12 Best Tactical Gloves 2020 – Ultimate Reviews & Buying Guide

Your hands are one of the most important parts of your body, they are your tools. That’s why they need adequate protection while doing your day to day outdoor activities. That’s where the tactical gloves come into the picture. They are a necessity for those in military combat activities, motorsports or any law enforcement departments. Police, constable, soldiers all need their hands secured and protected. Not just them, these days any modern man who likes to get into physical labour like motorsports, gardening etc. also need these gloves.

Tactical gloves come in a huge variety be it from leather gloves, extreme padding, half fingers and whatnot. They keep you protected in extreme weather conditions as well. Thanks to the continuous improvement the manufacturers are introducing these gloves are even technology savvy as being touch screen compatible.

This article enlists the top twelve tactical gloves in the market by giving my unfiltered opinion about them to help you find, choose and buy the most suitable one according to your needs and requirements. Our detailed buying guide will explain which alternative will be most suitable in different scenarios.


There are a great number of reasons to use a tactical glove. The list down below will help you understand the most common reasons for using tactical gloves:

  • Hand to hand fighting scenarios
  • Law enforcement activities
  • Shooter training
  • Motorsports
  • Scenarios where you may come close to sharp objects
  • Extreme weather conditions
  • Carrying heavy and huge items
  • Heat protection
  • Wet conditions

This list is not exhaustive by any means. The use of tactical gloves varies from individual to individual and scenario to scenario.


When you are investing your money and time in finding and buying tactical gloves, you need to understand the type and importance of materials used in making these gloves.

Now, there are two schools of thought, one is a natural fibre and another in synthetic fibre. Either way, you need to select according to your usage and convenience. That being said, the best way would be to have a glove that has both and complement each other and fulfil the deficiencies of the other.

Make sure you check the pictures uploaded very carefully in zoomed format and also check out customer reviews if any while buying online. The more detailed research you do, more likely you are in buying the right glove for yourself.

Advantages of natural material:

  • They are better tactical value, i.e. the touch feel is better in these if the right material is used
  • Finish of the glove is of higher quality
  • Higher dexterity is possible with right builds
  • They wear out when the time is right and they would be more skin-friendly

Advantages of synthetic material

  • Economical to buy
  • Lightweight usually
  • Better protection
  • High-performance fabrics are used

I hope you understood the importance of these materials and will make an informed decision about buying the right pair of gloves for yourself.


Some gloves are heavy some are light. Heavy gloves don’t work very well with shooters as what they need the most is gloves with ample support and trigger finger dexterity.

But, if you are a police officer and you deal with criminals and drug dealers on a daily basis, what you would need the most will be puncture-resistant gloves that would provide protection with an extra layer of material or padding during law enforcement activities.

The perfect fit, dexterity and protection requirement of every user is going to be unique for every user and we suggest you select the glove according to your use case. So below is list for the best tactical gloves available in the market explained with the pros and cons of each alternative and concluding what’s the best in each alternative.

Best Tactical Gloves 2020 – Detailed Review!

Before you decide you visit a nearby store to start searching for the right options online, it is important to learn about the best tactical gloves in the market.

#1 – MAGPUL Industries patrol


best tactical gloves


Magpul Industries provide a number of gloves in different categories, one of them are Magpul core patrolling tactical gloves. These gloves are made particularly for patrolling purpose but can be used for many general activities. They provide great comfort and a snug fit to the palm and knuckle panels are made for flexibility. Made with a one-piece, premium quality leather material and nylon stretch material at the back. They are super tight fit in the beginning but they loosen up a little after usage and these are available in different sizes and colours according to your preference.

They are not good for tactical use so keep that in mind if you want gloves only for tactical purpose.

  • Touch screen compatibility
  • Snug fitting
  • One-piece, leather palm
  • Best for patrolling activities
  • Not very helpful in cold weather
  • Inefficient for shooting purpose


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: Magpul core patrolling gloves provide comfort and great fit for patrolling purpose in an efficient price with durability and flexibility for extended use. Perfect for general day to day activities related to patrolling and policing chores.

