Best Air Rifles For Small Game [2021]- Detailed Reviews!

 A good and professional hunter is not only for big hunting. They also go on small hunting and get much fresh meat from rabbits and squirrels. Small games are not so adventurous as big games. But, it has lots of fun to chase small animals and make a perfect shot. Before going for small games, you need to know that small game hunting requires some special small game guns along with marksmanship. You can’t go with your casual big rifles normally used for big games.

A number of rifles are appropriate for small games. The top 5 best air rifles for small game among them are mentioned as follows: 

Best Air Rifles For Small Game – Detailed Reviews!

These are the top most popular and best air rifles for small hunting. Check out our reviews and make your own decision.

#1 – Bear River TPR 1200

best air rifles for small game reviews

Bear River TPR 1200 is one of the best air rifles for small game. The rifle is highly powered with a great iron sight. This rifle for small games is the perfect one for making your day pretty awesome. If you have a budget under $300 and also want a rifle suitable for small games, this rifle is the one you are waiting for.

This rifle has a noise-suppressing system that allows the rifle to shoot without making noise. So, you will get the chance of hunting without making any noise. Moreover, the rifle is durable & comfortable. So, you can be relaxed by thinking about having it.

This model has spring-piston technology that helps a lot for clearing the barrel. This rifle can accurately aim at the target and can also use a caliber that can do serious damages. Even you can shot with this rifle for long-range shooting. Though the rifle is a bit heavy, this is one of the best rifles for small game.


  • Noise-suppressing system
  • Durable & comfortable
  • Accurate
  • Highly powered


  • A bit heavy
  • The scope is not very good

Why We Love It:-

TPR 1200 already has a good reputation in the market. We truly liked this rifle because of its ability to perform with great versatility. The rifle can play without making a noise and this is undoubtedly a big advantage for the shooters.

This is simply great for making your hunting trip successful. Even you can purchase this rifle at a quite reasonable price. Such an amazing small hunting game air rifle is definitely a recommended one. Overall, this is a recommended one.


#2 – Ruger Magnum Combo

best air rifles for small game buying guide

Ruger Air Magnum is the best air rifle for people with a tight budget but who wants a quality rifle. This rifle is the perfect combination of budget and beauty. This rifle is quite impressive due to its power, remarkable accuracy and beautiful synthetic ambidextrous stock. All these things are responsible for why this rifle is such good in its job.

It is supremely good for any type of small games. The rifle has fiber optics sight that will help you with the traditional iron sights feel. You can see the target area more clearly that will help you to exploit more opportunities. The Ruger Air Magnum is certainly a perfect rifle for small hunting.

The rifle has the ability to take out pests from far away. Even this rifle can kill a rabbit from almost 40 yards away with a single shot. That is pretty amazing. This rifle is quite heavy, we think. Its weight is almost 11 Pounds.


  • Remarkable accuracy
  • Synthetic ambidextrous stock
  • Easy to carry
  • Powerful and compact


  • Quite hard to cock

Why We Love It:-

We will be surprised if you don’t know about Magnum as it provides lots of quality rifles like this one. This rifle is quite impressive due to its quality and toughness.

This rifle is a perfect combination of great accuracy and ambidextrous stock that makes the rifle unique from others. This is not much complicated to maintain and operated. So, you can easily use this rifle and make your small game successful. This particular rifle is one of our most favourites.


#3 – Gamo Magnum Pellet Rifle

Reviews of best air rifles for small game

Gamo Magnum is a powerful rifle for small game. This rifle is constructed with strong and robust quality plastic that is very durable and reliable, as well. The rifle has a superior metal mainspring that makes the rifle long-lasting.

This rifle can perform incredibly with .22 caliber. You can use the 3-9X scope with the rifle. As a result, you will be able to see everything clearly and the opportunity will be easy to exploit.  It is a masterpiece to control the pests roaming around your house, especially when it becomes a matter of concern.

Small animals are generally fast to run. So you need a wide range of views to see the animal and target. This rifle provides enough view range to target the running animals accurately. So, you can focus on them and shot with great accuracy. This rifle is quite expensive. But, we won’t mind that because this rifle has those values that you won’t find any usual air rifle.


