12 Best PCP Air Rifles – Top Picks For The Year 2022!

There aren’t many things that are more exciting than shooting targets using an air gun. This is how we all learned to shoot. If you’re like us, the first time you shot was done using an air rifle, a rodent, or a small bird, that was unlucky enough to find itself in your sights.

Nowadays, air rifles have become much more advanced than in the past. They’re also more precise, and robust, which makes them more enjoyable.

What are the best PCP air rifles that you can purchase?

It doesn’t matter if seeking to eliminate squirrels or birds that are stealing fruits from the trees in your yard, or you’re simply seeking to shoot holes into targets. We’ve provided you with reviews of the most effective pre-charged air rifles available.

Let’s look through them and discover what could be your next favorite toy…

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12 Best PCP Air Rifles: Detailed Reviews!

Let’s have a look at the detailed reviews of the best PCP air rifles on the market now that we know what makes them so great and the special advantages of having an air rifle:

1. Benjamin Marauder

12 Best PCP Air Rifles: Detailed Reviews!

The Benjamin Marauder is, without a doubt the best-precharged pneumatic air rifle ever made.

Crosman listened to their consumers after the launch of the Benjamin Discovery (how novel!) and made adjustments to their design to create a rifle that every air gun owner should have on hand.

The Marauder’s entirely encased barrel is one of its greatest features, making it one of the quietest airguns available.

The Benjamin Marauder is offered in three different calibers— .177, .22, and .25—but I find the .22 to be the most practical.

Depending on the power settings, you can get between 30 and 40 bullets out of a .177 or .22 magazines, whereas the 25 caliber, which can easily penetrate thick bone, only manages 16 shots.

As one of the first reasonably priced PCPs available in the quarter bore, the Marauder kicked off the .25 caliber frenzy.

Based on testing, the Benjamin Marauder is best suited for experienced gun enthusiasts.

There are certainly more sophisticated and expensive rifles on the market, but for the everyday airgun enthusiast, the Benjamin Marauder strikes the ideal balance between price and functionality.

See my complete review of Benjamin Marauder here.


  • Strength Modifiable through Switchable Hammer Spring and Power Transfer Port
  • Exceptionally precise
  • Rotating magazine holding ten rounds
  • Barrels, air reservoir extensions, and regulator discharges are just some of the many available aftermarket customization options.
  • Classic and ambidextrous design fires 25-caliber bullets at 900 FPS.
  • Stylish, solid-wood grip
  • Measures 42.8 inches in length and tips the scales at 8.2 pounds.


  • Silent, lightweight
  • Impressive in terms of muzzle energy
  • This weapon is well-suited for medium to large games.


  • Extremely sharp edges may be painful to touch
  • Lack of Prospect



2. Umarex Gauntlet

Best PCP Air Rifles

When the Umarex Gauntlet finally became available, air gunners across the United States were overjoyed.

The long-awaited Gauntlet sparked excitement among air gun enthusiasts because it offered a compelling combination of features in a budget-friendly package.

You may get this rifle in .177, .22, and now .25 caliber. As the first rifle on our list to be fully sound-regulated, the Umarex Gauntlet is ideal for use in a backyard setting. 

The synthetic stock is equipped with a pistol grip with molded finger grooves, sling studs, and a comb that can be adjusted with a thumb screw.

However, the most talked-about aspect of the Gauntlet is its pressure regulation, which limits the weapon to 1,150 PSI for .177 caliber (70 rounds per fill), 1,900 PSI for .22 caliber (60 shots per fill), and 1,900 PSI .25 caliber (25 shots per fill).

The Umarex Gauntlet, a pre-charged pneumatic air rifle, offers impressive performance for a relatively low cost.

As a result of its reliable accuracy and sturdy synthetic stock, it is a viable alternative for seasoned air gunners who would rather keep their large rigs safely locked away in the safe during less-than-ideal conditions in the hunting woods or on the range.


  • Umarex nailed it with this adaptable and reasonably priced product.
  • Confidential and paper-fed
  • To shoot accurately and fire a lot, regulation is key.

Check out my complete review of the Umarex Gauntlet.


  • Multi-pellet accuracy.
  • Firing rate caps ensure a steady, regulated FPS.
  • The price that doesn’t break the bank


  • Motor overrevving due to a misfired trigger.



3. Beeman QB Chief

Best PCP Air Rifles Reviews

Newer and slightly less expensive than the Benjamin Discovery, the Beeman QB Chief is a popular choice among shooters. The QB Chief is a PCP air rifle option for those looking to save money without sacrificing functionality.

