Best Laser Bore Sighter [2021] – Detailed Reviews and Buying Guide

If you’re planning for your next hunting trip and you don’t have a laser bore sighter, it will be impossible to zeroing your firearms. To handle your gun, it will be a frustrating experience to follow the traditional way of bore sighting. Zeroing in a new sight is so painful and uncertain if you have to fix it in a place and adjust it. But you can avoid all these hassles just by having the best laser bore sighter. Did you have enough knowledge about laser bore sighters? If No, we are here for you. If you are looking for the best laser bore sighter and facing difficulties to choose one. You can find here the ultimate purchasing guideline you were searching for. 

Best Laser Bore Sighter 2020 – Detailed Reviews

#1 – Wheeler Professional Bore Sight

Best Laser bore sighter reviews and buying guide

The Wheeler bore sight is a solid and dependable bore sighter. This bore sighter is suitable for all kinds of arms and calibres including- handguns, shotguns, rifles, etc. but you will be comfortable with a pistol to use this bore sighter. It has a powerful green laser light that is visible both day and night. You can detect it from up to 100 yards of distant reflective targets. The most important feature of this bore sighter is the magnetic connection with the muzzle which provides a reliable bore sighting. This will help you to align perfectly to the muzzle and won’t damage your firearms. The bore sighter is made of aluminium. So this is quite durable and light-weight also. It has a rubber-coated housing so that it can keep the laser module. Besides, this is quite budget-friendly. You can purchase this bore sighter at an affordable price.

Overall, this is a great bore sighter in the market you can purchase.


  • Suitable for any arms
  • Effective laser light
  • Strong magnetic connection with the muzzle
  • Rubber-coated housing


  • Comfortable with a pistol
  • The battery needs to be changed frequently


#2 – Sitelite SL-100 Mag Boresight

laser boresighter reviews

The SiteLite SL-100 Mag can be used in different shotguns such as 20 & 12 shotguns and also work with all calibres from .22 to .50. This bore sighter is secured with a life-time warranty. You can replace the order if any error occurs. This bore sighter uses a red color laser of class III and power output is lower than 5.0mW. This is clearly visible both day and night. So you can target the prey for a good shooting distance. This bore sighter can be controlled by an android app that helps you to use different ammo. This will allow you to focus on the target with great precision and take less time in it. Good bore sight offers great value. You will be convinced more by comparing the value with the price. Its battery also performs well.

Overall, this can be your budget-friendly bore sighter that will company your arms greatly. 


  • Suitable for any kind of calibers
  • Red color laser of class III
  • Controlled by an android app
  • Long-lasting battery


  • Not for beginners


#3 – Okeba Laser Boresighter

buy best laser boresighter

The Okeba boresighter is one of the cheapest collections on our list. It’s true that this is not riched with many features. But it performs really well with all it has. This bore sighter is perfect for handguns and rifles and with 0.22 to 0.5 calibres. This bore sighter has a Visible laser of class III and the laser is red. With this bore sighter, you can clearly see up to 300 yards at the reflective targets. If you use this sighter at non-reflective targets, you can see up to 100 yards. This sighter has some tools including 4 bore adapters, 2 batteries, and a screwdriver. These will help you when you are outside of your home and you need these. This is made of aluminium that makes it durable and lightweight. This bore sighter is much affordable that fits with any budgets of yours. 


  • Long-range visibility
  • 4 adjustable bore adapters
  • Much affordable
  • Durable and lightweight


  • Adapters are too short
  • Too long for pistols


#4 – Sightmark Universal Bore Sight

Sightmark Universal Bore Sight

The Sightmark universal can goes well with any kind of barrel. This is simple but effective in design. This is versatile. You need not carry several gears every time. When you want to zero your firearms, you should use this sighter. The bore sighter uses a red laser that helps you to focus on the aim. This sighter has a lifetime-warranty. So you can relax.  Besides, this proves that the sighter is well-manufactured, with good features. You can also afford its price. This sighter is not only good for professionals but also for amateur shooters.


  • Effective in design
  • Versatile
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Good for professionals and amateur shooters


  • Simple in design


#5 – Sitelite SL-500 Ultra Mag Boresighter

Sitelite SL-500 Ultra Mag Boresighter

The SL-500 is a bore sighter with a long-lasting battery. The battery can perform almost 15 hours once you charge it. This bore sighter can work with any calibres such as  0.22, 0.5. This sighter has ballistic targeting software and you can customize it according to your firearm. This sighter has a lifelong warranty. So you can use it for a long time. The bore sighter has a bright green laser. It uses a magnet to be in the centre of the bore that will help you to aim accurately and minimize the chances of missing. You can see the laser both at day and night clearly. This sighter is perfect for almost all calibres.


  • Suitable for any kinds of calibers
  • Has ballistic targeting software
  • Lifetime warranty
  • Bright green laser


  • Too long for pistols


#6 – Laserlyte Laser Bore Sight

Laserlyte Laser Bore Sight reviews

The bore sighter uses a Class III  red laser that helps to aim. This sighter is simple and easy to operate. This has 4 different adapters. It’s the reason why this sighter is suitable for all calibres between .22 – .50. You won’t face any difficulties to use this bore sighter if you are able to find the best adapter for you. Through this, you can see where you should actually focus. If you need any adjustments, you are free to do that with this bore sighter. This sighter is quite cheap. So you can save money to buy it while you are experiencing this wonderful sighter.


