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Are you interested in hunting or shooting sports? In these activities, the best rifle that you can ever have for yourself is PCP Air Rifle. It is the right kind of rifle for these activities. The demand for air rifles is increasing day by day, and the main reason behind it is its powerful shooting gear, and it is straightforward to control.

In the market, you can find several air guns. Among them, all PCP air rifles are the ones which are considered to be best all shooting lovers. PCP or you can call it as the pre-charged pneumatic rifle is one of the versatile rifles that you can have. If you look inside the PCP air rifle, then it has got a compressed air cylinder which helps it in launching the pellets. The pellets that are fired from the gun travelled at high Velocity, and the accuracy is excellent in this gun. Due to all these things, currently, they are ruling the gun industry.

Top 10  PPC Air Rifles Reviews 2019

#1 – Beeman QB Chief

Beeman QB Chief Rifle

One of the new rifle for you all is Beeman QB Chief.The rifle is designed in such a manner that it offers shooters with best accuracy and consistency. The rifle is popular among people due to its budget price, and it cost around $200 for you.

The gun is currently available in both of the .177 and .22 pellets. The pressure that you need to put into it is near to 2000 PSI.The air rifle has got near to 136cc air tube, and the .177 pellets which are used inside the rifle has reached the capacity to go for nearly 50 shots per cartridge. But if you go for the .22 pellets, then the capacity decreases, and it is near to 35 shots. The QB chief is said to be based on the popular gun which is well known to all gun lovers. The name of the weapon is the QB78 CO2 platform, and it is a bolt action single-shot rifle.

If you are going for the QB chief, then you can see that it comes with the better trigger option than the Discovery. It is because it has got with the less plastic parts and if you look at the overall parts of the gun, then you can see that you can feel the excitement. It also comes with the fibre optic sites, and the best part of that site is it is adjustable. Due to all these features, you can say that the gun has now become one of the most lovable arms among all shooters.


  • The gun is very cheap and affordable.
  • It is made of steel and wood.
  • It comes with an adjustable fibre optic open sites.


  • It does not have the perfect quality control certificate.
  • It does not have the backyard friendly mode in the gun.

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#2 – Umarex Gauntlet

Umarex Gauntlet PCP Air Rifle

The next best PCP air rifle that you can go for is Umarex Gauntlet. The most popular and loveable gun in the American market. This gun is said to be the most-awaited gun by all shooters who all have involved in competitive sports and shooting events.The real reason behind this excitement is the weapon comes with almost all kinds of features that a shooter usually expects in a rifle. The best and most beautiful part of the whole things is its price tag. The gun comes available for you under $300.

The air rifle is currently available in three variants. The variants are .177, .22 and now .25 caliber pellets. The gun is a multi-shot action bolt rifle, but you too can get the standard rifle with the single-shot tray. The gun is said to be the best sound moderated thing that helps is backyard friendly.

If you take a look at its holding position, then you can see that the holding position of the gun is made of synthetic stock with moulded finger grooves. These grooves help in gripping the pistol, and along with it, you too will get the integrated sling studs as well as the adjustable comb. You can adjust the comb with the help of the handy thumbscrew that is built in a position which is rightly placed in the stock.

The real reason about the gun for which almost all people and gun lovers are excited to get hold of it is due to the regulation. The gun is regulated even at 1150 PSI, and it is for .177 or 70 shots per fill.It is also regulated for .22 or 60 shots per fill and 1900 PSI for .25 calibre pellets.


  • The gun comes with a versatile feature and with the economic offering.
  • This gun is regulated for .25, .22 and .177.
  • The gun is shrouded, and it is a magazine-fed system.


  • The bottle design that is present in forend is not such good.
  • The cover is too large for the gunners who all use it for different purposes.
  • It is a massive rifle that exists at near to 8.5 lbs, or even you can get a synthetic stock for it.

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#3 – Benjamin Discovery .22 calibre with pump

Benjamin Discovery .22 calibre with pump

The next best gun that you can have for yourself is Benjamin Discovery .22 Caliber. The weapon is said to be the Crosman’s first foray into the PCP air rifles and also one of the most successful as well as versatile weapons to hit the gun market. If you look at the gun, then you can find that the gun is based on the Crosman 2260 CO2 powered rifle. It comes with the Discovery with a 2000 PSI airpower iteration way.For now, it is available in .177 and .22 calibre and it tends to be near to .22 calibre to hunt the animals or other things.