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#2- Mechanix Wear- M-Pact Covert Tactical Gloves


you can choose here your best tactical gloves


Another great alternative in tactical gloves is Mechanix gloves. They are in the market for a very long time now. They started off by making gloves for motorsport in 1991, now they are relied upon by many as one of the best tactical gloves available in the market. The brand itself stands as the synonym for quality.

Mechanix M-pact gloves provide great support and protection in general outdoor activities as well as for shooting purposes. The gloves are made with synthetic material with adequate padding in the knuckles area as well as palm area for great grip and dexterity. Gloves can be used in any weather be it cold, humid or hot. The wrist area of the gloves are provided with proper control over closure band and the fit can be tightened according to the person using it. The gloves aren’t that bulky so they provide good support to the shooters who use these gloves.

These gloves are not very much compatible with a touchscreen but serve their purpose of being one of the best tactical gloves. They come in different colours and sizes as per your preference in a value for money price. The manufacturer has used thermal plastic rubber (TPR) to protect the fingers and protect your fingers.

  • Ample support for all tactical activities like shooter training
  • Abrasion protection provided at the front and back of the hand
  • Durable due the fine quality synthetic material
  • Comfortable in all weather conditions
  • Lacks touchscreen compatibility
  • Lacks trigger finger removal design


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: Mechanix Wear is a well-reputed and established brand in tactical gloves providing high-quality gloves for many years. Mechanix wear M-pact gloves are durable, supportive and the best in class in tactical gloves. The gloves are great for shooter training, where an injury may result in many days of leave during an expensive training if you don’t use any tactical protection.

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#3 – Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent Gloves


Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent


Mechanix wear-speciality vent gloves are another durable, high-quality gloves in the market. These gloves are compatible with touchscreen so that you can easily use these while using your phone.

These gloves are provided with hook and loop around the cuff area for a perfect fit and support during shooting or other tactical activities. Suede material makes these gloves a very attractive option. They provide features like a ventilated palm, evaporated cooling etc.  These gloves are comfortable to wear in about any sort of weather conditions.

  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Great grip
  • Ventilated trigger finger
  • Higher on the price according to the longevity of these gloves


WHY ARE THEY SUGGESTED: Mechanix brand speaks for itself and these gloves are nothing less than perfect. They literally feel like a second skin due to the great ventilation, comfort and fit they provide. They are of high quality and last pretty long for any regular user. Flexibility and dexterity of these gloves are noteworthy.

These lightweight breathable Mechanix gloves are perfect for your shooter training and other tactical outdoor activities due to the protection they provide and extraordinary fit of them.

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#4 – Oakley Men’s Factory Pilot  Gloves


Oakley Mens Factory Pilot best tactical Gloves

Oakley Inc. is a well-known brand in many categories like sunglasses, footwear, goggles, gloves, accessories and whatnot. They excel in everything they bring to the table, and these gloves are no exception. Activities like shooting, climbing and combat etc are easier with these gloves.

A premium quality leather material with full-grain leather palm and protection provided at the knuckles comes handy at times of hitting. Mesh zones are also provided and rubber exhaust ports support the breathability and ventilation in these gloves. A sweat pad provided at the thumbs is really useful when you need to wipe off that sweat from all that labour or to clean your glasses with ease. The strap at the cuff area provides a snug fit to the palm. They feel comfortable in about any weather condition.

  • High quality leather material used
  • Sturdy durable stitching provided
  • Adequately ventilated and breathable
  • Carbon fire knuckles
  • Sweat pad at the thumb
  • Lacks touchscreen compatibility
  • Not enough knuckle padding
  • Lacks trigger finger removal capability
  • On the expensive side


WHY ARE THEY SUGGESTED: Oakley men’s factory pilot glove does perfectly what they claim and perform great in all tactical activities. They provide a snug fit, support and protection the palm and knuckles of the user. The flexibility and dexterity these gloves provide is exceptional.

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#5 – PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves


PIG Full Dexterity image


PIG full dexterity tactical gloves are another great alternative in tactical gloves. These gloves provide a snug fit which almost feels like a second skin with touch screen compatibility and excellent dexterity. Though these gloves serve the purpose of being the tactical gloves, they are not that much durable and won’t be very suitable in extreme weather conditions.

