Top 10 Best Tactical Vests 2021 – Rated and Reviewed

Tactical vests are one of the most common tactical gears used by a wide variety of users like shooters, hunters, military personnel and much more. They are a great alternative to store loads of stuff like small weapons, phones, shooting glasses, cleaning tools and much more. Best Tactical vests provide great utility as they also keep you protected and warm apart from providing storage space. Tactical vests come in a great variety of sizes, price points, quality and provide different orientations and numbers of pockets and pouches.

As there are so many manufacturers offering tactical vests, it can be a tiring job to choose the most suitable tactical vest. The following list of best tactical vests will save your time and energy in finding one from the market. If you’re interested in understanding the different aspects of a tactical vest and know what to look for in a tactical vest, check out our buying guide mentioned after the following list.

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If you are serious about buying the best tactical vest, pick the right choice from our list of top 10 best tactical vests below.

#1 – UTG 547 Law Enforcement Vest

Best Tactical Vest Images This tactical vest is specially made for law enforcement officers as it contains 4 adjustable rifle magazine pouches, 2 internal map pouches and heavy-duty back loop system which makes it easy to carry heavy gears and firearms. The layout of this tactical vest is part customizable and part fixed which allows you to have the benefit of both where the fixed part contains 3 double magazine pouches.

Talking about the pockets and pouches, apart from 3 double mag pouches you get a cross draw holster on the left side of the vest above which there are 3 pistol pouches. Moreover, a belt is attached that acts as a heavy-duty handgun belt which contains 2 detachable horizontal pistol magazine pouches.


  • Durable and heavy-duty tactical vest
  • Enough storage space available
  • Comfortable to wear in different weather conditions
    Value of money


  • Not much customization available

Our Verdict:

This value for money UTG tactical vest is an excellent alternative for entry-level professionals. It has heavy-duty back panel webbing for attaching additional gear. It provides enough space, comfort and is lightweight to wear. The only drawback is that you don’t get to customize it much but still it is great for the price you’re paying.


#2- YAKEDA Tactical Vest

Best combat training Tactical Vest

YAKEDA tactical vest is the best-selling vest on amazon having a wide variety of features and benefits. The high-quality construction of 600D polyester material with a customizable design where you can add or remove pouches however you wish. For most medium-framed pistols, the left side has a pistol holster, 3 pistol mag pouches that can be adjusted to the height of the most normal-sized mag. 3 ammo pouches, a large shell carrying pouch, and a shooting pad are on the right side.

There is a hydration compartment, mag pouches, handgun or revolver pouches internal zipper pouches along with detachable pouches and draw holster and detachable heavy-duty belt on the front panel. The rear of the vest has a double-ply mesh that allows a hydration bladder to be attached. For attaching camouflage material or other pouches, a carrying handle is provided as well as strips across the back.


  • Many color options available
  • Adjustable size ( From S to XXXXL)
  • Suitable for a wide variety of tactical activities
  • Customizable layout


  • Not suitable for left-handed

Our Verdict:

The comfortable and high-quality material of this tactical vest is suitable for tactical activities like mountaineering, hunting, hiking, and law enforcement activities. It has an adjustable waist shoulder, it can be adjusted for width and Length via webbings according to your needs. If you are looking for a high-quality, durable tactical vest then this is the right choice for you.


#3 – GZ XINXING Tactical Vest

Best Quality Tactical VestsThis vest is a highly versatile tactical vest that offers a customizable layout with removable pouches and magazines. Coming to the front panel of the vest, it contains 3 rifle mag/flashlight pouches, 1 phone pouch, 3 removable pouches, 1 cross-draw pistol holster, heavy-duty adjustable belt with 2 mag pouches. Moreover, at the backside of this vest, it contains one hydration bag, 2 internal zipper document pouches, and many more storage pouches.

This vest is lightweight and breathable and it features Drain Holes, Hook-and-loop Closure and Elastic to Hold Mags Tight. This vest is made of high-quality materials. It is durable and strong enough, so you can use it for a long time. It is also suitable for outdoor travel, mountaineering, fashion, business, outdoor activity.