The gun is readily available in the market, and you need not have to pay much for it. The price tag of the firearm is under $400. The gun has got the hand pump system which helps in charging the rifle. It is because the Disco is only get filled to whole pressure, which is 2000 PSI and as a result, it makes the as the hand pump users.

The rifle acts as the single shot, and it is quickly shooting a wide range of pellets from it. The accuracy and the consistency of the gun are good, and it is precise to 60 yards. But you must keep in mind that depending on the pellet, the precision varies.The pellets usually go near 18-22 ft/lbs of muzzle energy, and for that reason, it is a great choice.

The main reason for the gun getting into the top 10 PCP air rifle in 2019 is due to the feature. It has got a dual-fuel capability feature, and due to that, it allows the gun to get filled with both air as well as with CO2 gas. When you load the rifle with air, it will provide you with more gas, but in the case of CO2, it will be like the self-regulating gas.


  • It is very economical and can easily purchase from the market.
  • It is very accurate and precise.
  • You can add a range of accessories in it.


  • The trigger is made of plastic.
  • It is deafening, and it doesn’t come with a sound moderator.

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#4 – Benjamin Marauder

Benjamin Marauder Pcp rifle

If you are in search of having the best PCP air rifle, then Benjamin Marauder is the best PCP air rifle for you. When it got released to the weapon market, then the manufacturer started to gather all reviews and feedback from the proud owners of the gun.  The gun is itself a beauty, and it is one of its kind which every shooter loves to have in their collection. To get the weapon for yourself, you need to pay under $500 for it.

The best thing that the Marauder is currently having in it is the shrouded barrel. The firing sound of the gun is almost negligible. For this feature, you can say that the gun has got the tag of one of the quietest air gun present on the market.

Moreover, then this all, with this gun, you will get a secure and convenient magazine system. The magazines are said to be available for the user at near to $12 per magazine.  Currently, the gun is available for you in .177 and .22 pellets version. But the most demand and versatile version of it is .22 caliber one. With it, you will nearly be getting 30-40 shots per fill, which depends on how you will be adjusting the power of gun firing. If you go for the 25 caliber pellets, then you will get just 16 rounds per fill.

The gun is in huge demand among all shooters as it has got an excellent accuracy and precision when you fire the pellets from it. The weapon is said to be the perfect gun under this range for all with a lot of eye-catching features.


  • The fire sound of the gun is almost negligible.
  • It comes with an adjustable power feature and hammer spring.
  • It is very accurate.
  • The magazines are available at a cheap rate.
  • You can do customization in the gun too.


  • The stock of the gun is different and may not be good for all people.
  • It has got a huge bolt back when you fire it.

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#5 – Walther Rotek PCP

Benjamin Marauder air rifle

Walther Rotek PCP air rifle is a German engineering gun for you. You must have heard “beauty and beast” term for the Walther Rotek PCP is the one. The design of the gun is very stunning, and with it, the power of firing the pellets is excellent. The weapon is now available in .22 as well as in .177 calibers. If you want to buy this gun, then you can get it from the gun market, but for that, you need to pay under $650 for it.

The air rifle is said to come with many attachments. The attachments that you can get in the gun are two-stages adjustable trigger grade, Minelli Beech stock, steel Lothar Walther barrel, half-inch UNF threads, and at last, you will get a 200cc integrated tank. The built-in tank is built in such a way that it has reached its air pressure gauge to show the amount of air remains in the tank. Filling of air is straightforward in this tank.

The gun has got the bolt action firing mode. The magazine is said to be around eight rounds, and it is rotary in style. The brand of the gun is such that the main aim of the brand is to provide gun lovers with a powerful beast. And the gun is justified it in a better manner. You can get more than 850 FPS along with accuracy and precision.


  • The body and styling are magnificent.
  • It has got an ergonomic stock along with integrated raised cheek pad.
  • The bolt-action of the gun is very smooth.


  • The firing sound of the gun is loud and deafening.

