Top 8 Best Gun Cleaning Kit 2020 – Reviews & Buyers Guide

For those who are a regular gun user, the top priority for them is to keep their guns neat and clean. Guns require a lot of care and attention. For them to function properly, they have to be cleaned at least once a week for regular users that’s why you need best gun cleaning kit for your gun.

Even if you don’t use guns regularly, cleaning of guns is essential because when you need them, you would need them to work properly and not be rusted due to your lack of attention and care.

There are many great gun cleaning kits available in the market in different price range and for different calibers and types of firearms. So if you’re thinking to buy the best gun cleaning kits for yourself(you must have one) in your budget, keep reading this detailed and unbiased review of many cleaning kits available in the market and to understand the importance and the must haves in a wholesome gun cleaning kit.

Best Gun Cleaning Kit – Detailed review!

Let’s take a look at the best gun cleaning kits for the year 2020-21 reviewed by our Experts.

#1 – Glory Fire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit

Glory fire universal is one of the most reputed manufacturers of gun cleaning kits. They provide high quality cleaning tools for your awesome rifle, shotgun and pistol. This cleaning kit comes with ultra-durable carrying case with all the essential tools present in this kit. 

  • High quality cleaning tools
  • Widest variety of tools
  • Many reviews on amazon to rely on
  • No oil or cleaning liquid provided
  • Expensive



  • 9 mops
  • 12 spear pointed jags
  • 14 brushes
  • 6 brass rods
  • 1 black power jag
  • 3 utility brushes
  • 3 accessory adaptors
  • 4 polishing clothes
  • 60 3*3 cleaning patches
  • 12 pear pointed jags 
  • 60 3*1.5 cleaning patches 
  • 3 muzzle guards 

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: If you are someone who has a variety of guns included rifle, pistols, revolvers or shotguns this is the perfect cleaning kit for you as it contains cleaning tools of various kinds. 

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#2 – Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Kit

Real avid manufactures a lot of accessories in terms of gun tools, cleaning kits and different sorts of guns with much dedication to quality and design of the products. Real avid gun boss pro precision cleaning kit comes with a one of a kind case with most of the essential tools available in it. This cleaning kit can be used for a wide variety of firearms.

  • High quality tools
  • Proper support provided in the case for keeping the tools organized
  • Lack of lubricating oil or cleanser
  • Bronze brushes unavailable



  • Case
  • 2 Steel Rod
  • Nylon Cleaning Brush
  • Hooked Steel Pick
  • 3/32 Inch Steel Pin Punch
  • 5/32 Inch Pin Punch
  • 90 Degree Brass Scraper
  • Straight Steel Pick
  • Oil Brush
  • Straight Scraper

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: The real avid boss gun pro precision cleaning kit is perfect for those who travel with their firearms and would require a gun cleaning kit on the go. This compact gun cleaning is the perfect solution for travellers who care enough to clean their firearms regularly.

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#3 – Outers Uni Gun WD Clean Box

Outers uni gun cleaning kit is most suitable .22 and up shotguns and rifles. This cleaning kit contains a total of 28 pieces cleaning tools. The case of this cleaning kit is made of wood which gives it a premium look. This cleaning kit is most suitable for cleaning hunting guns.

  • Comes in an premium looking oak finished wooden box
  • Reasonably priced
  • Limited to hunting guns
  • Limited tools for cleaning
  • Not very high end quality 



  • 8 bronze brushes
  • 5 cleaning mops
  • 5spear pointed jags
  • 3 brass rods
  • 3 pistol/rifle rods
  • 2 slotted patch tips
  • 1 accessory adapter
  • Instruction booklet detailing the contents of the kit


  • 3 brass rods suitable for .22 Cal and up
  • Rifles & pistol calibers :45,40,357/.38,30,270/280,22
  • Shotguns calibers:10/12,20/28,410
  • 5 cleaning Mops fit :22-25cal, 28/20ga,12/10ga, 38-.357 cal,41ga,

Though this best cleaning kit provides variety of tools, the quality of the tools and the box is not up to the mark.   

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: This cleaning kit is perfect for those who are looking for a premium looking cleaning kit but not looking for much durability can go for this best gun cleaning kit.