You can also use these as the inner glove as the fit and dexterity of these are outstanding.

  • Tremendous support and dexterity for shooting purposes
  • Excellent grip
  • Light weight and breathable
  • Not very durable
  • Expensive


WHY ARE THEY SUGGESTED: These gloves are best for those who don’t like bulky gloves or who have just started using gloves for shooting purpose because of the support, grip and dexterity these gloves provide. They are a pretty good solution for beginner shooters and they will definitely outperform and exceed your expectations.

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#6 – Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves


get you best tactical gloves now


Outdoor research are well known for making most suitable gloves and other tools for mountaineering  and other outdoor activities. These gloves are specially made for warm weather as the mesh material vents excess heat and keep the skin breathable

  • Touch screen compatibility
  • Ventilated and breathable
  • Absolutely perfect for hot weather
  • Extra protection would be great
  • Could be a bit more durable


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These gloves are just perfect for warm or extremely hot weather conditions to use for shooting, hunting or other outdoor activities. They would be very handy for daily use as they are breathable, provide great grip and dexterity along with touchscreen compatibility so that you can use your phone or other digital devices with ease and comfort.

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#7 – Mechanix Recon Black Gloves


one of the best tactical gloves you can ever find on online platform


Mechanix recon gloves are another masterpiece for law enforcement officers who need multipurpose hand protection in the field. Goatskin leather provides a premium feel and dexterity. The rubbery wrist closure provides a better fit and a loop strap provides easy removal of gloves.

These Mechanix wear recon gloves are touch screen friendly, hence making them a great option in this digital world. These gloves provide great support and grip for shooting and other physical activities, but they lack adequate protection.

  • Premium goatskin leather used
  • Perfect fit and grip for shooter training
  • Stretchable spandex provides comfort
  • Touch screen compatible
  • Less durable due to the goatskin leather
  • Expensive


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: Mechanix wear racon gloves are one of the best in the market in terms of control, support and dexterity they provide with being touch screen compatible. They look pretty classy on your hands as they made with goatskin leather. If you can afford to buy a Mechanix wear glove and like changing them often, these would be the best bet.

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#8 – Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves


want to fing your best tactical gloves


Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves are hands down the best half finger gloves available in the market for motorsports and other outdoor activities. Knuckle protection is provided and the spandex at the back of the hand gives comfort. The wrist is provided with nylon webbing and rubber strap for a better fit. PU protection provides an antiskid feature.

  • Adequate protection according to half finger gloves
  • Excellent fit
  • Breathable and ventilated
  • Bulkier compared to other gloves
  • Limited protection


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These half finger gloves are well built and will prove to be useful in many outdoor activities. Half fingers are perfect for people who might feel suffocated wearing gloves and can begin by using these for their tactical activities. Padding and anti-skid properties of these gloves make them suitable for heavy load work. These are perfect for motorsports, horse riding and mountain hiking.

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#9 – Hatch Friskmaster Glove W/Honeywell Spectral

image of your best tactical gloves

Hatch friskmaster Honeywell spectral gloves are very much suitable for law enforcement officers, or for motorsports or other outdoor activities. Honeywell spectral leather provides exceptional protection.

These gloves provide a great fit for extreme shooting activities. However, they lack any palm or knuckle padding.

  • Premium quality leather protects from sharp objects
  • Water-resistant
  • Lightweight
  • Could be more durable
  • Limited dexterity


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These gloves provide the best knife cut resistance and perform excellently in outdoor and tactical activities. Buying them would be an investment they will live up to their claims. You will be glad after buying them.

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#10 – Magpul Technical Glove


Magpul technical gloves may be the best tactical gloves


Magpul technical gloves are another great alternative for tactical activities. These are not very suitable for shooter training as they are not heavy enough to provide the required support, but they are great for motorsports or other outdoor activities.  Wrist rubber band and suede thumb protection are provided for a better fit.

  • High dexterity and abrasion protection
  • Lightweight and breathable
  • Touchscreen compatibility
  • Not suitable for shooters
  • Not great for chilly weather


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: Magpul tactical gloves are one of the most renowned tactical gloves. If you need high-quality gloves with great dexterity and fit and don’t need gloves for very heavy shooting practice, you should go for these.

