12 Best Tactical Tomahawk 2021 – Ultimate Reviews and Buying Guide

Tomahawks are a widely popular axe-like tool that has been in usage for over 400 years, initially by some indigenous and North Americans. Some might argue that tomahawks are no more used by anyone, but they are highly mistaken as tomahawks have undergone a humungous transformation in the recent past and offer a lot of features, comfort, durability and effectiveness.

If you’re looking for best tactical tomahawk for whatsoever reason, be it chopping wood for the fire, or forcing your way into a burning building to save someone’s life, tomahawks will prove to be exceptionally useful and effective in getting the job done.

Best Tactical Tomahawk 2021 – Detailed Reviews

Below, some of the best tactical tomahawks are reviewed and will help you find the most suitable one for yourself.

#1 – Walther Fixed Blade Tomahawk

Best Tactical Tomahawk buying guide

Walther Fixed Blade tomahawk is one of the best tomahawks in recent times. This is one of the best production from Walther. This tomahawk is quite lightweight and very convenient to pull. Its weight is almost 732 Grams. Walther Fixed Blade tomahawk is a functional yet stylish Tomahawk made with high-quality material. This tomahawk is made especially for tactical activities like hunting, camping, mountaineering, wood chopping etc.

The Viking style blade offers great versatility which you can use for self-defence as well and for hook and trap activities. This tomahawk is a unisex model. So this tomahawk can be used by both male and female very easily. The blade of this tomahawk is 4.25 Inches long. So, it will make a deep cut for sure. This tomahawk is one of the popular due to its long-term performing abilities and corrosion-resistant nature. The price of this tomahawk is quite reasonable, we think, considering the rest.


  • High-quality construction
  • Versatile and function design
  • Affordable price range
  • Sturdy and firm grip


  • Not the most durable Tomahawk available

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This Walther tomahawk is a great tomahawk for a variety of reasons as it can be used for so many jobs and it does them all perfectly. This tomahawk has a blade that is very convenient for making your job very effective. This is very easy to pick due to its lightweight. Moreover, the affordable price range makes it a favorable option among the masses. So, you can definitely take this tomahawk. We would love to recommend it.


#2 – Kershaw Siege Tomahawk Knife

Best Tomahawk for your use

Kershaw siege Tomahawk knife is another good tomahawk that is full of several life-saving characteristics. This tomahawk is very durable and long-lasting due to its robust construction. The Kershaw siege Tomahawk knife is a versatile tomahawk with an ultra-sharp blade of multiple size blades. This is very convenient to use as it has a fixed blade because there is no chance of accidents while using. The handle constitutes an attached nail puller; hence the tool can also be used as a pry bar. The handle does not have a foldable blade; hence it must be stored in a dedicated blade cover and protective case.

Additionally, it has a durable and high-quality performances which makes it a value for money deal. This tomahawk has a black-oxide coating on it that will protect it from being damaged. So, you can easily use this in any kind of weather conditions. The problem you may face is that you might need to sharpen the blade sometimes and this is really annoying when you are in a rush.


  • Multi-functional tomahawk
  • 3Cr13 steel handle with black-oxide coating
  • Strong and anti-slip grip
  • Value for money deal


  • Sometimes requires extra sharpening

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: If you’re someone who does a great variety of jobs like cutting a log, executing a search warrant or something else, this tomahawk will do its job with perfection. Kershaw is well-known for making high-quality knives and blades from a very long time. This is very much reliable and trustable for spending your money as it will serve you with the ultimate performance. This tomahawk won’t charge much and you won’t mind to pay it. Overall, this element proof tomahawk is really a good one.


#3 – CRKT Freyr Axe

Buy Tactical Tomahawks for your regular use

CRKT manufactures a wide range of high-quality tools and weapons and this fryer Axe tool is a high-quality tomahawk axe. The material of the handle of this CRKT Axe is Tennessee Hickory and the blade is made of 1055 carbon steel with a magnesium phosphate coating. This combination is one of the best for making your tomahawk durable and strong.

This tomahawk offers a wide range of desirable features like durability, versatility, affordability, light-weight and much more. This tomahawk is very suitable for any kind of outdoor activities as you can carry and use it very easily. The blade of this tomahawk is extremely sharp and can chop things very easily. This tomahawk is available at only $67.00. This is undoubtedly a reasonable one that can easily afford. Overall, this is a good one from the hundreds in the market.


