15 Best Shooting Ear Protection 2021 – Ultimate Reviews & Buyer’s Guide

Ear protection gear is by far the most common and important safety gear as the loud vibrations from a gunshot can kill little hair deep inside your ear and may cause permanent damage. It can also make you deaf forever. And you definitely don’t want that! Now, I present to you some of the best shooting ear protection gears available in the market while putting some light on their pros and cons and suggesting to you why they are included in this list. After going through the above buyer’s guide, it would be easy for you to choose the most suitable one for yourself.

Best Shooting Ear Protection – Detailed Reviews!

#1 – Peltor Sport Tactical Ear Protection

best electronic hearing ProtectionPeltor Electronic earmuffs are a set of tactical ear protectors that offer an NRR value of 26dB which is sufficient enough for Practice with any rifle or guns.  It’s easy to use, lightweight and comfortable enough to wear all day. It’s very convenient for use in both indoor and outdoor activities. Plus, it seamlessly syncs with Bluetooth enabled devices — so you can stay connected and protected. This hearing protector has the ability to reduce the noise around the speaker so that you can hear it very clearly. This is one of the most expensive ear protectors you will find in the market. This is available only at $102.62.

The Bluetooth connectivity of these earmuffs is actually the most attractive feature as it lets you listen to music or even make calls while on a shooting or hunting trip. It has two AA batteries that are quite powerful and reliable enough. This earmuff is good enough for controlling the echoes that makes it more comfortable to wear for a long-time.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These Peltor Earmuffs are made especially for professional shooters and hunters along with offering high-end features in an expensive price tag. Hence, you should try this product only if you can afford it easily or you can also check out some seasonal offers if you really like these earmuffs. Hopefully, you will like this due to its amazing qualities and effective outputs that protect your ears from being harmed due to the loud noise. Overall, this is a good ear protector with lots of effective features.


  • Suitable for a professional setting
  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Clear voice tracking 


  • Highly-priced 


#2 – Walker’s Slim Electronic Muffs

best ear protection for Shooting

Walker is a well-established brand name in the shooting accessories industry. Moreover, You can find a ton of high-quality products from Walker and this set of Razor slim electronic earmuffs is no exception. This high-quality earmuffs is very reliable and effective. This earmuff has two directional microphones that will allow you to talk to the other side. This is one of the reasonably priced earmuffs.  You can easily purchase this one only at $43.49 that is good, actually.

These earmuffs offer a noise reduction of about 23dB and are made with ultra-thin rubber to provide extra comfort. There is a single knob volume control with makes this product stand out in the crowd and the high number of genuine reviews (nearly 4000) tells a lot about its popularity in the market. So, you can freely buy this one if you want good earmuffs at a reasonable price.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These Walker electronic earmuffs are among the best-selling earmuffs in the market. They provide optimum noise reduction while shooting with a loud and powerful rifle and comfort in a value for money price. This earmuff is one of the long-lasting devices that is going to be with you for a long-time. So, you can definitely get this earmuff.


  • Available in many color options
  • Ultra-thin rubberized cups
  • Omni-directional speakers
  • Battery-powered 
  • No. 1 bestseller on amazon 


  • Not suitable for extremely loud noises


#3 – Howard Leight by Honeywell Impact Earmuff

best ear protection shootingHoneywell owned Howard Leight Company is known for providing trustworthy shooting-centric products.  Honeywell Impact Sound Amplification Electronic earmuff protects you in challenging situations like a hunting trip or a shooting range. This earmuff will help you to get more natural listening so that you can listen carefully and clearly. This can be folded due to the compactness and this is the reason you can put it in your backpack very easily. 

Although the earmuffs are good quality, they provide a Noise reduction rating of only 22dB. The built-in directional microphones enhance the sound level to 82dB which lets you listen to important instructions apart from gunshot sounds. These earmuffs can last for a long duration (approx. 350 hours) in one set of fully charged batteries. This effective earmuff is available at $53.95 that is quite convenient, we think.

WHY IS SUGGESTED: These electronic earmuffs are suitable for travel enthusiasts as they last for so long that you even forget that they are electronic and require charging. They do provide a low NRR value, but it ensures that you hear the surrounding sounds with ease. It ensures the clear sounds erasing the disturbing and unnecessary sounds while listening. Comparing the price-tag to others, this is really a good one.


