Top 10 Best Benjamin Air Rifle [2021] – Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Currently, everyone looks for the high-powered, stylish and best air rifle as well as its best for hunter and shooter.

With the help of the best Benjamin air rifle, you easily play the little hunting games and also get an excellent experience. It is more accurate and gives high-speed quality.

During the firing, it operates very smoothly but you always remember you fire the gun only one time. It comes in the current market with multiple varieties and features. It is convenient to purchase for everyone so you can easily purchase this best Benjamin air rifle.

Best Benjamin Air Rifle 2021 – Detailed Review!

Before you decide you visit a nearby store to start searching for the right options online, it is important to learn about the best Benjamin air rifle in the market.

#1 – Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 (.177)

best benjamin air rifle reviews

It is a very handsome air rifle. It uses the caliber .177 Crosman Benjamin has a very high-speed capacity for firing up to 25 ft.-lbs. Air rifles play an important role in reducing noise. The break barrel rifle can easily provide the 70% low sound.

You can easily do the hunting during the day as well as night time, it has smooth cocking efforts and its cocking motion are very essential. They complete work very fastly, simple and without any noise.

It is a more movable air rifle that comes 3-9*40mm in scope. It is a very basketful rifle. You can easily install the setup of the sling mount for operating the Picatinny setup rail system. 

Key Features:

  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity:1500 feet per seconds in alloy and 1250 feet per second in lead
  • Medium range of Sound is 3 
  • Barrel length:19.5
  • Overall length:48.25
  • Shot ability -1 shot
  • Scope:3*9-40 AO
  • Trigger pull: 25 lbs.
  • Security –follow the manual instruction
  • Weight -9.7 lbs. 

Our Verdict: While talking about Benjamin air rifles, we can’t skip this Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500 as this is one of the best models among others. This air rifle is very attractive to look at. This air rifle is developed with advanced techniques that will help you to operate it easily and to get the best result. This reliable and powerful rifle is one of the first choices of professional shooters and it has the quality, actually.


  • Modern Nitro Rifle technique
  • Superior hardwood stock
  • Advance craftsmanship
  • Magnum power
  • Supersonic velocity capacity
  • Silent
  • Recoilless
  • Simple to cock
  • Long-lasting


  • Impure barrel out of the box
  • The shooter is always turn off the trigger


#2 – Benjamin Marauder Wood stock Air Rifle

benjamin air rifle reviews

This Benjamin is the first air rifle developed by St. Louis in 1882. It is a very powerful air rifle. The governments give the authorized patent to Benjamin Marauder air rifle.

The Benjamin air rifle mostly used for shooting and hunting. It provides PCP quality of rifles.   

The .25 caliber releases the speed of 900 feet per second of the Benjamin Marauder Air Rifle. The velocity of the rifle is very movable so you can easily carry this best Benjamin air rifle. It has more ability to do the 100 works. It comes with a very high-quality feature that is rifle provides a rotary magazine for 10 shooting shots.    

Key Features:

  • Available : .25 calibers
  • Bolt –action PCP(pre-charged pneumatic)
  • Length:42.8 inches 
  • Weight:8.2 pounds 
  • PCP comes with $500
  • Working capacity is 100
  • 10 shot 
  • Speed-900feet per seconds. 

Our Verdict: Marauder Wood Stock Air Rifle is another amazing model from Benjamin. This is one of their popular models in recent times. The reason is very obvious. This air rifle will provide ten shots at a time and hopefully, you can imagine how good it is for hunting. Though you can’t use a scope with this rifle, you can hit the target with great strength from a convenient place to see the target clearly. This is quite pricey also and it’s worth it, we think.


  • It is very silent
  • Lightweight
  • Impressive muzzle energy
  • Ideal for medium & big game
  • No recoil
  • More powerful
  • Perfect air rifle


  • Edges may feel very sharp
  • No scope
  • Refill method


#3 – Benjamin BPBPD3S Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle

best benjamin air rifle under 1000$

Benjamin BPBPD3S Bulldog .357 PCP is playing the traditional role in the various air rifles. It comes with higher calibers; with the help of this best Benjamin air rifle, you easily do the shooting and hunting. Benjamin rifle is commonly known for hunting air rifle.

It is suitable for all environments; this is perfect for synthetic material. It reduces the sound. It is developed with high-quality material. Its Picatinny rail is set up with high-quality optics. It creates an advanced design.  