  • Designer wooden finish handle
  • Affordable price range
  • Lightweight yet durable
  • Suitable for light tactical activities


  • Not suitable for heavy-duty work

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This CRKT tomahawk is a perfect alternative for self-defence and lightweight tactical activities at a budget-friendly price. It is easy to use tomahawk with a strong and sturdy handle and grip. This is very effective for making your works very easy and comfortable. Moreover, its corrosion-resistant nature makes this tomahawk extremely durable that is very important. We like this tomahawk compared to others.


 #4 – Gerber Downrange Tomahawk

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Gerber Downrange Tomahawk is one of the best tomahawks you may find in the market. This 3-in-1 tool with axe, hammer and pry-bar is a high-quality 420 HC steel body tomahawk with G-10 composite scales on the handle for an anti-slip grip. This tomahawk can be attached to any pack, webbing and body armour as it has a MOLLE compatible sheath. This is a very effective tomahawk with high durability and versatility as it can be used for a wide range of activities and tasks.

This tomahawk is quite lightweight. You can easily carry and use it. Its weight is around 0.86 Kilograms. The blade of this tomahawk is very sharp that it will make your job at the first try. So, you can rely on it freely. This tomahawk is quite pricey. But, this quality and advanced quality tomahawk actually deserve this amount. So, you won’t mind paying for it.


  • Exceptionally versatile tool
  • Value for money deal
  • Contemporary design
  • MOLLE compatible sheath


  • Might be pricey for some users

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This 3-in-1 tomahawk comes with axe, hammer and pry-bar which set it apart from the other available options in the market. The MOLLE compatible sheath is surely an added and desirable advantage and thus makes it a very popular alternative among the users. With its all the life-saving functions, this tomahawk makes a crucial place in the market that is hard to replace. So, people easily spend on this tomahawk. This is one of our favorite tomahawks that can perform incredibly.


#5 – SOG Tactical Tomahawks

buy tactical tomahawk for you regula use

SOG is one of the best manufacturers of outdoor tools and weapons and this SOG tactical tomahawk is not an exception. The high number of reviews (More than 2000) surely tells a lot about its popularity in the market. The list of features this tomahawk offers is pretty long as it has a 420-stainless steel blade with glass-reinforced nylon handle which provides a sturdy and anti-slip grip. The lifetime warranty guarantees the durability and high-performance of this tomahawk.

This is one kind of Survival Tactical Axe that can be used in any kind of task whether it is tough or easy. This is a heavy-duty tomahawk with black stylish look. You can also consider it as one of the major first-aid kits. But, people use this tomahawk for chopping small things freely. This 15.75 inches long tomahawk is very convenient for holding and moving comfortably. So, comparing the price tag, this one is pretty good to choose.


  • Extremely popular tomahawk
  • Affordable and versatile
  • Lifetime warranty
  • 420 stainless steel blade
  • Long enough for a great self-defense option


  • Way too simple design

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This easy to use tomahawk is a durable yet affordable tomahawk which is a rare combination to find. You should definitely try this tomahawk if you want a versatile tool that can help you with tactical activities and self-defence as well. This tactical tomahawk is one of those tomahawks that is going to perform long-term and with great perfection. Overall, this tomahawk can be in your list with several necessary tasks that you should know.


#6 – M48 Tactical Tomahawk

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This M48 tactical tomahawk can be a very powerful defence tool as it can take down someone very easily. The design of this tomahawk is functional yet durable as it has a 3 7/8” stainless steel blade, 8” axe with a nylon reinforced handle for a strong and sturdy grip. The handle of this tomahawk is made with Fiberglass that is quite durable. It includes a Nylon sheath which is durable but not a very stylish and functional one.

The craftsmanship of this tomahawk is exceptional and very much desired by many users. The length of this tomahawk is 3.88 Inches. This is pretty good for chopping the wooden piece and others with a deep cut. So, the result is amazing, indeed. The price tag is quite close to hand. So, people like you can easily buy this tomahawk.