  • Battery-powered
  • Efficient sound-proofing for communication
  • Multiple color options
  • Pocket-friendly price


  • Low NRR 


#4 – AVANTEK Professional Hearing Ear Muffs

best shooting hearing protection

These professional AVANTEK earmuffs have two layers of shell sealing protection along with 8 layers of protective material proving a signal-noise ratio (SNR) of 34dB and NRR of 28dB which is high enough for any shooting experience. These earmuffs are made of high-quality synthetic materials that make the earmuffs super-robust and long-lasting. The stylish design and adjustable headband that fits all age groups definitely set it apart from other alternatives. It has soft and comfortable ear cushions that won’t make any fatigue in your ears even after a long time using it. The double-deck headband of this earmuffs will allow it to be close to your head without making any discomfort. Along with such amazing qualities, you will get the opportunity of 45-day return and 18-month warranty that is going to add extra value for sure.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: The extraordinary fit and comfort these AVANTEK professional earmuffs offer are very attractive to many users. They are durable and provide excellent noise reduction and protection to your ears. You need not roam to get the best fit of these earmuffs as you will get all the available sizes. So, this is really impressive. Moreover, the price is also very reasonable. Overall, we like this earmuffs so much.


  • Stylish design 
  • High NRR Value 
  • Durable and comfortable
  • Adjustable headband 


  • Not a very popular brand in U.S


#5 – Fnova 34dB Highest NRR Safety Ear Muffs

best shooting range ear protection

Fnova safety Earmuffs are an extraordinary pair of earmuffs providing an NRR of 34dB. The earmuffs employ two layers of noise dampening foam along with double shell sealing and high sealing cup design which ensures optimum noise reduction and ample protection to your ears. This is very compact in size and can be easily carried in your backpack. You will get this handsome and good-looking earmuff at three colors available. These earmuffs has a reasonable price tag that makes it very convenient to all.

Professional Ear Defenders for Shooting, Adjustable Ear Protection/Shooting Hearing Protector Earmuffs Fits Adults to Kids. These earmuffs are pretty comfortable because of the soft cushioning and an adjustable headband. So, this is one kind of universal earmuffs that can be used with versatility.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: Fnova Earmuffs provide best in class ear protection, stylish design, durability, all packed in a pocket-friendly price. You will hardly find an earmuff at this combination of convenient affordability and great features. Moreover, they provide excellent after-sales service which might be rare for many brands out there. So, you can rely on it freely.


  • Multiple color options
  • Very affordable 
  • Highest available NRR 
  • Exceptional after-sales service 


  • High-pressure on the head and sides of ears


#6 – Pro For Sho Ear Muffs

the best ear protection for shootingPro for Sho ear muff is among the very few earmuffs that provide a noise reduction rating (NRR) of 34dB which is the highest in the market. This is an imported quality design and a very proud one with high-quality building mechanism. The fold-able cup design and lightweight of these earmuffs make them easy to carry during long travel plans. This robust earmuffs are very strong and built with synthetic materials that make it very convenient in using roughly. These earmuffs are available in several colors and all of them simply looks very attractive.

The unique and attractive design is available in these earmuffs. Hence, they are a desirable option among the young generation. This pair is surprisingly available at a very affordable price. You will get your pair only at $18.55 that is unbelievable.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: The Pro For Sho Earmuffs are one of the best earmuffs available out there in this price range, all thanks to its highest NRR value. Moreover, this pair is very comfortable when it’s about fit. You can freely choose this pair. There is a reasonable 90-day warranty period. So, you have enough time to judge this one. They are definitely worth a try. 


  • Highest NRR(34dB)
  • Foldable design
  • Light on the pocket
  • Fun colors available 
  • Highly popular in the American market


  • Might feel uncomfortable after long usage


#7 – 3M Peltor Optime 105 Over the Head Earmuff

best shooting ear protection reviews3M Peltor Optime is a great set of earmuffs with a patented twin-cup design and these earmuffs provide an optimum 30dB sound reduction and protect your ears from any serious damage. They are pretty comfortable to wear except for the extremely humid weather and they also offer an extraordinary fit to the ears.