The Beeman QB Chief may be purchased in .177 and .22 calibers and has a convenient fill pressure of 2,000 PSI. 

The rifle’s 136cc air tube allows for up to 50 rounds in .177 caliber and 35 shots in .22 calibers each fill. The QB Chief is a bolt-action, single-shot rifle derived from the widely adopted QB78 C02 platform.

Experts agree that the QB Chief seems like a more serious rifle due to its superior trigger and overall lack of plastic components compared to the Discovery. 

The Chief’s 11mm dovetails are carved into the receiver if you want to attach an optic, but the rifle’s adjustable fiber optic open sites make it a good option for shooters who don’t want to fumble with a scope.

The rear sight may need to be removed from the rifle if the scope’s objective is too large.

See also my complete review of Beeman QB Chief here.


  • Adjusted Two-stage detonator
  • trigger pull that can be adjusted in two stages
  • Made of raw wood
  • Front and rear sights made of fiber optics
  • Dovetail, 11 millimeter
  • A gun with a barrel that has been rifled
  • Pressure at filling: 2,000 psi
  • Cylinder displacement of 136cc


  • Low-Cost Personal Computer
  • A fantastic-looking air rifle.
  • Constructed entirely of metal
  • Extremely potent and dependable performer


  • There is no covering and no means of muffled sound.



4. Benjamin Discovery PCP

Best PCP Air Rifles

Over the years, Crossman has produced some of the industry’s best PCP air rifles. With the Benjamin Discovery PCP air rifle, they did not fall short of expectations.

The air rifle’s affordability is the first thing that stands out about it. When Crosman initially started making PCP air rifles, the Benjamin Discovery was one of the most popular models available.

The Discovery is a 2,000 PSI air-powered version of the widely-used Crosman 2260 C02-powered rifle. 

Anyone looking to get into PCP shooting on a budget and who plans to charge their rifle by hand might look into purchasing a Discovery.

The “Disco” is filled to low pressure of 2,000 PSI, so it may be easily inflated by a hand pump.

The rifle is single-shot and can shoot many different pellets accurately, although JSB Exacts perform particularly well.

If you’re looking for a boat for hunting squirrels or rabbits, Discovery is your best bet.

Crosman added a novel feature to the Benjamin Discovery; it can use either conventional or black powder ammunition. Thus, the Discovery can be pressurized with either air or carbon dioxide gas (albeit not simultaneously).

Air will give the weapon additional power, but C02 gas is almost self-regulating and can be refilled from conventional paintball tanks with the right fill connectors.

See my complete review of Benjamin Discovery PCP.


  • This is a very cheap method to see if the PCP power plant is right for you.
  • Accurate
  • Numerous optional extras on the market
  • including a plastic pull-sequence
  • stock made of lacquered hardwood
  • a pressure of 2,000 psi in the cylinder
  • Air tank volume of 126 cc
  • a muzzle speed of up to 951 feet per second


  • Timeless appeal
  • Extraordinarily lightweight
  • Superb arsenal
  • Features a high-quality sight


  • Only 10 to 15 refills for each magazine!
  • There are no extras



5. Walther Rotek PCP

Best PCP Air Rifles Reviews and Buying Guide

The Walther Rotek PCP air rifle is outfitted with a Lothar Walther barrel, Minelli stock, integrated tank, and rotery 8-round magazine.

The rifle has a vibration reduction system and an adjustable match trigger that make it a pleasure to shoot accurately.

The gun’s advanced features and striking appearance make it a conversation starter. This high-quality German-made rifle will serve you for years to come.

When it comes to Walther, it’s difficult to think of any drawbacks. As impressive as it looks, the power of this PCP air gun is even more impressive.

More than 850 FPS is easily attainable, and the rifle’s accuracy can compete with that of the most expensive modern air rifles.

The rifle is said to have the characteristics, quality and capabilities of a gun twice the cost. It’s true! This gun is extremely precise and fun to shoot.

The one real drawback is that it makes a lot of noise when fired; however, they anticipated this and provided a threaded barrel.

See my complete review of Walther Rotek PCP here.


  • A pneumatic system that has been pre-charged (PCP)
  • Bolt-action
  • The clip holds 8 rounds and rotates in a circle (single-action only)
  • Shotgun steel Cast from Lothar Walther, this barrel features 1/2-inch UNF threading.
  • Shock absorption mechanism
  • Two-stage, movable-trigger match
  • 11. mm dovetail (does not come with open sights)
  • Beech wood from the Minelli tree
  • Gun grip and forearm patterned in checkers
  • Cheek guards that rise on both sides
  • Rubber recoil pad with air holes.