  • A very powerful defence tool
  • Sharp and effective blade
  • Well balanced
  • Lightweight


  • Not a long-lasting tool
  • Not to be used on a daily basis

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This M48 tactical tomahawk is a great tool for tactical activities but don’t expect much from the nylon sheath as it does not provide much help. It is lightweight and easy to use tomahawk at a budget-friendly price. Its effectiveness with extreme sharp blade gives no option of complaining. This tomahawk is perfect for any kind of indoor and outdoor activities due to its versatility. Overall, this is a good-quality tomahawk, indeed.


#7 – Smith & Wesson Full Tang Tomahawk

Full Tang best tactical Tomahawk

This Smith and Wesson Tomahawk is a pretty hefty alternative as it weighs 2 pounds 11 ounces. The blades of this tomahawk are made from 1070 Carbon steel which is durable and reliable. The easy to use polyester sheath is quick to access and very functional in design. Versatility is the forte of this tomahawk as you can use it for many tactical activities like hiking, self-defence, or wood chopping.

The handle is cushioned and designed in such a way that you won’t feel any discomfort while using it apart from lifting some heavyweight. But if you’re someone who works out regularly, you won’t find any problem using it. The manufacturer offers a limited lifetime warranty which tells a lot about its reliability. This tomahawk is pretty convenient to buy compared its price to others. You will hardly find a tomahawk that is such strong for any kind of outdoor activities.


  • Durable 1070 Carbon Steel
  • Versatile tool
  • Very effective performance
  • Suitable for heavy-duty activities
  • Affordable


  • Bulkier than other alternatives
  • Not the easiest to use

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This Smith and Wesson tomahawk is one of the most effective yet affordable tomahawks out there. If you are someone, who exercises on a daily basis you will love using this tomahawk. Its versatile act and effectiveness will make you convinced to use it more. Among the recently available tomahawks, this particular model is capable of making your job done without any kind of disturbances. So, we liked it very much.


#8 – CRKT Kangee Tomahawk with Sheath

top tactical tomahawk

Another alternative from CRKT is this kangee tomahawk with an ergonomic design equipped with SK5 carbon steel with Spike and glass-reinforced handle with anti-slip textured grip. Coming to its dimensions, it has a wide 2.93” blade with a 13.75” long tool that just weights about 1.5 pounds only. This lightweight tomahawk is p[erfect for any kind of tasks. Boltaron / MOLLE Compatible Sheath to protect the blades from getting stuck anywhere and it also makes it easy to carry the tomahawk along.

This tomahawk is very convenient for using with versatility as it is element-resistant. You can freely use this in any condition and in any weather. Moreover, you will get a lifetime warranty. So, you don’t need to think of spending an extra penny for this. This tomahawk is quite expensive. But, this actually deserves this price due to its quality.


  • Lightweight and functional
  • Sharp enough blade
  • Sturdy and anti-slip handle
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Slightly expensive

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This CRKT kangee tomahawk is a slightly expensive tomahawk. You have to spend around $96.11 for this. This is lightweight, efficient and durable enough so that you can use this for a long time with the same efficiency. It has a very contemporary and ergonomic design which makes it easy to use. Moreover, its high performance makes sure that you will get the best. So, don’t hesitate to buy this one.


#9 – Tops HAMH-01 Hammer Hawk

best Axe Reviews 2020

Tops HAMH-01 Hammer hawk is a beautifully designed tomahawk equipped with 1075 steel with a handle in the wooden finish. It offers anti-slip grip and a pretty looking tool on your wall whenever you are not using it for your tactical activities. This tomahawk will help you with all sorts of camp duties, wood chopping, and other activities. It has the right balance and weight to make your life a lot easier.

This tomahawk is very stylish to look. You will find multi-colour of this tomahawk that is very good because you will get the chance of choosing your ones from several numbers. This is another expensive tomahawk that is fully determined to pay its value.


  • Stylish yet functional design
  • Comes with a leather blade cover
  • Most suitable for camp duties
  • Sharp and effective blade


  • Expensive alternative

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: If you’re looking for a premium-looking tomahawk that comes with a sharp blade and a hammer. The exceptional features of this tomahawk come at a premium price tag which might make it a less popular option among users. But, people can’t complain about its performance as this is a professional quality tomahawk. You can use this with great versatility and so in an effective way.


#10 – CRKT Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe

steel wood tomahawk

Another alternative from CRKT is this Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe.  Woods Chogan Tomahawk Axe is a functional yet affordable tomahawk with easy to use design. This tomahawk is an old-school survival tool at its best. The anti-slip Tennessee hickory wood offers a sturdy and strong grip that will help to use the tomahawk more securely and productively.