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#6 – Crosman Challenger

Crosman Challenger Pcp rifle

One of the best and accurate rifle is the Crosman Challenger. It is the most lovable rifle and comes among the most affordable 3-position PCP style rifles present in the gun market. If you take a look at the rifles, then you can see that the gun is purchased by 4H clubs that are present in the country.  It is meant for the young shooters who all want to get a 10-meter target shooting competition.

If you want to look at the Challenger gun, then you can see that it can get charged near to 2,000 PSI. It is said you will get around 70 shots and after that, you will always need a refill. The stock that is present in the gun is said to be ambidextrous.  It usually helps the left as well as right-hand shooters. You too can adjust the length of the pull as well as its comb.

Once you look at the beautiful rifle, then you can see that it comes with the straight bolt action thing and it helps to support left as well as right-hand shooters. The accuracy that you get in the gun is said to be one of the best, and it comes with precision. It too has got an adjustable trigger, and for all these reasons you can go and buy this beautiful gun. The gun is readily available in the market, and you need to pay near to $700 for it.


  • The best price for any entry-level 3-position air rifle.
  • The target hitting is accurate as well as it hit the target with precision.
  • It gets approved by the Civilian Marksmanship Program for all shooting competition.


  • It is not adjustable and some of the higher-end 10-meter rifles.
  • You must require to purchase all target sight for your guns.

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#7 – Air Arms S200

Air Arms S200 PCP air rifle

Air Arms S200 is the next PCP air rifle. It is not only a powerful gun but also a charming gun for all shooters. CZ Brno manufactures air Arms S200. The built of the gun is such that it is very much accurate, and the firing shot is very precision. The price of the firearm is at $800.

You can find several versions of the gun. If you go for the S200 Hunter, then it is one of the multi-shot guns for all gun lovers. The weapon is a .22 caliber gun, but it is also available in .177 caliber FT version too. The S200 arm has got the best 19-inch hammer-forged barrel.  It too comes with the carbine length of all 35.7 inches.

The best feature that you can get in this gun is the air reservoir. It gets unscrews from all the receiver of the rifle. Moreover, you too can see that you can go for all the spare air tubes and you can carry a hand pump or even a tank in the field. In the gun, you can get near to 50-60 shots per fill. You too can get the muzzle energy near to 12 ft/lbs, and it leads to the in-depth sport of the Field Target.

The power of the gun is outstanding, and it can deliver the perfect energy for all pest control or hunting purposes. The main concern in the arm is it is over-penetration, which is due to the power of the gun.


  • The target hitting feature of the gun is very accurate and precise.
  • You can easily exchange the air tubes.
  • You too can get some best ergonomic rifle feature while shooting.


  • The air reservoir that is present in the gun does not have any air gauge.
  • Due to that, you cannot know the real pressure needed for the air tube.
  • The trigger that the gun has got is not up to the mark.
  • While going for trigger at first, you need to go for an adjustment.

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#8 – BSA Scorpion SE

BSA Scorpion SE Air Rifle

The gun is said to be one of the oldest guns of England. During 1861, Birmingham Small Arms Company or BSA is said to have made this beautiful gun for all shooters. The company is very well known for all types of firearms, motorcycles and other things but the best part of the company is it produces air rifles.

BSA Scorpion is made with such care and precision that it helps in setting up the refinement as well as other quality things in it. The gun is like a bolt-action, and in it, you can use .177 as well as .22 caliber pellets to fire at your targets. If you take a look at the BSA Scorpio body, then at the heart of the gun you can find that it comes with an 18.5 inch forged barrel hammer.

The barrel of the gun designed is designed in a significant way. It comes with the threaded about half inch UNF, and it acts as the sound moderators. But with it, the muzzle to brakes with the double and it serves as the thread protector. The other features that you can see in it are a two-stage adjustable trigger.

For that, you need to pull weight and then the blade of the trigger will get in shape and at last, will bring the whole rifle together. It is one of the most underrated guns among all users, but the barrel of the weapon is such that it helps in the projectile and hitting the target accurately without any miss. You can buy this gun by paying near to $1000 for it.


  • You can get good accuracy in the gun.
  • The hammer of the weapon is best with its forged barrel.
  • It has got a two-stage trigger technique.
  • The design of the weapon is such it makes you feel ergonomic, and you can customize the gun too.


