Top 5 Big Bore Air Rifles in 2020 – DO NOT BUY BEFORE READING THIS!

The latest generation is very crazy about hunting, target practices and gets the rid of pests. It is required to shooting sport so each family member also enjoy our game. So these are diffidently chosen the best big bore air rifles. 

It is a more versatile product and most useful in pest’s problems. Air rifle is famous nowadays because the rifle is plinking; it’s so enjoyable and available moderate range in the current market.

Before you purchase the best big bore air rifles, your entire loved one provides the education about big bore air rifles for security purpose. 

Best Big Bore Air Rifles 2020 – Detailed Review!

Before you decide you visit a nearby store to start searching for the right options online, it is important to learn about the best Big Bore air rifle in the market.

#1 – Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle



Evanix Sniper X2 is based on various materials. It is mainly based on metal using for max model. It is manufacture with PCP power plant and side-lever cock. the sniper X2 provides the fast and zings pellets which range is goes down for the blazing 700 FPS.

It has 45 calibers for power plant PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) with capacity 6 . It is movable in 2 stages. It has 2 button stock for purpose of vertical move one is 41” and another is 46” inches 

It is connected to weaver optics air for adding the tactical attachment and for end mounting system. It builds in air pressure gauge and its pressure is 200 bars (2,900 PSI)  


  • 11.5” to 16.5″ length pull
  • Ambidextrous stock
  • Finger are grooves
  • Pistol grip texture 
  • Built-in manometer
  • 300cc air tank
  • Weight -8lbs
  • Mfg. Number X2-45
  • Large perfectness
  • Movable
  • Good performance
  • Good quality
  • Manual safety
  • Heavy Trigger


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#2 – Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle (.35 Cal /.45 Cal)



Hatsan Hercules air is more powerful. Its powerhouse is PCP in kinetic energy. At the time of target shooting, it gives the large shot. QE technique is including for sound moderation and cut the shouting by 32%.  This rifle is one of the best air rifle.

It has antiknock system and movable for advance polymer, tactical stock; it is very adjustable in 2 stages it gives 15 powerful shots in .45 caliber, .35 caliber in 156 Ft.lbs     


  • Fill the reservoir up to 250bar 
  • 11mm/22mm rail
  • Weight-13lbs
  • Integrated sling mounts 
  • Shout count optimal velocity:177 Cal=70,.22 Cal=65,.25 Cal=62,.30cal=51,.357cal=48
  • Muzzle energy :177 Cal=32.5 fpe,.22cal=49 fpe, .25 Cal=64fpe ,.30cal=97 fpe,.357 Cal=142.5 fpe ,.45 Cal=225
  • 2- Stages complete movable
  • Advance polymer
  • Dual safety, manual & automatic
  • Adjustable rubber butt pad
  • Perfect accuracy
  • Disconnected rotary magazine
  • Heavy model

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#3 – Air force Texan Big Bore Air Rifle



Air force Texan is the most powerful product it’s made in USA. It is supplied the .45 calibers lead bullet which range is approximately 1,000 fp and get the 700+ft-lbs. Texan 34” barrel provides the higher velocities.

It is suggested for only lead projectiles. It is very movable model. Its butt plates are rotated in right as well as left for cast purpose. So you can easily on /off the cast. 


  • Single shot
  • Sidelever
  • 490cc tank
  • 3000 psi(200 bar) 
  • 7.65 lbs. for mounting the system
  • Textured grip
  • No baffles 
  • Unbeatable Accuracy
  • Automatic safety
  • Low maintenance
  • Lightweight
  • Uses the synthetic stock
  • No scope to attach with air force Texan
  • The rifle is not silence


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#4- Seneca Big Bore 44 909S Light Hunter Air rifle


most powerful big bore air rifle

It is a single-shot rifle. Seneca Sam Yang is reloaded in each shot. The big-bore 909S is present with .44 calibers for 244cc air reservoir. It has the 2 powers level for hunting the gun, one is bolt stop for low power and another is high.

For checking the forearm uses the Hardwood Monte Carlo stock. If you disconnected the rifle from grip raises right-sided of check piece then you use the mal quick disconnect foster.

It is filling with a dual tank air rifle to 3000 psi and loaded in it. There starting 6 shot is most powerful. 1st shot range is 745 fps. And the totals of 6 shots are 713 fps


  • Pre-charged pneumatic 
  • Single shot
  • Bolt action
  • Rifles steel barrel(0.4516” to 0.4567” diameter)
  • 244cc air reservoir
  • 3000 psi max pressure
  • 11 mm scope rail 
  • Dramatic power
  • Excellent performance
  • Lightweight
  • More powerful
  • Use in larger hunting
  • Heavy to pull
  • Cocking handle
  • Expensive


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#5 – Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE Air Rifle

Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE is very dark action with PCP (Pre-charged pneumatic). Its tank right Side is completely rounded by 10 pounds. When you do the target practices you required the 7 shot cylinders.

Carnivore is provided .30 caliber for grain loading. It is less expensive. Lizard thumping 860 fps is tank for 20 Shots after completion of shots they lose the velocity. 

Its rubber recoil pad is easily movable with angular and vertical direction. It has provided the anti-knock system that prevents gas wastage. 

The air Venturi has 118 &127 grain pellets. It is very long for magazines up to 9mm/.357 Cal.the grains 118& 127 is hollow point pellets but 105 grain is very thin point connected to pellets is very suitable for magazines   


  • Pre-charged pneumatic
  • Repeater
  • Bolt-action
  • Ambidextrous synthetic stock
  • Gold plated trigger blade
  • Up to 21 shots per -.30 caliber
  • Up to 12 shots per-.357 caliber
  • integral sound moderator-removed by 50%
  • weaver /picatinny access rail for bipod, laser or flashlight  
  • The vertical comb is movable
  • Automatic security
  • Adjustable
  • Removable air reservoir
  • Fully shrouded barrel
  • Integral silencer removed by 50%
  • Completely shrouded barrel


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Bottom Line

As per the analysis, Best big bore air rifles are more powerful and high velocity. These model are very user-friendly it is manufactured by nitrogen & PCP powered rifle. It is more effective in the field where you hunting and play the shooting game 

Best big bore air rifles is very useful in pest control, shooting games as well as target practice. It is easily available in the current market that why you can easily purchase it.


  • Evanix Sniper X2 Air Rifle
  • Hatsan Hercules Air Rifle
  • Air force Texan Big Bore Rifle
  • Seneca (Sam Yang) Big Bore 44 909S
  • Hatsan BT Big Bore Carnivore QE

Summary for the Best Big Bore Air Rifles 2020

Our experts have managed to review the best out of 15 Big Bore Air Rifles. These Air Rifles are the Best Top 5 Best Big Bore Air Rifles.


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