Coming in its dimensions, it is 19 inches long and weighs about 2 pounds which is light enough to carry and swing around. The blade is made from 1055 carbon Steel. So, it’s normal that this will be super-sharp. You don’t need to sharpen it frequently as well. This tomahawk has a lifetime warranty that add extra value with it. This tomahawk is quite cheap. It will require only $51.71 to buy. Besides, you will get a blade cover with it as well.


  • Affordable alternative
  • Snug leather sheath (on demand)
  • High durability, versatility and reliability
  • High-quality construction
  • Limited lifetime warranty


  • Slightly bulkier

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This CRKT tomahawk is one of the best tomahawks for heavy-duty tactical activities, all thanks to the well-made sharp blade and hammerhead in an affordable price range. If you’re starting to use a tomahawk for your outdoor activities, this will be your best bet. This tomahawk is good at chopping things in a perfect way without any complexities. Overall, this tomahawk has a great power of making your day and we would definitely recommend this one.


 #11 – SOG Tomahawk Pack of 3

Top Best Tactical Tomahawks 2020 reviews

Another great alternative from SOG is this tomahawk pack of 3. This construction of stainless steel blades in a hawk, axe, and a hatchet makes this tomahawk is reasonably price. 1.75” blades with a 10.75” full-tang construction. The handle of this tomahawk is covered with para cord to provide a sturdy and anti-slip grip. A durable nylon sheath with belt loop is provided in the package which makes it easy to carry along on camping trips and protects blades very effectively.

This tomahawk is very impressive as it comes with a warranty. It will also provide the best output, we guess. It will offer you a replacement warranty, actually. So, You can take this one freely without considering the price range.


  • Expertly balanced
  • Exceptional performance and durability
  • A bestseller in camping tools
  • Budget-friendly price


  • Paracord layer is not very durable

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: This pack of 3 SOG tactical tomahawk, axe and hatchet set is a value for money deal as you get 3 tools in the price of one. The blade is sharp enough and the handle provides a sturdy and strong grip. This tomahawk is the suitable one that is the perfect one for outdoor adventures. Its sharp blade will make your operation successful. Moreover, you don’t need to spend a big amount for this. Overall, this is pretty good.


#12 – SOG Camp Axe

SOG Camp Axe reviews

The third alternative from SOG in the list of best tactical tomahawks tells a lot about the trustworthiness of the brand. The tool comes with a stainless steel blade, hammer, and a wooden hatchet. Coming to the dimension, the blades are 3.1” wide and the total length of the tomahawk is about 11.5” and weight only a bit more than a pound. Hence, it is lightweight yet heavy-duty in terms of performance and efficiency.

This tomahawk is very convenient for using in splitting, pounding tent stakes, and tinder breakdown. You can also use this tomahawk as hammer axe. This is very handy and portable. So, you can carry it very easily. The blade of this tomahawk is protected with glass-reinforced nylon that keeps the blade sharpening. This is quite reasonable. It requires only $54.95 to buy. So, anybody can afford it very easily.


  • Pocket-friendly price
  • Lightweight yet efficient
  • Glass-reinforced handle
  • Durable Nylon sheath


  • Nothing worth mentioning

WHY IT IS SUGGESTED: SOG camping axe is a trustworthy tool from a reputed manufacturer and you won’t be disappointed with its performance and efficiency. It is durable, versatile and light on the pocket. Due to the great portability, it can be your all-time using tool that can be carried always with you. The blade is super-sharp and quite effective for using for a long-term. So, you would love this for sure and we also recommend it.


Buying Guide

#Types of tomahawks Available in the Market

Broadly there are 3 major categories of tomahawks available in the market. All three types are suitable for a different set of activities and individuals.

  • Breaching tomahawk

These tomahawks are full-tang tomahawk which is generally used by law enforcement officers for executing a search warrant by breaking some doors and windows if need be. They generally have a pry bar feature on the far end of the handle and can be heavier than the tactical tomahawk.

  • Tactical tomahawk

Tactical tomahawks are typically used for self-defence and combat activities but people rarely use it on one another. They are also a great alternative for other activities like shelter building and other tactical and outdoor activities. Some users use this type of tomahawk for camping duties like woodcutting, hunting or hiking.