 Key Features:

  • Caliber: 0.357
  • Speed: 800feet per second
  • Sight: No sight, Picatinny rail
  • Weight: 7.70 lbs.
  • Velocity:800fpd
  • Action: Bolt Action 

Our Verdict: BPBPD3S Bulldog PCP Hunting Rifle is a very robust and strong one from Benjamin. This air rifle is pretty good for outdoor hunting and has the capacity of making your hunting session successful. Its physics is very convenient for all types of weather as it doesn’t draw in moisture. This is a rifle that can be operated by directly manipulating the bolt and it is very good, actually. This expensive model is just the perfect one for a hunting session where you don’t need any scope.


  • Strong duty
  • Suitable for every weather
  • Synthetic stock
  • Using Optics for Picatinny setup rail
  • Used Pre-charged pneumatic power
  • Perfectness
  • Silent
  • Powerful
  • Playing the various hunt games


  • Very expensive
  • No sights or scopes


#4 – Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 with scope (.177)

best benjamin air rifle with scopes

In the current market, the Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston is very popular and one of the best Benjamin air rifle. It comes in 2014 with advanced nitro piston 2. Its power plant is recently updated. It is 2 step trigger air rifle.

You easily shoot guns with 15 %. Its speed is very quick. They are running more than 2 successful power energy supplies for getting the perfect shooting experience

In the market different type of shooting a gun is available. That’s very smooth and if you are firing the gun they easily eliminated the sound. It comes with very low recoil it crocks the weight up to 10 pounds. Because it’s cocking force is so high that’s why they eliminated the weight.   

Key Features:

  • Caliber :0.177
  • Velocity:1150 feet per seconds 
  • Soundness: very low (2)
  • Barrel length:15.75
  • Overall length:46.25
  • Shot: one
  • Power plant: Gas-piston
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs. without scope and with scope: 9.8 lbs. 

Our Verdict: Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 is one of the best versions among all the rifles with the nitro piston techniques from Benjamin. This air rifle is not only powerful but also enriched with several life-saving qualities, including convenient power supply capacity, easy operating system, strong construction, etc. This speedy air rifle is very effective with the .177 calibre for any long-range shooting session.


  • Modern technique
  • Perfect & good power supply
  • Silent
  • Crisp
  • Wonderful stock
  • Easy to carry
  • Developed in the USA


  • Heavy model


#5 – Benjamin Trail Nitro Piston 2 with scope (.22)

best benjamin air rifle for small game

It is a more stylish model as compare to other Benjamin air rifles. This rifle comes with .22 caliber. It is useful for every shooter and hunter. Benjamin Trail Nitro piston 2 is developed in the United States of America.

It is a more suitable and one of the best Benjamin air rifles for the shooting because it removes the sound. But always keep in mind before you shoot a gun must check the bullet. You can do only a single shot.

Its weight depends on the scope. If a scope is available then it is 9.8 lbs. And suppose scope is not available then 8.3 lbs. Its power centre point score is 3-9*40 mm. It is a very secure air rifle.       

Key Features:

  • Caliber: 0.22
  • Velocity: 900 feet per seconds with lead 
  • Velocity: 1100 feet per seconds with alloy
  • Soundness: low -2
  • Barrel length: 15.75
  • Overall length: 46.25
  • Shot: one
  • Power plant: Gas-piston
  • Weight: 8.3 lbs. without scope and with scope: 9.8 lbs. 
  • Butt plate: rubber 
  • Scope able: Picatinny  

Our Verdict: This is another model from Benjamin that is specially made for using the .22 calibre. This advanced quality air rifle is very convenient and easy to use, even when you are under pressure. This rifle is pretty good at suppressing the sound and making your hunting session successful. The butt area is rubber made and this won’t be rotten for many years for sure. This high-quality air rifle will serve you at its best in lieu of a high price.


  • Created by the USA
  • High shooting range
  • High-quality material
  • Convenient to cock
  • Simple for carrying
  • Accurate
  • Modern technology


  • Heavy air rifle
  • Better price


#6 – Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump (.22)

top 10 best benjamin air rifle

It is a 392 bolt action pump air gun. It comes with .22 calibers. This rifle developed in America. It creates thin materials like hardwood Monte Carlo.

With the help of this best Benjamin air rifle, you easily play the little games and also use for pest control. You always remember at the time of fire with the help of Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump air rifle you can fire at only one time.

You easily move this gun from one place to another place because it is a movable air rifle. It is compressed in size. Its weight is 5.5 lbs.

It’s famous for its accuracy and gives excellent results. It is a very long-lasting model so you easily handle this air rifle. It is an affordable air rifle for everyone so you can easily purchase this best benjamin air rifle.  