This pair of earmuffs will provide the most effective hearing protection in any extremely noise conditions that people desire for. The quality of this earmuffs is very impressive as it can definitely be used a few years. Yet, if you have any confusion, don’t worry. You will get a warranty so that you can get your earmuffs fixed if anything unpleasant happens. This is really amazing.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These 3M Peltor earmuffs are unbeatable in terms of sound reduction. You can definitely give these a try as they offer a quiet shooting experience along with good quality and a pocket-friendly price. This is one of those earmuffs that will make your shooting experience full of accuracy helping you to concentrate on your stuff. So, don’t hesitate to pick this one.


  • High NRR rating
  • Suitable for high-intensity noise
  • Excellent brand image
  • Extraordinary fit
  • Many genuine positive reviews


  • Can be uncomfortable in hot and humid weather 
  • Not the most durable 


#8 – 3M PELTOR Earplug Kit

best in ear hearing protection for shooting

This pair of earplug is a bit different from the rest in our list. This is a 3M tactical earplug kit that includes a portable charging compartment, cord storage, charging status LED light, earplug clips, Micro B USB port for charging, and a sealing ring. Everything is available in a box that is really good. You will get the opportunity to recharge it whenever you want with the portable charging compartments though you will hardly face the charging problem. The reason is that the earplugs will serve at least 16 hours of continuous services. So, you never find you with a device with empty-charge. This is very compact in size and will be very comfortable at the same time. 

This comprehensive kit is a very good option for those covering large distances with their earplugs. Moreover, the earplugs offer a wide variety of features like one button operative, rechargeability, stylish design, and much more. The price of this earplugs is a bit high and you may not like it. But, a quality earplugs deserve to be expensive.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This electronic earplug kit is a desirable option for many users because of its well thought upon features. But, the high-end price of these earplugs may not be liked by a huge segment of earplugs users as there are many other cheaper alternatives. However, if you have the budget enough, you can definitely try this one. Hopefully, you will feel the value for which you spent your money.


  • Great brand image 
  • Comprehensive earplugs kit
  • Lithium-ion battery
  • Compact design


  • Could be difficult to carry along
  • Costlier


#9 – MSA Electronic Earmuff

top shooting ear protection reviewsMSA Sordin Electronic Earmuffs are premium looking earmuffs with a leather headband and four levels (1:4) of sound amplification. This is actually the best combination of plastic, steel and metal. This construction makes the earmuffs very robust and strong. Additionally, they are incredibly comfortable to use and have a battery life of 600 hours in one charging life. The sound reduction rating of this earmuffs is around 25dB that is very impressive. This earmuffs are water-proof as well that makes it more versatile for any kind of shooting games.

However, the one major drawback of these earmuffs is the low NRR value which may not be desired by many active shooters. Otherwise, these earmuffs are very effective. It has a dual microphone that has the ability to provide excellent 3D audio. 

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These MSA Electronic earmuffs are pretty comfortable to use and can last for a long duration during a shooting/hunting trip. This is one of the popular earmuffs that have already a great craze among the professional. You will easily be attracted to this earmuffs, indeed. However, they do offer a low NRR value and are not the cheapest to buy.  


  • Premium leather headband 
  • Excellent battery life 
  • SNR value of 25dB
  • Incredible comfort


  • Not the most affordable option
  • Low NRR value 


#10 – Professional Safety Ear Muffs

buy best shooting ear protection reviews

These Decibel Defense professional safety earmuffs offer the highest NRR of 37dB. This is one of the best earmuffs among a huge collection for shooting range. The high popularity of these earmuffs can be gauged by nearly 3500 reviews and them being the “amazon’s choice”. These earmuffs are very suitable to wear for a long time without making any fatigue. These earmuffs are foldable and compact in size so that you can carry it very conveniently and safely. There are different sizes available for this earmuffs. So, you will get your suitable one very easily.