  • Throwing tomahawk

These tomahawks are most suitable for competitions. The best part about these tomahawks is that they are well-balanced for a perfect spin and are lightweight enough and are not very suitable for heavy-duty tasks. Tall throwers should opt for a longer tomahawk while throwers with shorter height should opt for a comparatively shorter tomahawk.

#Things to Consider Before Buying a Tactical Tomahawk

Before buying the most suitable tactical tomahawk, it is better to understand different aspects related to it and know what to look for in one. The following list will help you to understand different criteria and make an informed decision so that you don’t regret later on.

  • Usage

The foremost thing to consider before investing in a tomahawk is assessing the type of activities you intend to do with the tomahawk. Decide whether you want a tomahawk for breaching activities, tactical activities or for competition sports. The usage of the tomahawk consists of frequency and the type of activities to be performed. Some users also use breaching tomahawks for tactical activities and vice versa.

  • The sharpness of the Blade

A general belief is that the longer the edge of the blade is the heavier and bigger will be the axe head. You get a much sharper blade in tactical and breaching tomahawks than you get in a throwing tomahawk. If you want to ensure a maximum penetrability of your axe, make sure it has a narrower blade with a wide and large axe head.

  • The grip of the Handle

Having a firm grip is as important as getting a sharp blade. Different tomahawks offer a different type of coating and textures to offer a sturdy and strong grip. Some tomahawks offer paracord coating, some offer glass-reinforced nylon handle and some offer a wooden finish. So you should choose a tactical tomahawk with a sturdy and strong grip of the handle. 

  • Weight

A common notion is that heavier the tomahawk is, the better will be the penetrability of the blade into the target. But, many users often forget about other aspects regarding the weight of the tomahawk. Besides the effectiveness of a tomahawk, you should also consider the fact that you might to carry your tomahawk on your camping or hunting trips.

  • Head shape

The type of jobs you intend to perform affects the type of axe head you require. Some users need a blade on both the sides of the axe head that use heavy-duty chopping and some precision cutting as well. While some other users use an axe head that has a sharp edge on one side and a blunt one on the other side which can be used as a hammer. The latter option is much more popular than the former among the majority of users.

  • Budget

The budget consideration is the most generic thing to consider whether you buy a tactical tool or an accessory. A general rule of thumb is the more you can spend on your tactical tool, the better will be the quality and performance of the tool. But there are always some affordable options available in the market that offer a great set of features.


Tomahawks are the new-age tactical tools that offer exceptional axe like features and also offer the benefit of self-defence. There are loads of reputed manufacturers that offer a high-quality tactical tomahawk, but the fact that most of the options mentioned above are from SOG and CRKT conveys that they are the most favourable ones in the market.

But ultimately, the most suitable tactical tomahawk will depend on your needs and requirements along with your budget constraints. I have tried to cover most of the relevant aspects of a tactical tomahawk which will help you to find the most suitable one from the available options in the market. Just make sure you always check some user reviews before investing in a tactical gear online.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q1. What is the difference between an axe and a tomahawk?

An axe is a small tool that is used for chopping woods and felling the trees, while a tomahawk is a specialized tool that can be used as an axe and a self-defence weapon as well. Some tomahawks also offer the feature of hammer along with a sharp blade.

Q2. What tomahawk does the military use?

Military level tomahawks are somewhat different than civilian’s tomahawks. Vietnam tactical tomahawk is the most common tomahawk used by military professionals. This tomahawk uses LaGana’s axe head and a synthetic handle.

Q3. How often should I clean my tactical tomahawk?

A tactical tomahawk should be cleaned at least once a week if you use it on a daily basis which may differ as per your usage. There is a 3 step process in maintaining the durability of a tomahawk; clean sharpen and maintain.

Q4. How long is a tomahawk handle?

Different tomahawks offer different lengths of the handle. Generally, tomahawks are 14 to 21 inches long and the length of the tomahawk affects the weight and portability of a tactical tomahawk. The length of the tomahawk also differs for different types of tomahawks.

Q5. How much does a tactical tomahawk cost?

Tactical tomahawks can cost from as low as $40 USD to more than a $100 USD depending on the features it offers and the brand value of the manufacturer. Some manufacturers also offer a lifetime warranty of the tomahawks which makes them a value for money deal.

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