Key Features:

  • American Hardwood material
  • Monte Carlo style 
  • Movable air rifle 
  • Brass rifled barrel
  • Bolt action 
  • Only one shot 
  • Different pump actions
  • Model number:392
  • Velocity:685 feet per seconds
  • Length :36.75 inch
  • Caliber :.22

Our Verdict: Benjamin 392 Bolt Action Variable Pump is very strong and robust due to its quality construction and advanced technology. This stylish air rifle is not only attractive but also effective in its own job. This air rifle vibrates less while shooting and this is how it provides the ultimate stability. People love this model for its impressive shooting speed that is almost unbeatable.


  • Usable for Pest control
  • Easy to use
  • Affordable
  • Adjustable
  • Less spring recoil
  • Stable shooting
  • Shooting power is 800feet per seconds


  • Difficult to carry
  • Loud air rifle


#7 – Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston (.177)

best value benjamin air rifle

It is the most advanced air rifle comes with 0.177 calibers it’s created with high-quality materials like a gas piston. Its structure is 70% silent as compared to other powerful models. It is suitable in any environment. It creates powerful stocks and plastic development material.

Prowler Nitro pistons Air Rifle comes with more features like rifled steel barrel and it working on the two stages movable gun that why you easily adjust the air rifle as per your requirement. 

Using this gun you easily play the little games and complete your shooting target. Its scope gives you a better result and it improves your shooting quality.    

Key Features:

  • Velocity: 1200 feet per seconds
  • Caliber :0.177
  • Power source: Nitro piston
  • Operation: Break barrel
  • Capacity: single pellet shot
  • Gas piston
  • Optics :11 mm
  • Scope:4*32

Our Verdict: Benjamin Prowler Nitro Piston is pretty good in aiming the long-ranged target with great accuracy due to the amazing focusing capacity of this rifle. This is very good at hitting the target with the ultimate power. But, it may be annoying for your co-hunters as it is not a noise-suppressing rifle. However, this rifle is the perfect combination for your hunting adventure with the .177 calibre.


  • Long-lasting
  • High-quality synthetic material
  • Sufficient velocity
  • Perfect range
  • Affordable
  • Easy to use
  • Adjustable


  • Loud sound


#8 – Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle

best benjamin air rifle for hunting

If you are looking for quiet, powerful gas energy and a more successful air rifle then it is perfect for you. It is easily available in the current market. Everyone can purchase this best Benjamin air rifle because it is more affordable.

It is the brother of the Nitro Piston 2. with the help of the Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston you easily play the hunting small games. It is made of high-quality material. They are very long-lasting.

If you are firing the gun, it operates very smoothly but you always remember you fire the gun only one time.    

It comes with various features like a rifled steel barrel, a two-stage trigger and various scopes. Its structure is created with hardwood material so it is very attractive. so it is very superior.      

Key Features:

  • Caliber :0.177 and 0.22
  • Velocity: 0.177 with 1200 feet per seconds and 0.22 with 950 feet per seconds
  • Soundness:3-medium
  • Barrel length:15
  • Overall length: 43.5
  • Single Shot 
  • Trigger:2 stage
  • Trigger pull:4.5lbs
  • Power plant: gas piston
  • Weight: 6.75 lbs.    

Our verdict: Benjamin Titan GP Nitro Piston Air Rifle is one of the traditional models from Benjamin. This air rifle is pretty good at focusing on the target area without any additional scope. This air rifle has a custom-grade sidelock that really makes the firing powerful and safe. Moreover, this air rifle is extremely good at firing with great velocity without making any noise and this is very crucial for any successful hunting session.


  • Hardwood stock structure
  • Silent
  • Thin in material
  • Best cocking
  • High-quality firing
  • Simple velocity
  • Fixed magnificence scope
  • Perfect air rifle
  • Nitro piston technique
  • Easy thumbhole structure


  • 0.22 caliber is not sufficient
  • Increase the price
  • Heavy trigger


#9 – Benjamin 397 Air Rifle (.177)

best rated benjamin air rifle

Benjamin 397 Air Rifle is developed in the United States of America. It creates traditional material like hardwood Monte Carlo. It’s very long-lasting and of high quality.  

It comes with 0.177 calibers. It is a more handsome air rifle. Its shooting range is up to 800 feet per second. Its most important features are its power is very perfect. With the help of Benjamin 397 Air Rifle, you easily do the hunting and accurate shooting.

You always remember at the time of fire with the help of Benjamin 397 air Rifle you can fire at only a single shot. In the market multiple types of shooting rifles are available. That’s very stylish and if you are firing the rifle then it reduces the noise.