  • Highly affordable
  • 30-day 100% refund assurance
  • Durable and lightweight vest
  • Pistol Holster for majority of medium-sized pistols


  • Won’t fit people with more than 6ft height

Our Verdict:

This GZ XINXING tactical vest is the best affordable option out there in the market. It offers all the essential and high-end features including customizable pouches, plenty of storage space and a high level of comfort and durability and the tactical belt is included in the package. It could be changed to fit the size of the shoulder and waist. Easy to use and carry, it is equipped with a high-quality zipper.


#4 – Barbarians Tactical Vest

buy your best tactical vest for outdoor activities

Barbarians tactical vest is another budget-friendly alternative available in the market. The front panel of the vest features 3 magazine pouches for rifles, 3 small pouches, one phone pouch, one flashlight pouch, shooting ear protection buds pouch and many more pockets. The rear MOLLE panel of this vest is made with modular webbing for adding additional equipment and pouches. It also has 2 D-rings which help you hold carabineers or other equipment.

It has Antiskid inside the panel to help you repair the rifle and even the panel on the right shoulder is wide. This Vest is made of durable, comfortable high-density 600D Polyester, big sturdy zippers and mesh. This tactical vest is tough and perfect for CS games, airsoft, paintball, battles and battles.


  • Fixed cum customizable layout
  • 600D polyester construction
  • Lightweight
  • Highly versatile
  • Affordable price point


  • Not the best quality pouches

Our Verdict:

If you are looking for an affordable yet spacious tactical vest that is versatile in nature then this would be a great option. Although the quality of the pouches isn’t top-notch, it is still great for the price you’re paying. Tactical Vest is durable for military activity. The vest is suitable for shooting game, airsoft, paintball, combat and battles. Wear the vest, and enjoy your victory!


#5 – BA8029 Amran Tactical Semi Modular Vest

Semi Modular Best Tactical Vest

BA8029 tactical vest by Marom dolphin offers a great deal of storage space. As you can see from the picture, it’s more of a tactical vest backpack. It’s surprisingly light at just 3.2lbs when empty and it looks heavy in the pictures. Talking about the front panel, it contains 2 fixed mag pouches, one small medical pouch, a hand grenade pouch, and a flashbang pouch.

Moreover, the back panel features a drag strap along with webbings on each side of the panel to attach anything extra you may need. The storage capacity is huge with a removable backpack on the rear side. To conclude, this tactical vest is comfortable and lightweight to wear along with high-durability and good quality construction.


  • Lots of storage space
  • Highly Durable
  • Lightweight and comfortable
  • Flatback design ensures ease of carrying heavy tools


  • Not many user reviews
  • Slightly expensive

Our Verdict:

Originally made for use in the military as an Armor carrier, this tactical vest is made from extremely high-quality nylon with a water-resistant coating. It’s breathable, durable, and waterproof. You’ll be covered in any weather or environment in this vest. It is an excellent tactical vest providing as many pouches as you might require during your shooting or hunting trips. It’s pretty expensive. But if you spend a lot of time in a tac vest, it’s worth the investment.


#6 – REEHUT Breathable Tactical Vest

REEHUT Breathable Best Tactical Vests REEHUT breathable tactical vest is another budget-friendly alternative available in the market. Although the design of this vest doesn’t seem very authentic, it does offer features like plentiful pockets and pouches along with a breathable compartment to keep you cool and comfortable 600D oxford fabric construction which is exceptionally durable and stands up well against any wear and tear.

The storage options of this vest on the front are excellent with enough space for a lot of magazines, gadgets, flashlight, gun holster, shell pouches, compass, and more. Overall, This REEHUT excellent tactical vest that’s great value and comes with a 2-year of warranty.