  • Top-notch supply
  • Everything about it is flawless.
  • Number of fires: high
  • Lovely, ergonomic, stock


  • Loud


6. Crosman Challenger

One Of The Best PCP Air Rifles

When it comes to PCP rifles in the 3-position form and at a reasonable price, the Crosman Challenger is one of the best air rifles.

Numerous 4H organizations around the United States have purchased this gun to introduce young shooters to the sport of 10-meter target shooting.

The Challenger requires only a 2,000 PSI charge and can fire approximately 70 bullets before it runs dry. 

The stock can be adjusted for both lengths of pull and comb, making it suitable for shooters with either dominant hand.

In addition, both left- and right-handed shooters may use the rifle thanks to its straight pull bolt action.

The Challenger’s match Lothar Walther barrel and fully adjustable trigger makes it a very accurate firearm.

The Crosman Challenger could be the answer to your shooting club’s budget-friendly search for high-quality target guns.

See my complete review of the Crosman Challenger here.


  • Totally Bilateral
  • Extremely precise and enjoyable to use even for non-target shooters.
  • Certified by the CMP for use with a three-position air rifle Competition in the Sporter Class
  • Air cylinder with a pressure of 3000 psi
  • New side-lever cocking system, precision-adjustable sliding hand rest, and capacity for 200 reliable shots per magazine.


  • Highly accurate
  • Economically viable
  • Ergonomics that may be adjusted to accommodate a wide range of users, from teenagers to adults
  • Consistently satisfying


  • It’s not as customizable as other high-end 10-meter rifles.
  • Obtaining target sights is optional, however, there is a model with them pre-installed if you choose.



7. Air Arms S200 FT

Best PCP Air Rifles

With the S200, Air Arms has achieved unprecedented levels of success. This rifle was manufactured by CZ Brno on behalf of Air Arms. The company that makes the rifle, is famous for its high-quality, accurate, lightweight and affordable rifles.

The S200 comes in a variety of configurations, including the single-shot FT, the double-shot T200 (target), and the multi-shot .22 calibre S200 Hunter. 

The S200’s hammer-forged barrel measures 19 inches and the gun’s overall length of 35.7 inches makes it an ideal carbine.

The air reservoir on the S200 unscrews from the receiver, so you can bring spare tubes instead of a hand pump or tank into the field if that’s more your style.

The S200 FT is ideal for the challenging sport of Field Target with its muzzle energy of 12 ftl bs and capacity for 50-60 shots each fill.

When hunting rats and pigeons around buildings, where over-penetration might be a problem, I find that the Air Arms S200 FT provides just the right amount of power. More strength isn’t always superior quality.

There’s a good reason why the Air Arms S200 has been beloved by enthusiasts for nearly two decades now: it’s a tried-and-true platform.

See my complete review.


  • A fill adapter
  • Comes with three independent mounting points on the top of the rifle
  • Key slot cut through the inner rear-facing spigot of the magazine 
  • Lightweight
  • Compact
  • A powerful rifle that fires both .177 and .22 calibers.


  • Extremely accurate
  • Easy-to-replace air hoses
  • Extremely well-balanced and easy-to-handle rifle


  • not having an air gauge in the reservoir 
  • Adjustments are necessary for optimal performance.



8. AirForce Texan SS

Best PCP Air Rifles Guide

The Texan made by AirForce Airguns has been at the top of the big bore airgun market since it was released in the year 2015.

Since its release, AirForce has been working to develop an improved version of the legendary Texan that gives the platform that extra advantage as the top choice for air rifles with big bores for hunting.

The Texan SS has the same extruded aluminum frame, side lever action, as well as the trigger just like that of the original Texan. It also has the same 490cc air tank and two stages trigger.

The only notable differences regards those of the Texan SS has a shorter barrel and, obviously the Air Force’s renowned sound-suppression technology.

Although this barrel comes at the sacrifice of an amount of power over the unshrouded version, the capability to shoot such a massive caliber round with a whisper of silence will make up for the difference.

This Texan SS remains strong enough to hunt the size of a deer and does it in just a whisper.

If you’re in search of the most powerful large-bore rifle for game hunting this Texan SS is the one to choose.

It is quiet, powerful, and reliable what else could you need? If you’re looking to elevate your air gun skills to the higher levels, this Texan SS made by AirForce Airguns is ready and eager!