Key Features:

  • Caliber: .177
  • Velocity:800 feet per seconds
  • Soundness:4, medium to high
  • Barrel length:19.25
  • Overall length:36.25
  • Cocking effort:3-8 pumps 
  • Trigger pull:5.5lbs
  • Power plant: Multi-pump
  • Function: only one shot 
  • Weight: 5.5 lbs.   

Our Verdict: Benjamin 397 Air Rifle is another well-picked rifle from this group. We really liked this rifle as it is pretty famous for providing great shots. This rifle is very convenient to use in any weather due to its all-purpose construction materials. You can freely use this rifle with great versatility. This rifle is quite expensive to buy. You should mount while using this rifle as it is quite tough to hold for a long time due to its weight. Otherwise, this is a good rifle, indeed.


  • Smart Woodstock
  • Solid material
  • Ergonomic Monte Carlo structure
  • Durable
  • Perfectness
  • High power
  • Silent


  • No scope


#10 – Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Nitro Piston

reviews of best benjamin air rifle

This rifle is very popular and one of the most accurate Benjamin air rifles you will get in the shop. This air rifle is popular due to its superb accuracy and reliability. Its strong construction makes this air rifle reliable enough and capable of performing for a long time. The break barrel of this air rifle is made of steel that makes it so durable and strong.

This air rifle has nitro piston technology that is extremely effective in providing great shots with amazing power. This air rifle can reach up to 950 fps. It can easily be your favorite one for any small hunting. This air rifle is an all-weather rifle. So you can bear it in any weather conditions. You can use a scope with a magnification level of 4X and the objective length of 32mm.

This is the perfect combination for making a good shot. This air rifle is not so heavy. So, it can be born for a long time without any problems.

Key Features:

  • Velocity: up to 950 fps.
  • Scope: 4×32
  • Availability: Sound suppression technology.
  • Weight: 7.5 lbs.
  • Available: .22 caliber.
  • Color: Black.
  • Action: Bolt action.

Our Verdict: Benjamin BP2SXS Prowler Nitro Piston is a recommended air rifle from a huge collection. You will definitely like this one due to its strong construction and effective qualities. This air rifle is easy to hold as it has a convenient grip to hold. Due to the great firing speed, you can easily hit the target. Moreover, this has a reasonable price tag that you can easily afford. Overall, we loved this air rifle.


  • Great accuracy and reliability
  • The velocity of 950 fps
  • Nitro piston technology
  • High-quality firing
  • Strong construction
  • Wonderful stock


  • Quite expensive
  • Heavy trigger and difficult to pull


Bottom line

As per the analysis, the best Benjamin air rifle is more affordable to everyone. Benjamin rifles developed for easy and successful operations. It easily eliminates the sounds so you don’t worry about shooting and hunting. It comes with high speed and better accuracy so you get an excellent result.   

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q- Does Crosman own Benjamin?

– Benjamin and Crosman have been pretty significant names in the air guns industry and they joined hands back in 1991. The Benjamin Sheridan manufacturing which was situated in Racine, Wisconsin was acquired by Crosman Corporations. Presently Benjamin and Sheridan offer different product lines where only one model of Benjamin has the name of Sheridan on it i.e., the cowboy.

Q- Are Benjamin Air Rifles good?

– Benjamin offers a wide range of Air rifles in multiple variants and price options. They are high in quality and are comfortable to use. Benjamin air rifles are used for many shooting purposes and various calibres. They are a pretty good alternative for air rifles available in the market.

Q- Are Crosman and Benjamin the same?

Crosman acquired Benjamin back in 1991 which makes Crosman the parent company of Benjamin. There are many air rifles, pistols, and rifles in the name of Benjamin for activities like target shooting, predator hunting, pest control, competition and much more. Now Benjamin is the official product line for adult hunting and high-performance rifles.

Q- Where are Benjamin Air rifles made?

Benjamin air rifles are manufactured in the ROCHESTER, a New york-based Crosman corporation that also handles the designing and marketing of these air rifles across the globe. Many U.S. Army and Marine Corps Airsofts are manufactured in the name of Crosman only.

Q- What is the best Benjamin air rifle?

There are many high-quality air rifles in the name of Benjamin. Some of them are Benjamin marauder wood stock air rifle, Benjamin Bulldog PCP hunting rifle and Crosman Benjamin Trail NP XL 1500. These Benjamin air rifles are heavy-duty, durable and accurate up to a decent distance. An air rifle can only be declared the best if we know the purpose and usage for it is being acquired.

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