does completely depend on the environment situation. It’s physically and simply balance is maintained. It uses the single-shot system for packing the various punches.

It provides a major feature of this model it is destroying the annoying pests. It needs to be sable and sound damper is very harshly for the 52%. It differentiate to other calibers of air rifles.     


  • Caliber -.177 Calibers
  • Velocity -1200 fps
  • Skeleton –type stock
  • Scope –shockproof 4*32 air rifles scopes
  • 1-year warranty  
  • Instant power of around 1200 fps
  • Single shot
  • Manual triggering security
  • Quiet to use
  • The second step is adjustable for SAT
  • 1-year warranty.
  • Reduces the noise
  • Scope is bad
  • The trigger has a strong pull. Its creates the mistake at shooting time


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#9 – Hatsan Model 95 Combo .22 Air Rifle


best air rifle


Hastan model 95 is one of the best .22 air rifle. It is available in the spring –piston. When you cock the guns then coiled of spring and piston are fit in the chamber of air rifles 

Hatsan 95 combo .22 rifle is only used for the one-shot pellet gun. You easily do the one shot at a time. So it gives the best quality for shooting and get the excellent result.

Always remember, before you shoot the gun count your shots because you have only one chance to achieve your goal.

A high power rifle has larger velocity up to 1000 fps for alloy and 800 fps for the lead.


  • Calibers :.177,.22 &.25
  • High power velocity 
  • Scope is 3-9*32
  • Sound moderation used for removing the downrange noise
  • 2 stages match the triggers.
  • Noise dampening system
  • Well crafted
  • Adjustable walnut stock
  • More Powerful
  • Perfect air rifle
  • Good quality model
  • Affordable
  • Simple security.
  • 0.33 calibers is very difficult
  • Rifle is loud


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#10 – Benjamin Trail NP XL  




best hunting air rifles reviews



It is very strongest air rifle as compared to other rifles. Using Benjamin Trail NP XL you easily do the hunting and shooting.

It is the most powerful equipment’s. Because of it essential for Human hunting. Using these equipment’s users can easily do the perfect shot. 

Its fires the .22 calibers pellets for 1000 fps. nitrogen gas of spring used in the gas piston gun. Materials are created with authorized hardwood. It is very convenient to the user.


  • 70% spring shot air rifle
  • Reduces the noise
  • Take only one shot at the time 
  • Recoil is removed 
  • 3 to 9 power optic and scope 
  • Reduces the sound
  • More accurate
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Comfortable
  • Powerful
  • Take only one shot at the time
  • Not suggested for distance shooting


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#11 – Ruger Air Magnum Combo 


best .22 air rifle

It is very attractive and one of the best .22 air rifle. The Ruger air magnum is given the best performance at the shooting time. Its velocity rate is up to 1200 fps. the magnum are come with high-quality materials of fiber optics rear sights.    

It is very suitable for any climate as well as double-handed. Its look is so handsome like Monte Carlo materials. It’s not nitro. 

The velocity power of the model is 42lbs. Using Ruger Air Magnum rifle, you fire the rifle it simply destroyed the generic light pellets.


  • Temper steel break barrel spring piston 
  • Smoothing single-shot cocking gear operation
  • Fiber optics adjustable rear sight 
  • Fiber optics fixed front sight
  • 4*32 power scope 
  • Lightweight
  • Excellent accuracy
  • Highest power
  • Eye-catching material with nice textured grip
  • Affordable
  • 4*Magnification scope is included
  • Restricted dovetail scope rail
  • Big recoil is hard because it contains the rubber pad


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#12 – Crosman Nitro Venom 




best .22 air rifle




It is a very attractive and one of the best .22 air rifle. Fire nitro rifle is largely firing a 1200 fps. It basically used in the various pellets. Most used in 0.177 pellets. Advance style of the material comes with 4*32 scopes. It very convenient to the users.

Crosman Nitro Venom rifle weight is 6 pounds. Using the barrel system you can easily do the only one shot.

There are available the steel barrel is cocking for inserting some pellets. 


  • Powered by Crosman patented nitro piston rifle technology
  • Synthetic polymer
  • Suitable for all environments.
  • Center point brand 4*32mm scope
  • Steel rifled barrel
  • Two-stage 
  • Adjustable trigger
  • Less noise
  • Recoil the rifle
  • Ambidextrous
  • Two-stage trigger
  • Secure model
  • Adjustable
  • Powerful
  • More accuracy
  • Lightweight
  • Pull is heavy


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#13 – Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 


.22 air rifle reviews


It is easily available in the current market. Some of the gas springs are difficult to cock. The Benjamin Trail nitro piston 2 can easily carry it is a lightweight rifle.