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#11 – Mechanix Wear –  Breacher Gloves


this is the best tactical gloves you can ever find


Another great variant in Mechanix wear is tactical speciality breacher flames resistant gloves. Goatskin leather with thermoplastic rubber guards at fingers provides abrasion protection. The gloves are provided with removable trigger finger and wide fit closure at the wrist for a great fit.

One of the most unique feature of these gloves is that they are flame resistant and they are touch screen compatible as well.

  • Touch screen compatibility
  • High dexterity
  • Nylon web pull
  • Flame resistance
  • Expensive
  • Fit is extraordinarily tight


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These Mechanix gloves live up to their name of being very durable and perform extremely well in most scenarios. The feature like flame resistance, touch screen compatible, removable trigger finger makes them stand out in the market. If you can afford to buy these remarkable gloves, you should definitely go for these.

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#12 – Freetoo Work Gloves




FREETOO work gloves are best gloves for outdoor activities like camping, hiking, cycling and other sports. Synthetic material with 20% nylon-mesh makes these gloves a great alternative. These gloves come with solid knuckle protection, double lather protection in the palm, adjustable wrist closure and the PU layer makes them antiskid.

Now some of the best features of these gloves are excellent mobility, adequate protection, better grip and dexterity all at an amazing price. These come in all sizes and three colors black, army green and tan.

  • Perfect for outdoor sports and activities
  • Well-renowned brand with over 500 reviews
  • Caustic-dye is used, so wash them before using


WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: These are the perfect tactical gloves for outdoor sports, camping etc. The comfort, protection and the performance of these gloves make them worth buying.

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I believe that after reading this article you would understand that wearing gloves is not just about a fashion statement but protect your hands from severe conditions.

Heavy labour or other physical activity makes your hands vulnerable to get hurt. Gloves would protect you from extreme weather conditions be it cold or hot and give you enough breathability and ventilation for your skin to breathe. If you are a mountain climber, a police office, a motor sportsperson or a skilled shooter the usage of tactical gloves is a necessity.

As this article has shown every prospect of tactical gloves in detail of each alternative, you have a lot of options to choose from. After looking at the best possible alternatives for your tactical gloves, I hope you make an informed decision and buy the right fit for yourself after analyzing every prospect of your usage and convenience.

Frequently asked questions…

Q- What is the purpose of tactical gloves?

Policemen, military men and sportsperson use tactical gloves for an extra layer of protection. Synthetic fibre with extra padding is provided for abrasion support and they often enhance the dexterity of the user.

Q- What gloves do the military use?

Traditionally the military used leather gloves but as they could be uncomfortable due the sweating in hot humid areas, the use of tactical gloves from brands like Mechanix, Oakley, Magpul are more popular as they provide better protection and comfort in a variety of extreme weather conditions.

Q- Do tactical gloves improve gun accuracy?

Yes, tactical gloves help in improving gun accuracy. They also ensure faster and smoother trigger press what makes them a favourable option among policemen.

Q- Are tactical gloves touchscreen friendly?

It all depends on that particular set of gloves. Some come with touch screen compatibility and some not. Those that provide this feature are usually thinner along with the fingers so that the screen can sense the touch of your fingertips.

Q- How long do tactical gloves last?

Tactical gloves generally come with their own warranty ranging between three months to 2-3 years. But they last even longer than that according to the usage of these.

Tactical Gloves Reviews 2020
  • MAGPUL Industries patrol
  • Mechanix Wear- M-Pact Covert Gloves
  • Mechanix Wear – Specialty Vent Gloves
  • Oakley Men’s Factory Pilot Gloves
  • PIG Full Dexterity Tactical Gloves
  • Outdoor Research Halberd Gloves
  • Mechanix Recon Black Gloves
  • Fuyuanda Half Finger Outdoor Gloves
  • Hatch Friskmaster Glove W/Honeywell Spectral
  • Magpul Technical Gloves
  • Mechanix Wear – Breacher Gloves

Summary for the Best Tactical Gloves 2020

After reviewing 25 tactical gloves, our top experts came up with these tactical gloves as the best gloves for the year 2020 with providing the detailed review and buyer guide.


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