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#4 – Otis Technology The Otis Elite

Otis technology is a very reputed name in the market of firearm tools and accessories since 1985. The Otis elite kit comes in a portable bag with gun cleaning tools suitable for all pistols from 17 to 50 calibers, Shotguns ranging from 410 to 12 AND10 gauge and all the muzzleloaders. 

The Otis elite kit also comes under top 100 bestsellers on amazon in air guns and accessories which tells a lot about its quality. 

  • Very comprehensive set of cleaning tools provided
  • Among the best seller gun cleaning kit in the market
  • Expensive, but worth the money



  • 16 bronze brushes
  • 6 memory-flex cables 
  • Lens tissue, spray, brush and cloth 
  • .223cal/5.56mm chamber brush
  • Memory-Flex cables of aircraft grade (8, 12 and 36 inches)
  • Short AP brush
  • Scrapper
  • 2 patch savers
  • 3 slotted tips
  • T-handle and studs
  • Bio CLP
  • 2 – Otis O85 bore solvent

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: This Otis elite kit is your go to kit for high quality best gun cleaning kit available in the market with tools designed for rifles from 17 to 50 cal. And a wide range of shotguns and pistols. So if you’re someone who owns a variety of firearms then this is the best gun cleaning kit for you.

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#5 – Hoppes Number 9 Cleaning Kit



Hoppes no. 9 cleaning kit a specialized gun cleaning kit for pistols of .38 or .357 caliber and 9mm pistols with an aluminum rod. This cleaning kit comes in plastic container which makes it easy to carry but not much durable. 

This kit is most suitable for people who are a beginner in keeping firearms especially pistols.  

  • Suitable for beginners
  • Contains cleaning solvent and lubricating oil
  • Good quality tools
  • Limited brushes
  • Not suitable for rifles



  • Hoppes lubricating oil
  • 2oz gun cleanser
  • Plastic rod end bristle
  • Plastic slotted end
  • Aluminum rod (swivels)
  • 40 cleaning patches
  • Plastic knob end
  • Brushes 

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: This hopes gun cleaning is a perfect buy for those looking for pistol cleaning kits for pistols of .38/.357 caliber as it provides all the essentials for these pistols. I would suggest you to buy these if you have just started keeping pistols with you and you don’t need to travel much as the case provided is not of the best quality.  

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#6 – Dac Winchester Super Deluxe Soft-Sided Gun Care Cases



DAC winchester 68 piece set comes in soft case with small removable pouches suitable for travel. The gun cleaning tools are well organized which makes it one of the most manageable options. This kit is suitable for a wide variety of firearms in a budget friendly price.

  • Comprehensive set of gun cleaning tools
  • A quality product
  • Weather resistant case
  • A value for money deal
  • Lacks lubricating oil



  • Machined aluminum handle
  • 4 brass adapters
  • 1*double ended metal cleaning pick
  • 2*double-ended utility /breech brushes
  • 3*utility parts brushes
  • 2*choke/breech brushes
  • 6 solid brass rods
  • 14 bronze brushes & mops
  • 4 slit tips
  • 13 solid brass spear pointed jag
  • 1 polishing cloth
  • 50*1*1”cleaning patches
  • Cleaning patches


  • Shotgun calibers: 410/12/20 gauge
  • Small calibers: 17,.204,.270/280, .30,.243,.22
  • Medium calibers: .357/.38/9 mm, .44/.45,.40
  • Large calibers: .540,.50 

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: DAC whinchester super deluxe soft case cleaning kit is a great option for people with varied set of cleaning kit in a budget friendly price according to the quality, variety and the features of this kit. The case of the kit is weather resistant which makes it a preference for travelers as well.

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#7 – Remington Hunting Cleaning & Maintenance Kit



Remington is a name which speaks for itself. Being in the firearms market for more than 200 years now, makes it a reliable option. Remington continues to make guns and gun accessories with innovation and quality going hand in hand. This variant of Remington is not an exception.

This best gun cleaning kit can be used for about any firearm present in the market. It comes with many cleaning brushes, lubricants and cleanser. The bag of this kit is easy to carry which makes it travel friendly. 