  • 600D Oxford fabric construction
  • Extremely lightweight
  • Breathable and comfortable to wear
  • Budget-friendly option


  • Not very authentic design

Our Verdict: 

This is a great alternative available if you are looking for a high-quality construction with a practical design that is affordable, versatile and comfortable to wear. Although the design of the vest isn’t very authentic, it does serve the purpose satisfactorily. It is a pretty versatile alternative as you can use it for a wide variety of tactical activities like hunting, mountaineering, combat training, hiking, camping and many more such activities.


#7 – GFIRE Tactical Vest

Best Body Vest Reviews GFIRE tactical vest is a breathable and lightweight tactical vest that offers a simplistic design. It includes an adjustable shoulder strap, heavy-duty, hook and loop webbing to attach anything extra you may need. The front panel of the vest comprises of a map pocket with a snap, hook and loop closure along with an adjustable belt.

This tactical vest is available in an adjustable size that can be modified from medium size to an extra-large size as per your requirement. It is made of 1000D polyester, lighter and more sturdy, no less than famous American brands. It features a high quality padded lining for extra comfort of this vest allows the anti-slip shoulder strap.


  • Simplistic design
  • Value for the money price range
  • 2-years warranty
  • Suitable for many light-duty tactical activities


  • Not many storage compartments
  • Not suitable for heavy-duty tasks

Our Verdict:

If you’re not into heavy-duty tactical activities like law enforcement or military, then this tactical vest is very much likely to meet your needs. It is very comfortable to wear with a lightweight and breathable material construction to keep you cool. It has an adjustable waist strap and a 2-year warranty on materials and workmanship.


#8 – BARSKA Tactical Vest

BARSKA Vest reviews and buying guide

BARSKA tactical vest is a high-quality tactical vest that comprises plentiful pockets including four magazine pouches, two internal pockets that can act as hydration packs and an adjustable belt for a comfortable fit. The back panel of the vest contains mesh webbing for adding additional equipment and pouches.

Although the vest offers all the essential features and high-end features, it is not very suitable for large build people as the size usually runs small than mentioned. This vest has inner pockets to keep your important documents safe and it adjusts down to fit nice and snug.


  • Plentiful of pockets and storage
  • Breathable and comfortable
  • Adjustable belt
  • Value for money deal


  • It runs small

Our Verdict:

If you’re someone with a small build, then this BARSKA tactical vest is a great alternative for a tactical vest. You can use this tactical vest in a wide variety of situations like hunting, camping, hiking and many more tactical activities. It’s a lightweight, versatile tactical military vest which will cost you a little more but the high-quality materials make it worth.


#9 – Condor Recon Chest Rig

best tactical rigs available

Condor Recon Chest Rig is an extremely affordable tactical vest that offers high-quality construction along with a breathable and comfortable fit. This modular design tactical vest offers two mesh pockets for maps and padded H-harness for better utility.

You can also add additional pockets and pouches because it has lots of MOLLE webbing. Although the vest is great in quality and design and ht padded shoulder strap can be adjusted to fit any height and almost any girth and the swivel push release buckles are good for a nice firm to hold every time.


  • Highly affordable
  • Heavyweight webbing
  • Padded H-harness
  • Swivel push release buckles


  • Not much storage available

Our Verdict:

If you are someone who doesn’t like bulky tactical vests with so many pockets and pouches, these pouches can be repurposed to hold your survival knife, tactical flashlights, multi-tool, whatever else you need to bring along. The budget-friendly price along with high-quality construction is what makes it a favourable option.  


#10 – vAv YAKEDA Tactical Vest for Men

vAv Best body vest for men YAKEDA is a household name in the shooting industry as it manufactures a wide range of shooting tools and accessories. Coming to the number of storage pockets and pouches, it contains 4 removable magazine pouches which can carry up to 9 magazines along with a dump pouch, tactical double mag pouch, and Molle pouch. This vest also has a panel consisting of load-bearing equipment with four vertical and 16 horizontal rows that will allow you to attach your other pouches very easily if you want.