They are perfect for professional shooters as they are comfortable, durable and the best sound protection there is. They can be used for many occasions like construction works, mowing, fireworks and even during study-time for complete silence. Its unbeaten sound reduction ability makes this earmuff very productive and efficient.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These Decibel earmuffs are totally a value for money deal with a high NRR value, convenient design. Moreover, ample comfort in a budget-friendly price is what makes these a very desirable option available in the market. There are lots of earmuffs in the market. but, you won’t get such a perfect combination of affordability and quality. You can definitely buy this earmuff.


  • Extraordinary sound-proofing
  • Great Comfort and fit
  • Pocket-friendly
  • Highly rated on Amazon


  • Not a very recognized brand


#11 – WorkTunes Connect by 3M safety

reviews of best bluetooth shooting ear protection

Another popular ear protector from 3M safety is the WorkTunes connect which is an innovative set of earmuffs with Bluetooth connectivity, safe volume control setting, AM/FM connectivity, and a rotatory tuning dial. This ear protectors is popular due to the premium sound quality it provides. This ear protector is very comfortable to wear for a long time. People actually love this ear protector as it is available at a very reasonable price. This is very much capable of playing fm radio with the crystal clear sound that is not usual to all ear protectors.

These ear protectors offer an NRR value of 24dB which is sufficient for most of the shooting practices. It has all the essential features like compact foldable design, and you can even attend calls while using this device. This feature is very impressive and many people prefer this model for this particular feature. Overall, this is a great piece for your shooting game.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These 3M safety WorkTunes Connect is a favourable set of earmuffs for the majority of professional shooters and hunters. Especially those who require an added advantage of Bluetooth connectivity and other technology-savvy features. This is full of all the necessary qualities that make this device attractive and effective, at the same time. So, you can freely get this ear protector.


  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • AM/FM + MP3 connectivity 
  • Foldable compact design 
  • Comfortable to use


  • Not loud enough


#12 – 3M Peltor X1A Ear Muffs

top reviews of best shooting ear protection

These earmuffs are one of the best in the list of shooting ear protection. This is from 3M Peltor X-series which has a sleek and plain vanilla kind of design. The X-series is a technologically advanced set of earmuffs with features like Dielectric headband with no exposed wires preventing any electrical hazards. The Acrylonitrile Butadiene Styrene construction of these earmuffs make thses earmuffs very durable and long-lasting. These earmuffs are very lightweight, having the weight of 0.55 Pounds. So, you can carry it very conveniently.

These earmuffs are specially made for professionals and commercial use only but still have an NRR value of 22dB only. You will get this pair at a very convenient price tag. So, you can try this one.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: As the X-series 3M Peltor earmuffs are made specifically for high-end professional or commercial use only, it cannot be used by many solo hunters. Additionally, the earmuffs are made of superior quality material and offer high durability, noise protection, and comfort. Overall, this is a great pick and you can definitely buy this pair.


  • Universal fitting 
  • Highly comfortable 
  • Excellent brand value
  • High durability 


  • Professional usage only 
  • Lower NRR


#13 – Mack’s Ultra Soft Earplugs

Mack's Ultra Soft Earplugs reviews

Mack’s Ultrasoft earplugs are foam earplugs that are ultra-comfortable for many activities like sleeping, studying, travel, concerts, loud events, and much more. Moreover, they are super easy and lightweight to carry during your long-distance shooting/hunting trips. This is very convenient for those people who need ear protection frequently. This earplug has the ability to block the ultra-sound. so, this is definitely one of the effective earplugs.

Although they are very comfortable, they might hurt your ears after a long usage for some of you out there. These earplugs come very handily as a back-up option when your regular earmuffs are short of charging or if some other issue arises.

WHY IT SUGGESTED: These Mack’s disposable ultra-soft earplugs are one of the best earplugs set available in the market. Due to the fact that it is an inexpensive option and a great backup option for long-distance travel endeavours. This is incredibly reasonable to buy. Such an amazing thing at a reasonable price is a great thing for sure and you should explore it.