  • Long-lasting
  • Wide range of views
  • Five years warranty
  • Powerful


  • Expensive

Why We Love It:-

Gamo Magnum is popular due to its durability and strong physic. The amazing construction of this rifle is the main reason why this is very durable and long-lasting. You can use .22 with this rifle and the result is outstanding.

But what we love most about this rifle is its magnification range from 3X to 9X. This magnifying range is undoubtedly great for seeing things from a bit distance. Moreover, we are impressed by its great versatility. Overall, we liked this small game air rifle very much.


#4 – Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston

best air rifles for small game buyers guide

If you are searching for a good small game rifle, Benjamin Titan GP can be your best pick. Getting a rabbit or squirrel in your range is a matter of luck. So you don’t want to miss a single chance. This rifle is the one you need at that time.

The rifle has noise reduction technology. It won’t make other animals alert. So if you miss the chance for the first time, you still have the second chance. This rifle can perform amazingly with .22 caliber or .177 caliber. This rifle is genuinely a fine-looking and powerful air rifle for rabbit and squirrel hunting.

This air rifle is very lightweight. Its weight is almost 0.05 Pounds. So, you can easily carry it. This air rifle has two-stage adjustable trigger that ensures the safety issues so that you won’t face any difficulties while shooting. This rifle is a bit expensive and it properly expresses its worth, actually.


  • Noise reduction technology
  • Fine-looking and powerful
  • Suitable for an odd environment
  • Adjustable


  • Reduced recoil
  • Quite expensive

Why We Love It:-

Though this rifle is quite expensive, you won’t mind paying due to its amazing features. We would love to suggest this rifle because it will provide you with a second chance that is not available at all. You can even use several calibers with it.

This air rifle is very durable and long-lasting. So, you don’t need to spend money repeatedly. This rifle is enriched with so many life-saving qualities that make your experience better. Overall, this is a good pick, we think.


#5 – Crossman CPNP 22SX Phantom

best air rifles for small game full reviews

Crossman CPNP 22SX is a compressed air rifle that is a masterpiece from Crossman. The rifle is manufactured with excellent materials and provides a great finish when you are focusing on small prey. Its great durability and strength make this air rifle more versatile.

It has a two-stage adjustable trigger. The rifle has noise management technology that reduces 70% noise. So, you and your co-workers will get additional facilities to get the chance of hunting without disturbing each other.

It has the perfect combination of speed, the force of killing and range. This impressive quality of this air rifle makes it one of the top small game air rifles. Overall, The rifle has almost all the features you may desire to have in an air rifle to perform small animals.


  • Excellent materials
  • Two-stage adjustable trigger
  • Noise management technology
  • High-quality shot


  • 0.22 caliber is not sufficient

Why We Love It:-

Though this rifle is quite expensive, you won’t mind paying due to its amazing features. We would love to suggest this rifle because it will provide you with a second chance that is not available at all. You can even use several calibers with it.

This rifle is enriched with so many life-saving qualities that make your experience better. Overall, this is a good choice compared to the rest, we think.


(Buyer’s Guide)

How To Choose The Best Air Rifles for Small Game?

  • Range

The range actually matters when you are going to purchase a rifle for a small game. Small animals change their location so fast. So you need to change focus on different ranges quickly. If the rifle has limited range facilities, you won’t get enough time to get the prey. So think about it before going to a shop.

  • Force Type

Small game rifles are different according to their changing forces. For example, Rifles of light and medium range are perfect for spring hunting. To determine the force type you actually want in your rifle and find the one accordingly.

  • Sensitivity

Here, we are talking about trigger sensitivity. This means a lot when you are aiming at a rabbit or squirrel and the trigger is not supporting you in working instantly. This could be the most unfortunate moment. So choose a rifle that will react instantly. Besides, make sure that the trigger of the rifle is connected to the match trigger.

  • Calibers

Well, you have to use different calibers for different small animals hunting. If your rifle doesn’t support you with several calibers, you have to purchase rifles for each type of caliber that is quite impossible. So try to find out a rifle that has multi-caliber supporting ability along with other general features.


Before going after a rabbit or squirrel, get equipped with a good-quality and reliable rifle that is suitable to provide accuracy. Many such rifles are available in the market. But the above five are the best you will find among them.

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