  • Class III  red laser
  •  Simple and easy to operate
  • Perfect for all calibres between .22 – .50
  • Quite cheap


  • Not easy to change the battery


#7 – Sightmark Triple Duty Universal

laser bore sighter reviews and buying guide

Sightmark Triple Duty bore sighter is simple and easy to operate. This is one of the smart-looking sighters of black color. This sighter can perform with any firearm and fit universally. This bore sighter uses a green laser to aim and helps to see at night clearly. This sighter has a mounting system that makes it versatile. But yes, this can be inaccurate. This sighter will help you to see over a long range of areas clearly. The laser used in this sighter is quite brighter that is rare in the price range it belongs to. This is much affordable to an individual. You need not spend much to get one of these sighters. But you can’t use this sighter in daylight.


  • Simple and easy to operate
  • Use green lasers to aim
  • Much affordable
  • Versatile


  • Can’t use this sighter in daylight


#8 – Wolfroad .22 to .50 kit

Wolfroad laser bore sight

Wolf Road is popular for great visibility. According to its price, it offers a lot. This sighter has an LED red laser to aim at the targets. This bright laser will let you see clearly both at day and night. This bore sighter is manufactured on the basis of the considerations that might be thought while purchasing one. This sighter is convenient and easy to mount. It has 4 bore adapters, one screwdriver, and 2 batteries. This is quite budget-friendly. So, anyone can afford it.  This may have limited features but goes really well with your rifles.


  • Easy to mount
  • Convenient
  • LED Laser
  • Budget-friendly


  • Low-life battery


#9 – MidTen Bore Sight CAL

MidTen Bore Sight CAL review

This red laser bore sight is one of the popular bore sighters you may have. It has powerful laser light that can easily reach up to 100 yards. This has a Class III Red laser that gives long-range visibility. This bore sighter has 3LR41 batteries. Truly amazing! 

You won’t feel that it scratches on your barrel while using the bore sighter. But the disadvantage is that it only fits .30-06 and similar chambers. However, This is quite less expensive. You can easily afford this. This is also light-weight.


  • Class III Red laser
  • 3LR41 batteries
  • long-range visibility
  • light-weight


  • Perfect with .30-06 chambers


#10 – Give Me Bore Sight

give me bore sigh

The Give Me bore sighter is popular to the market as it is extremely accurate and also popular for its long-range visibility. This sighter uses a laser with a red dot. This can work up to 100 yards in normal daylight and gives an amazing view of the target area. This sighter is perfect for your AR Rifles. This won’t scratch on your barrel while using the bore sighter. This bore sighter is cost-effective and easily affordable with amazing features. But the bore sighter has no “Off” button that you may not like.


  • Long-range visibility
  • Works up to 100 yards
  • Cost-effective and easily affordable
  • Good for AR Rifles


  • No turn off  button


Buyer’s Guide

#Things to consider before buying a laser bore sight.

  • Type of Laser

Before purchasing a bore sighter, you must think about the types of laser used in bore sighter. As we see in our review, there are different types of laser in bore sighter with distinct features. But all of them may not be necessary for you. You should search for the one which suits you more. Lasers are of different types on the basis of different laser colors, laser class and laser brightness. You just need to pick the right combination of these three. The bigger sighter is not always best for you. So choose the best laser quality that will company you in the future.

  • Versatility

From our research, we saw that there are different types of bore sighter on the basis of the use of calibres. Some sighters can be used for multiple calibres and Some for single calibres. There are some positive and negative sides of both of them. Before choosing one, you should think about it. In the case of multiple calibres bore sight, you can use multiple calibres. But the thing you may not like is that you have to change the adapters with every type of calibre. This might be annoying to you. On the other hand, a Single calibre-used bore sighter lets you use only one calibre. But yes, with a single calibre-used bore sighter, you don’t need to face much hassle like the multiple ones.

  • Price

Like any other product in the market, you have to check out the price-range of bore sighter as there are a number of products with several price ranges. Products of different price ranges are different with distinct features. A product of cheap models won’t give you those facilities, you may find one of mid-priced and high-priced. So, you should make your budget according to the type of bore sighter you want to have. If you don’t need many features, it will be unwise to spend more on an exclusive one. So think before you purchase and make a wise decision.

  • Battery Life

The longevity of any electronic product greatly depends on the quality of its battery. Bore sighters are not different. You never want to have a bore sighter with no charges when you went a long-distant place to hunt. The better and longer-lasting battery is the one you may wish to have! The battery should also be available. Or, the charger should be good-performing as well.

  • Performance

You should choose a sighter that you can easily install in your gun. You should pick the sighter that is built with quality materials and work for years. The laser beam of the sighter should be so bright that it can be seen in both day and night. The scope should be easy to adjust.


If you are searching for the best way for zeroing your firearms, we recommend you to have the best laser bore sighter.  Though you have to carry one additional gear with you to the hunting place, believe me, you won’t regret having one. This one bore sighter will save ammunition and time of yours greatly. Here we are trying to help you to choose the laser bore sighter which suits you best. So, do accordingly and taste the ultimate experiences of hunting.

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