  • Very inexpensive 
  • Disposable 
  • Ultra-comfortable
  • Excellent backup option
  • High NRR value (32 dB)


  • Unnecessary pressure in the ear canal for those who aren’t used to wearing earplugs


#14 – SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Earplugs

SureFire EP4 Sonic Defenders Earplugs reviewsThese SureFire in-ear plugs are pretty descent, modern-layered along with above-average protection for loud noises. This is one of the best products from Surefire with lots of amazing qualities. It provides a sound reduction rating of about 24dB which is good enough for moderately intense shooting practices. This is very lightweight having only 3 grams weight. So, you won’t feet the discomfort to wear it.

These are soft, adjustable and comfortable for wear for a long duration. The minimalist design makes it easy to carry them with you without any hassle and difficult to lose easily. You can wear this earplugs even when you re wearing a mask, helmet, hat, or while using supplemental hearing muffs.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: If you are looking for a good-quality in earplugs that are super comfortable to use and don’t get lost easily for a lightweight option, you can surely give these a shot. This is very effective to make your day for sure. You can use this earplugs very conventionality and the result is amazing. Moreover, they are a great travel-friendly option. Overall, this is a good ear-plugs.


  • Hypoallergenic comfortable material
  • Excellent brand value
  • Reusable
  • Lightweight 
  • Triple-flanged stems


  • Not the most durable 
  • NRR could have been better


#15 – HEAROS Xtreme Earplug

HEAROS Xtreme Earplug for hearing protectionSuper soft hypoallergenic material makes these HEAROS Xtreme earplugs extremely desirable and comfortable to use by the majority of the users. The noise reduction rating of 33dB is high enough for many activities like shooting trips, concerts, studying, sleeping and much more. This is very easy to insert in your ear and keep for a long time. This earplug has an incredible ability to protect your ear from loud environments. This is actually the perfect one for sleeping, studying, travel, meditation, reading, etc.

Moreover, these earplugs are tested for your peace of mind according to ANSI specifications S319-1974. People who have a small ear will like this earplugs due to the perfect fittings. Overall, this is quite a good earplugs at an affordable price range.

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These HEAROS earplugs are super soft and very easy to carry and wear and come in a very cheap price range. Those who have a low budget and require ear protection once in a while should definitely give these a try. You will definitely get the ultimate taste in your hunting trip or shooting session. We definitely recommend this earplugs.


  • Highly comfortable 
  • Premium quality earplugs 
  • High NRR 
  • Inexpensive option


  • May hurt your ears after long usage


Buyer’s guide

Before getting your hands on ear protection gear, you must understand different aspects of a shooting ear protection gear. But if want to go straight to our list of best products, you can click it in the table of contents.

#How loud is too loud?

For any normal human being, the sound intensity of 140dB is the hearing threshold up to which you can hear sound waves. But beyond that limit, high-quality ear protection is an absolute necessity. 

Even sound waves below 140dB can cause some level of discomfort. Below points can help you understand the sound levels and their intensities: 

  • Sound waves below 20dB are inaudible 
  • Sound waves between 20-40dB are soft sounds 
  • 40-60dB sound waves are moderately quiet 
  • Loud sound waves range from 30-90dB 
  • Sound waves beyond 100dB are dangerous for the ears  

#Noise reduction rating (NRR)

Noise reduction rating is the extent to which a set of ear protectors offer protection. A higher NRR will ensure better protection and a lesser one will provide lesser protection. It is the most important criteria to consider before buying any ear protection for your shooting needs. Some people even consider using cotton balls for protection but there are just minutely better than nothing. They could be providing a reduction of only 7dB. 

#Some common choices for ear protection are:

  1. Earplugs 
  2. Earmuffs 
  3. Combination of the two
  4. Some techy alternative 

As there are so many options available, it might get confusing to choose the suitable one but it is definitely an important choice to make. 

A sound reduction of at least 15dB is needed but 30dB reduction is preferable. Many high-end earmuffs also offer an NRR of about 37dB as well. 

#Earplugs v/s Earmuffs.

Earplugs come in a wide array of designs and types. Broadly there are two subsequent types: 

  • Disposable Earplugs: Disposable foam earplugs are the contemporary in-ear plugs. They come in multiple sizes and materials but there are some inevitable pros and cons associated with them. 