It is made of two calibers one is 0.177 and another is 0.22. It is created the excellent sound crackdown system. Noise loudness is up to low like 2. Its very attractive and most successful rifle.

It is single shot rifle. Its weight depends on the scope including the scope is 9.8 lbs. and without including the scope is 8.3lbs.


  • Calibers :0.177 and 0.22
  • Loudness:2-low
  • Barrel length:15.75
  • Overall length:46.25
  • Shot ability:1
  • Cocking effort:28lbs
  • Barrel: rifled
  • Scope able: Weaver/Picatinny 
  • Butt plate: rubber
  • Safety: Manual
  • Function: single –shot
  • Weight: without scope – 8.3lbs and with scope -9.8 lbs.
  • It is come with modern technology.
  • Excellent energy and perfectness
  • Silent and light weight model
  • Portable trigger
  • Simple to cock
  • Easy to use
  • Longer shooting range
  • Developed in the USA
  • Substantial rifle


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#14 – Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle 




top 15 air rifles .22




It is a very unique rifle. Its velocity of firing is up to 800 fps to 950 fps. You can easily do the hunting and shooting with help of Crosman Optimus break barrel.

The weight of the gun is 7.4 pounds and the length is up to 44.5 inches. Both left-handed and right-handed user can easily handle this gun. It is a very lightweight rifle

Using the break barrel operation you easily do the multiple shots. It has a precise center scope which provides the excellent results   


  • Weight:7.4 pounds
  • Velocity :up to 800fps to 950fps 
  • Length:44.5 inches
  • Ambidextrous
  • lightweight  
  • Good function scope
  • Affordable
  • Is perfect for the shooter
  • Recoil is extremely manageable
  • Excellent results
  • Ambidextrous
  • Multiple shots
  • Heavy trigger
  • Difficult for understanding to beginner


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#15 – Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk 




best .22 air rifle




The Nitro piston technology is very precious air rifle. It is only available for the one-shot. Everyone can easily handle this rifle because it is Ambidextrous. It comes with various center points which included the 4*32 scope optics.

It is a very lightweight rifle. The velocity of the rifle can expand the speed of the model. Its speed is up to 1-060feet per seconds to 1-115 feet per seconds.

It comes with various rifled barrier. It is mostly fluted and sculpted rubber-like recoil pad. Its lock set up is very fast and utilize for launching the optic.   


  • Caliber 0.22 
  • Loudness :3 medium  
  • Velocity:950 feet per second
  • Barrel length:18.63
  • Overall length:44.75
  • Shot capacity: one
  • Barrel: rifled
  • Scopeable:picatinny
  • Trigger-two stage adjustable
  • Action: break barrel
  • Safety manual
  • Body type: rifle 
  • Weight: 7.4 lbs.    
  • Sturdy, durable stock
  • Remarkable slipping –proof grooves
  • Amazing muzzle brake
  • Stunning accuracy after break-in period
  • Mind-blowing power
  • Incredible
  • Proven technology
  • Unstable accuracy out of the box
  • Trigger takes too long to pull


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As per the analysis, the best .22 rifle is one of the best rifles. It comes with very high-quality material that’s why rifle gives the excellent shooting performance. There are present with various 15 types of the rifles. They come with multiple features. It gives the advance experiences and affordable to the users. So as per your requirement you can easily purchase the any 15 types of best .22 air rifle.


Best .22 Air Rifles reviews for the year 2020-21 - The Winner is here...
  • Gamo whisper Fusion Mach 1 Air Rifle
  • Gamo swarm Maxxim Air Rifle
  • Ruger Targis Hunter Max.22
  • Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle
  • Gamo Magnum Air Rifle
  • Gamo Raptor Whisper Air Rifle
  • Benjamin Marauder Synthetic Stock Pellet Air Rifle
  • Gamo Wildcat Whisper Air Rifle
  • Hatsan Model 95 Combo.22 Rifle
  • Benjamin Trail NP XL Air Rifle
  • Ruger Air Magnum Combo Air Rifle
  • Crosman Nitro Venom Air Rifle
  • Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 Air Rifle
  • Crosman Optimus Break Barrel Air Rifle
  • Crosman Nitro Venom Dusk Air Rifle

Summary for the Best .22 Air Rifle 2020

After reviewing 25 air rifles, our top experts came up with these .22 air rifles as the best .22 rifles for the year 2020 with providing the detailed review on why we should buy it and what are the features that may amaze you. Considering price as the primary feature the reviewed air rifles are for an affordable price(s).


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