See also my complete review of AirForce Texan SS.


  • .30,.357, and.45 calibres
  • Speed: 935 frames per second and up
  • Barrel Rifleman’s Fashion
  • Dovetail rail, 11 mm
  • Automatic Safety
  • Decibel Levels: 4, Medium, and High


  • Single-fire side-lever 
  • A 2-stage mechanism.
  • Inflatable to 490 ccs, with variable power.
  • Supported by an unending guarantee of quality.


  • One of the more pricey options



9. Sumatra 2500 Carbine

Best PCP Air Rifles: Detailed Reviews!

The Sumatra 2500 is the only lever-action PCP air rifle available, and it has a rotary magazine that holds six rounds, making it easy to fire off a second round quickly.

The full-size rifle version of the peculiar double tuble looks intimidating, but in practice, the Carbine is the more manageable variant, as the rifle’s center of gravity is shifted too far forward toward the muzzle (thanks to the long air tube). 

The Carbine can be brought to the shoulder and pointed much more quickly and naturally, but its shorter air reservoir means you’ll have to reload it fewer times before you run out of gas.

All the air gunners who possess a Sumatra have the same narrative to tell: at first glance, it’s hideous. You can’t go wrong with any of them, since their air reservoirs allow for a surprising number of shots while remaining very lightweight.

Sumatra’s greatest strength is the tremendous energy it generates. Both.22 and.25 versions of the rifle exist, but the .25 version is where Sumatra shines.

The maximum output is 78 ft lb of energy, and the power may be adjusted on the fly. To put that in perspective, depending on velocity, a .22 Long Rifle rimfire can generate 100-120 ft/lbs of energy, and that’s with gunpowder! It would be an understatement to say that this air rifle is designed for hunting.

Especially when using heavier pellets, Sumatra has remarkable accuracy. Even though the full-length Sumatra 2500 rifle is available, I find that the Carbine version is the most comfortable to use because the extra air tube length causes the rifle to balance too far toward the muzzle.

See my complete review of Sumatra 2500 Carbine here.


  • Lever-action, single-shot, and simple to cock
  • A male quick-disconnect foster fill connector and two precharged pneumatic chambers capable of holding 3,000 PSI.
  • Power-wheel trigger with two adjustable stages
  • ambidextrous shares of Monte Carlo
  • Fires 0.22 caliber pellets at 950 feet per second.


  • Extremely potent.
  • Accuracy is guaranteed with tried and true pellets.
  • Pellets are not something that can be duplicate-fed.


  • It’s really noisy.
  • Heavy.
  • Utilizes a great deal of air.



10. BSA Scorpion SE

Best PCP Air Rifles Detailed Guide

One of the oldest English gun manufacturers, Birmingham Small Arms Company was founded in 1861 (BSA). They’ve produced a wide variety of weapons, vehicles, and other goods over the years. In the modern era, BSA is most well-known for producing exceptional air rifles.

The BSA Scorpion is so much more refined and high-quality than the rest of the firearms we’ve considered. The Scorpion is a .177 and .22 caliber bolt-action repeating rifle.

The BSA Scorpion’s heart is its 18.5″ hammer forged barrel, widely regarded as one of the most accurate air gun barrels ever built.

The muzzle brake also serves as a thread protector, and the barrel is threaded for 1/2″ UNF so that sound suppressors can be attached.

The rifle has a two-stage, adjustable trigger that is both smooth and satisfying to use. The trigger blade is also nicely formed, which serves to further unify the firearm.

Check out my complete review of BSA Scorpion SE.


  • Bolt-action pneumatic repeating weapon 
  • Synthetic tactical stock and 
  • Rate of fire of about 45 shots per fill 
  • The velocity of around 1000 feet per second 
  • A pre-charge time of about one minute.


  • Extreme precision
  • Workplace ergonomics
  • It’s absolutely stunning how the trigger has two stages.


  • Magazine subscriptions tend to be pricey.
  • There isn’t a shroud



11. Benjamin Bulldog 357

Best PCP Air Rifles Review

This airgun is most popular because they’re lightweight and easy to manoeuvre on the move. Why should you carry a full-size gun when a rifle that’s 30% smaller and has the power to get the job done? 

It’s Benjamin Bulldog .357 shoots games at distances smallbore airguns have no hope of harvesting. Beyond that, it can capture larger game and pests, such as feral hogs, who are ruining American farms. 

The farmers in your community will regard you as a hero for coming to their property to get rid of the insects. 