  • Least expensive
  • Moldable custom fit
  • Compact size
  • Travel-friendly 
  • Washable or reusable options available 
  • Easy to store in small places 


  • Uncomfortable for uncommon ear canals
  • Silences other surrounding noises as well
  • Easily gets lost 
  • May get severely dirty in certain surrounding
  • Traditional earplugs: These are the more common option among the shooters of different genres. These passive earplugs come with a headband attached to foam pads that provide protection to your ears by creating a shield over them. 


  • Better overall protection
  • Easy to wear 
  • Reusable upto many uses
  • Highly durable
  • Worth the money invested


  • Can feel heavy on the head/ears
  • May interfere cheek weld
  • Not the best noise cancellation
  • Cause discomfort in humid weather 
  • Costlier than in-ear plugs  
  • Anyone with hats or long hair?

The type of ear protection you use depends on many factors and the most important one should be the purpose for which you use them. So make sure, you are clear about the purpose and frequency of usage you require and then accordingly make the buying decision. 

#A comfortable fit is important

Wearing a more comfortable set of ear protectors can make a lot of difference during shooting practice. You would need your earmuffs to sit comfortably either over your head or in the ears to wear them for longer durations. 

Whether the ear protectors are in-earplugs or over the head earmuffs, they are offered in a general shape and design with slight modifications here and there. Some earmuffs come with an adjustable or foldable design which them a travel-friendly option.  You can even find some earmuffs with a universal fit where you can even share your earmuffs with someone else after slightly adjusting the size of the headband. 

If you are someone with long hair, wears a cap or spectacles, or have a larger than average head size, wearing an earmuff might cause some discomfort for you and the in-earplugs would be a preferable option. In-ear plugs also come handy when you need sound reduction to have a peaceful sleep, you can comfortably wear those for the whole night without any issue.


As there are loads of brands and local manufacturers who produce shooting ear protection gears, it means you have a great amount of variety to choose from. Shooting ear protection gears can cost you as low as $15 and as high as $1000. You must define a price range you are aiming for before evaluating all the available options as it will help you save some time

The high number of sellers does make sure that they compete amongst them to offer a lower price but you shouldn’t just straight away go for the cheapest one available. You can try the cheapest one if you are buying any protective gear for the first time to understand the feel of wearing them for hours. Then accordingly you can choose a more advanced and better option for yourself.

#Other features you might want to look into:

  • Bluetooth connectivity 
  • Volume control
  • Auto-shutoff for battery saving
  • Resistance against humidity or dirt
  • Lightweight material
  • Built-in microphone to attend calls 


I believe the importance of a high-quality shooting ear protection has been stressed enough in the above article and you will not regret buying them ever! I have tried to make an all-inclusive buyer’s guide and products reviews (all used and checked by our team of experts). Just make sure you are carefully checking the reviews and specs of any ear protection gear before buying it online. 

Do comment down below if you have any suggestions or questions related to any earmuff or earplugs available in the market.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. What are shooting earmuffs used for?

– Earmuffs are over the head ear protection tools that restrict the level of sound waves up to a certain extent. They are available in a wide variety of designs and features offered in different price brackets. All the professional or amateur shooters and hunters generally use them religiously.  

Q. Do earmuffs block out sound?

– Earmuffs do block out sound to some extent but not completely. There are only a few of the models that offer that feature of complete sound blockage but are not preferred by many as you may need to listen to some important sounds while attenuating the unnecessary ones.

Q. Which is a better option between earmuffs and earplugs?

– Earmuffs provide over the head protection while earplugs are placed inside the ears to attenuate the sound levels. Both the options work great individually but the comfort level of both the protective gears varies greatly from person to person, some find it easy to wear in-ear plugs and others find it comfortable to wear earmuffs while shooting.

Q. Do earmuffs expire after a certain time?

-The foam inside the earmuffs do get torn after many uses but the good-quality ones are pretty durable and can easily be used for at least 6 months of regular usage. You should often clean them with mild soap and water regularly to increase their shelf life. 

Q. How much does a good pair of earmuffs cost?

-The price range of earmuffs varies greatly from brand to brand or because of the offered features. With some new innovations coming along the way, some earmuffs are getting costlier with each passing day. Generally, earmuffs can cost you from as low as 15 dollars and go as high as 1000 dollars.

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