  • Comprehensive set of gun cleaning tools
  • Suitable for many firearms
  • Cleanser and lubricants provided
  • Lacks patches



  • 10Rem squeeing –Es and matching bronze bore brushes
  • Coated cable system
  • T-handle
  • Nylon brushes
  • Threaded revolver adapter
  • Gun mat and cloth
  • 1-ounce rem oil
  • 5-ounce Bore Cleaner bottle

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: Remington hunting cleaning and maintenance kit is among the top 100 cleaning kits at amazon, which tells a lot about its reliability. This kit is perfect for varied firearms holders. The kit is also priced reasonably according to the tools and the features provided in this kit.

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#8 – Hoppe’s BoreSnake rifle cleaning kit



Hoppe’s bore snake rifle cleaning kit includes a lubricating oil, a boresnake, and Hoppe’s no. 9 cleanser. It also contains weatherguard clothes along with pulling tools. This best gun cleaning kit is most suitable for rifles with varying calibers. Everything is wrapped up in a soft sided case for convenient usage.

  • Perfect for rifle cleaning
  • Easy to carry soft sided case
  • Excellent cleaning of barrel through boreSnake quickly
  • Not compatible for handguns



  • Cleaning solvent
  • Lubricating oil
  • BoreSnake
  • Soft sided case
  • Hoppe’s gun medic
  • Weatherguard cloth 
  • Pulling tool


  • .22 caliber 
  • .270 caliber, 9mm
  • .30 caliber 

WHY IS IT SUGGESTED: This BoreSnake rifle cleaning set is made for rifles with varying calibers. For example- If you want have .22 air rifles and other caliber rifles, then choose this cleaning kit. The budget friendly price of this kit given that it includes boreSnake makes it more attractive for rifle owners. Even the soft sided case is a great feature as it makes this kit travel friendly because the case can easily be put in your pocket. So, on a macro level this kit is a great alternative but those with handguns would have to look at other options available in the market.

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Tools of a good gun cleaning kit

A good cleaning kit usually consists of the things mentioned below but they do vary from one to set to another. So let’s have a look at some of the most common and important components of a good cleaning kit.

#1. Cleansing liquid

Cleansing liquid is a cleanser that is used to clean the guns efficiently. It could be in a spray, pump or a normal bottle form. You need to see the compatibility of the cleanser with the gun to avoid metal corrosion.

#2. Nylon brush

Nylon brushes are generally available in large cleaning kits. They are specially designed for sensitive and hard to reach areas of the gun.

#3. Bronze brush

One of the most common components is bronze brush in a good gun cleaning kit. They are used to dust off the carbon build-up in used guns. So, while buying you kit make sure you have the high quality bronze brushes.

#4. Cleaning jag

Another component present is good gun cleaning kit is a cleaning jag. They are used to provide support to the cleaning patch by holding it while you drive it into the barrel of your gun. They ensure a better experience of cleaning. 

#5. Cleaning rod

Cleaning rod consists of a rod and a revolving handle with it. Generally the top gun cleaning kits come with rods of varying sizes and just have to attach the one which you want to use. 

A cleaning rod is a must have in a gun cleaning kit as it makes it easy for you to clean out the residue and debris.  

#6. Lubricating oil

Lubricating oil is used to make the moving parts of the gun smoother in operation. This is not very common component in a gun cleaning kit but it is an important one for sure.

#7. Cleaning swabs

These are another most common component of a gun cleaning kit. They are made up of cotton like material one end. They are generally referred as a gun mop. 

#8. Bore snake

Bore snakes are another form of cleaning rods with work great with shotguns. They are not very common in gun cleaning kits but are provided in some of them. 

#9. The case

Case is a box in which you store and carry all your gun cleaning utensils. It could be made up of metallic or ballistic nylon, as per the manufacturer of the kit. Cases can be of varying sizes as well, small ones tend to be more travel friendly while large ones usually have a comprehensive set of tools and accessories. 

Things to consider while choosing a gun cleaning kit

To buy the best gun cleaning kit for your firearms, you need to have complete understanding of different aspects of a gun cleaning kit. Below I have mentioned some of the most important aspects of a best gun cleaning kit. 

#1. Caliber sizes

The caliber of your gun matters the most while choosing the most suitable cleaning kit. The tools of the kit should be designed as such that your firearm gets cleaned properly. So, while browsing through the best gun cleaning kit make sure you are checking the calibers for which the kit is suitable for.

#2. Quality of tools

Quality of tools plays a major role while choosing a best gun cleaning kit. Those who own a variety of firearms need a high quality of brushes, jags, cleaning rods so that they last longer and keep their firearms clean and efficient.