  • The magazines of the gun are such that it is expensive.
  • There is no presence of shroud.

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#9 – Sumatra 2500 Carbine

Sumatra 2500 Carbine Air Rifle

If you want to go for a PCP air rifle, then Sumatra 2500 Carbine is the best choice for you. The design which is given to the gun is said to be the most beautiful thing that one can expect from a gun. The cost of the gun is $800, and you can get it from any gun market quickly.

With the beauty and cost practical thing in its pocket, the main thing that the gun lacks in itself is its advanced features. If you take a look at the gun market in a detailed manner, then you can know that there is currently no action PCP air rifle present in the market of such stature. The gun comes with a 6-shot magazine, and the magazine is a rotary type for it.

The firing of shots from the Sumatra 2500 Carbine is swift, and it is easy to follow-up shots. The gun is designed in such a way that it looks like a classic version, but the gun is made in such a way that its balances towards the muzzle significantly. The carbine points that are present in the rifle is high-speed. But due to the small air reservoirs and all these things, you can see that you may lose some shots per fills. All these things give the shooter a range of frustrations as they miss the shots and it is very lightweight too.

The real reason why people get this gun is due to its power. The gun is available in two variants which is .22 as well as .25 caliber gun.  With this full power setting,  the gun can produce a power of nearly 78 ft/lbs. But in case of .22 long rifle gun, you can see that it will be producing near to 100-200 ft/lbs of energy. You too can use gunpowder bullets in the arm also, and it is not meant for only hunting purposes.

The target hitting capability of the gun is such that it comes among the most accurate hitting guns. The real reason behind this accuracy and precision is due to the use of dense pellets. The Carbine gun is best, and the gun is very much in balance that exists towards the muzzle. It comes closer to the shoulder in a faster as well as natural way. But as it has got a small air reservoir, so you may lose a few of the shots when you are firing the gun.


  • The power of the gun is unmatched with other guns.
  • It is the best choice for all medium and small hunting games.
  • It has got an adjustable power which allows you for gentle air sips as well as other plinking and spin of the finger.


  • It has got no option to add scope to it.
  • The trigger of the gun is not so user-friendly and smooth.

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#10 – Gamo Coyote SE air rifle

Gamo Coyote SE air rifle

The next but not the least gun is Gamo Coyote SE PCP air rifle. If you want to have the best gun with the budget, then get this gun. It is available at $500 in the gun market easily.

The design of the gun is such that it is very eye-catching. The stock of the gun is made in such a way that it gives a classic look and make you feel like you are holding a beautiful gun. The size of the gun is very much compact, and it is also light-weight.

Currently, the gun is readily available at .177, .22, as well as .25 versions and you, can choose any of it as per the needs of yours. The air cylinder that is present in the gun is capable of holding pressure up to 3365 PSI. At a time you can go for shooting 30 shots per, magazine and if you got near to 2900 PSI air pressure, then you can fire 20 shots with high deviation.


  • The mechanism of the gun is straightforward.
  • The accuracy of the gun is excellent.


  • It is deafening in sound.

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These are the top 10 PCP air rifles for 2019 for you along with price tag. If you are thinking to get any of it, then you can get a better idea about its function and feature in it by going through the above article.

What is the advantage of PCP air rifles?

Currently, the gun is in huge demand, and many people also want to buy the gun. The main advantages that you will get if you go for the gun are mentioned below.

  1. It provides you with shot-to-shot fps consistency

You can say that in this gun, you can shoot more than 30 rounds. All the rounds that you fire will be of the same Velocity, and after that, you need to refill the cylinder. As you can see that these guns have got the consistency, so the main reason is that these PCP air rifle can be fired up to a 10 meter and also in shooting competitions.

  1. Provides you with less reloads

In this gun, you can see that all these air gunners don’t have to insert CO2 cartridges in them. It means you need to fill the tank once and then you can go for a shooting. After you finish with your shooting then again you need to go for the refill.

Types of air guns for you

There are two types of air rifles for you. They are a single-shot rifle and multi-shot rifle. In case of single-shot rifles, these rifles are said to come with reduced moving parts, and accuracy in these guns are high. All the pellets that are used in the firearm are said to be made of pure lead. But many times, one can see that magazines usually cause small deformations, and as a result, projectile of pellets gets affected due to it. If you look at the single-shot air rifle, then you can allow a great variety of pellets, and it can be used in the single-shot PCP air rifle.