In terms of shots, you’ll receive five per rotary clip, and at least 10 shots in each refill, it was never intended to be a rapid-firing PCP rifle.

Available in both .357 or .457 calibers, the Bulldog can be shot multiple times with follow-up shots that are easy to take via an action on the side of the lever. If you’re left handed you can change the lever on the side to the opposite-hand side. 

The Bulldog produces around 200 FPE when it is .357 as well as upwards of 450 FPE with .457 The Bulldog can handle large and medium games legally and efficiently.

It’s significantly more comfortable than it appears to be, has a lot of power, and is definitely not for kids thanks to its bullpup shape that makes it very short when carried over the shoulder.

See my complete review of Benjamin Bulldog 357 here.


  • Durable Artificially Created
  • A Bolt-Action, Side-Reversible, Muffle-Free Sound Barrier With A Reversible Lever
  • Padded case with sling and bipod for a riflescope and 25 rounds
  • The SoundTrap is a trapezoidal-shaped soundproofing baffle that eliminates the need for conventional wall baffles.
  • the 457 model’s shroud end is threaded for M18 bolts.
  • Picatinny optics rail measuring 26 inches, and a Picatinny accessory rail measuring 5.50 inches (.357 only)


  • Powerful
  • Efficient
  • User-friendly airgun
  • Raises the bar for hunting air rifles


  • The locking lip is weak and frequently falls off.



12. Diana Stormrider Air Rifle

One Of The Best PCP Air Rifles Reviews

The last recommendation is one of the cheapest and best PCP air rifles available. When looking for a high-quality air gun for under $200, consider the Diana Stormrider. It’s also among the top air guns for young adults because of a few crucial features.

Since 1892, when we first conceived of the concept of air firearms, Diana has been producing high-quality air rifles. For those just starting out in shooting sports, the Stormrider is an excellent choice.

The beautiful Monte Carlo beech stock has a distinctive checkered grip and forend for a firm grasp. But it’s the 5-pound body weight that really sells it as a great choice for young shooters.

This air weapon has a surprising number of shots for its low price: nine. Okay, at least in .177 gauge. You receive seven rounds every cycle with the .22 caliber. You can get addicted without having to worry about reloading for a while. For beginners, the 3-pound break should be just right.

In sum, we believe this to be one of the finest air rifles for novice shooters currently available.

See my complete review of the Diana Stormrider Air Rifle.


  • .177 and.22 calibers
  • Acceleration: 1050 frames per second
  • Barrel Rifleman’s Fashion
  • Dovetail rail, 11 mm
  • Protection: By Hand
  • 40 Shots Per Magazine
  • Decibel Levels: 2/3


  • It only has one trigger stage.
  • Magazine holding nine.177 bullets (7 shots in .22).
  • Built-in manometer.
  • The rear sight is fully movable.
  • Includes a limited warranty of one year.


  • One drawback is that there is no front barrel band.



Buyer’s Guide

Advantages & Disadvantages of PCP Rifles

PCP rifles are top-notch tools, but their high price tag is a major drawback. PCP rifles typically cost several hundred dollars more than other forms of firearms. The expense of filling equipment can be high, but it can be kept to a minimum by having the tank refilled at a local store. The use of a pump or bottle, on the other hand, would be more convenient and, in the long run, less expensive.

PCP rifles have a number of benefits, including their portability, incredible accuracy, great power, and lack of recoil (which is significant to some shooters). They are easy-to-use firearms, making them ideal for novice shooters.

Are PCP Air Rifles Worth Buying?

Depending on your intended use, the answer is “yes,” but only slightly. You could be perfectly content with your springer and your shooting skills as they currently stand.

PCPs are significantly simpler to use, making them ideal for beginners, and many more experienced shooters also prefer them because of their increased accuracy.

You decide, but “once shot, never forgot,” so don’t sample a PCP unless you’re prepared to buy one.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

Is .177 or .22 better?

There’s no definitive answer to this question because it ultimately comes down to personal preference.

Some people prefer the smaller .177 caliber because it delivers more accuracy and power, while others find the larger .22 caliber more comfortable to shoot. Ultimately, it’s up to the individual shooter to decide which caliber is best for them.

Should I get a scope for my air rifle?

Yes. Scopes can improve the accuracy of the air gun. There are various types of scopes that are suitable for various reasons.
Scopes are great for hunting and gaming.

How should I store my air rifle?

The most efficient and simple way to store an air rifle is to store it in cabinets. The cabinet can protect the gun from dust.

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