#3. Ease of use

The gun cleaning kit to be efficient, the tools of the gun cleaning should be easy to use. You can even watch a tutorial on how to use the gun cleaning tools of your respective gun cleaning kit to understand the importance and use of each and every tool of the kit.

#4. Case quality

Complaints related to case quality is one of the most common complaints related to the gun cleaning kit.  So make sure while buying your gun cleaning kit, you are checking the case images in zoomed form and also checking out the reviews carefully. 

Some even buy a separate case for their tools, especially those who need to travel with their gun cleaning tools.

#5. Keeping the firearms clean

The efficiency of a gun cleaning tools is determined by the its capacity to clean the different parts of your firearm as the gun gets exposed to many potential sources of dust and corrosion like humidity, air , sweat and skin oil etc. 

#6. Dissemble the firearm

To clean your gun properly you need to dissemble the firearms sometimes. So if you own a firearm that needs to be dissembled, make sure your gun cleaning kit have all the required tools for the said task. 

#7. Cleaning solvent

A premium gun cleaning kit must have a cleaning solvent which makes sure all the accumulated materials on the firearms during the usage of firearm gets cleaned appropriately.

#8. Lubricating the barrel

Apart from cleaning the barrel and other parts of the gun, it is also important to lubricate the parts as well for the smooth functioning of your firearms. Lubricant also ensures prevention of corrosion. Usually, a pistol cleaning kit won’t have a lubricant in it.

#9. Frequency of cleaning your guns

How frequently you use your guns and your gun cleaning kit also factor in while choosing the perfect gun cleaning kit for yourselves. The more frequently you clean your firearms, the more comprehensive gun cleaning kit would be required by you.


I believe after going through this comprehensive guide and reviews of top gun cleaning kits, choosing the best gun cleaning kit for your firearm would be a piece of cake. I couldn’t stress more on the need to buy a gun cleaning kit for yourself so that you can keep you guns clean and running smoothly. There is no perfect cleaning kit, as each kit brings different set of tools and features. Some need a cleaning kit for a rifle, some for pistols and some for other handguns.   So, Just keep in mind all the important aforementioned factors while choosing the most suitable gun cleaning kit for yourself.

Frequently asked questions

Q- Should I buy cleaning equipment?

Yes, the cleaning and maintenance of your firearms should be your foremost concern while using a one. If you own any sort of firearm, you have to keep it clean. So, to make this work a gun cleaning kit is an essential for any gun owner. 

Q- Do I have to clean my gun after every use?

Ideally, you should clean your barrels after every use but practically that might not be feasible. But make sure you are cleaning the barrel after a few days of usage for the smooth functioning of the firearms for prolonged periods.

Q- How much time is needed to clean the firearms in one go?

It usually depends on how frequently you do it. If you clean it on a regular basis, 5 minutes would suffice but, if you rarely do so, it may take a while. You tend to do it quicker once you get the hang of cleaning your firearms.

Q- What is the average cost for a gun cleaning kit?

Usually a cleaning brush costs $2-$5. But, a complete gun cleaning kit may cost anywhere from a $20 to a $100. But, no matter how much you spend, it’s worth every penny to keep your firearms running.

Q- Gun cleaning kits are made for which type of firearms?

Though there are universal cleaning kits available with a very comprehensive set of cleaning tools, you might want to buy a best gun cleaning kit which is specially made for your respective gun. There are many options available for some of the widely used guns where all the tools are custom made for a particular model.

Best Gun Cleaning Kits reviews for the year 2019-20 - The Winner is here...
  • Glory Fire Universal Gun Cleaning Kit
  • Real Avid Gun Boss Pro Precision Cleaning Kit
  • Outers Uni Gun WD Clean Box
  • Otis Technology The Otis Elite
  • Hoppes Number 9 Cleaning Kit
  • Dac Winchester Super Deluxe Soft-Sided cases
  • Remington Hunting Cleaning & Maintenance Kit
  • Hoppe’s BoreSnake rifle cleaning kit

Summary for the Best Gun Cleaning Kits 2020

After reviewing 25 gun cleaning kits, our top experts came up with these gun cleaning kits as the best kits for the year 2020 with providing the detailed review and buyer guide.


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