But in the case of multi-shot PCP air rifle, the best thing that you can get is a multi-shot magazine. These magazines are very much helpful for all kinds of activities, especially pest control and hunting. But in this gun, you get some drawbacks too, and they are these guns. They are expensive.

The other main problem that you may face is jamming of the magazine. The jam occurs in the gun as the pellet gets stuck in the mid-way and it is not loaded without cocking the rifle.Due to all these, it causes the pellet to get wedged, and it got stuck between the magazine and barrel of the gun.

Power of air rifle

Power of a gun is said to be one of the most crucial factors in the arm. But if you look at it, then you can know that many gun users usually misunderstand this power of the gun. Power or Velocity is not the only part of the weapon; instead, you also need to take the projectile weight of the weapon.

If you look at the fast pellet speed, then it will not mean any power, and this is the only reason why users say about 1200 fps hypervelocity. If you see it carefully, then you can see that usually all manufactures test their air rifle with the lightest pellet and then paste that Velocity by saying it got the fastest Velocity among air rifle.

How to calculate the power of the rifle?

As it is mentioned above, most of the time, the user gets biased due to light pellets. So, due to these many buyers now wants to calculate the power of the air gun by themselves and in a better manner. You can do it calculating the muzzle energy.

Muzzle energy is the total amount of kinetic energy that can be calculated when it leaves the muzzle. After that, you can calculate the Velocity by a formula where you need to mention about the muzzle velocity as well as the weight of the pellet. If you have used the heavy pellet in the guns, then you should know that they have got efficient energy but are slower. In place of that, light pellets are said to be faster, but it can shed the energy at a quicker rate.

With all these things, you can assume that the air gun rifle is designed to act like an average speed rifle, not like a fast rifle. All the pellets that are present here are seen to get destabilize as well as falls. This phenomenon occurs particularly in .177 at over 950 FPS. But in case you want to go for the accuracy, then you need to use heavy pellets for that.It is because, with these, they will not get destabilize and provides you with some good ballistic coefficients for all energy retention.

How to source air for your gun?

The best thing that you can make PCPs is you can go for the number of shots that you can take. After that, you need to refill the air reservoir, and this is what it makes it more expensive as you must fill the reservoir to make the gun operational.

If you take a look at the air source of the PCPs, then it has got a little hand pump. The pumps are said to have resembled like the tire pumps of a bicycle. The best part of it is it is operational in many stages that helps in increasing the compression. All the PCPs are said to be required to fill the pressures in the gun. The standard air pressure to get filled in the gun so that it can function is 2,000 to 2500 PSI.

When you use the hand pump which is connected to the gun, it helps in filling the hose of the gun. With it, a shooter can stand on a foot platform to pump back air to the gun. The pumping of gun generally takes time, and it is determined by the amount of air pressure it needs to get filled inside the gun. But the main problem will start for you is when the pressure will begin to rise, the pump starts to get hard to pump.

Due to all these things, you can see that the best way to deal with it all is to go for a high-pressure compressor. If you look at the gun market, then for PCPs, you can find several compressors. Most of the compressors have got the advantage of being to fill the gun and achieve the high-pressure tank inside the gun.

If you are wondering about the cost, then it will be an expensive deal but not so expensive for you concerning the hand pump version. The compressors generally cost around $600- $ 800. Despite these compressors provide you with the best feature yet they are not portable, and as a result, you can’t carry them always and everywhere.



Best PCP Air Rifle for the year 2019-20 - The Winner is here...
  • Beeman QB Chief
  • Umarex Gauntlet
  • Benjamin Discovery .22 calibre with pump
  • Benjamin Marauder
  • Walther Rotek PCP
  • Crosman Challenger
  • Air Arms S200
  • BSA Scorpion SE
  • Sumatra 2500 Carbine
  • Gamo Coyote SE air rifle

Summary for the Best PCP Air Rifle 2019

Our experts have managed to review the best out of 25 PCP Rifles. These Rifles are the Best Top 10 PCP Air Rifles.

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