This tactical vest offers storage in the front panel only which offers a much breathable space at the back. This vest has a 3D mesh spacer. This is a layer of three separate fabric knits that will make the breathability easy so that the user can feel more comfortable with it. The upper section of the vest can be folded so that the users can use the pockets in their vest chest area.


  • Best in class construction from 1000D nylon
  • Adjustable waist and height
  • Sufficient storage space
  • Budget-friendly


  • Isn’t suitable for large build professionals

Our Verdict:

This YAKEDA tactical vest is another spacious tactical vest available in the market. It is a highly versatile, comfortable tactical vest at a budget-friendly price. The user can attach a large admin pouch very easily where you can store all your tactical stuff and the first-aid kits, as well. Moreover, it is highly versatile and you can use it during a variety of weather conditions.


Buying Guide

As tactical vests come in different sizes, shapes, and price points, it can be a daunting task to choose the most suitable one for yourself. The following buying guide will help you to understand different aspects of a tactical vest and choose one with ease.

#What’s the Purpose of a Tactical vest?

When we are talking about a tactical vest and its purposes, this is difficult to describe it in a few words. A tactical vest is a versatile and multi-purpose tool that can be used in different ways. From the military to civilians, a tactical vest has a great impact on regular activities. A tactical vest is generally used by military force. The military used this vest to keep the chest safe from any kinds of threats. They normally wear bullet-proof vests to keep themselves safe from any kind of unexpected threats.

The vest has several pockets so that the user can keep their necessary items here very conveniently. You can wear it on your everyday outfits so that you will get the extra protection as well. Along with a convenient place for your tactical tools, this is very important to get the access quickly on your weapons and other tools. A tactical vest is the possible best option that will provide you with great accessibility so that you can take action within a second. A heavy-duty tactical vest can enhance the possibilities of being successful in any kind of adventure. So, don’t forget to keep one of good quality with you.

#Types of tactical vests.

Before choosing the best tactical vest from the available ones in the market, I suggest you know the two major types of tactical vests available in the market.

  • Fixed layout

Fixed layout tactical vests are vests with structured pockets and shape. They are designed for a particular rifleman with specific fitting and size. There are many advantages of using fixed layout vest like they prove to be a better fit, a value for money deal and spacious pouches and pockets.

  • Customizable layout

Customizable layout tactical vests are the much more favourable option for users as it gives the ultimate control to them. They can choose the number and orientations of pockets however they want. This is a great option for left-handed shooters because fixed-layout vests are generally made for right-handed shooters.

#Things to look for in a tactical vest.

  • Comfort

Comfort is the foremost thing to look for in any tactical apparel as you may need to wear it for longer durations. It should be pretty easy to put on and take off whenever required. Additionally, the comfort of a tactical vest depends on its suitability in multiple weather conditions so that it keeps you somewhat warm in winter and airy in summers. Although it is unrealistic to expect a tactical vest to perform exceptionally in each weather condition you can check whether it will work properly as per your needs or not. Also, make sure that your tactical vest has a snug-fitting.

  • Looks

Although you are not going to walk on the ramp wearing a tactical vest, you do need your vest to look stylish and appropriate. The SWAT team members would want a basic black vest with adequate features; a professional hunter might look for a vest in a tan or a camo color option. Whereas a military professional might need a vest as per their respective mission.

  • Weight

A tactical vest needs to make your feel comfortable, which requires it to be lightweight and the weight should be distributed as such that you get all the comfort and freedom to move around and perform your task effectively. A very heavy tactical vest might bog you down and make you feel really uncomfortable to move at all.

  • Pockets and pouches

This feature of a tactical vest might be the most function factor. Only you know about the accurate pockets and pouches requirements you have. It depends on where you wear your vest, what task you perform and what tools and firearms you need to carry with you.

  • Weapon choice

The type of weapons you want to carry on your shooting trip determines the space you’ll require. A shotgun is generally kept in bandoleers and AR 15 is stored in magazines. Some of the powerful air rifles are bigger than others and require more significant magazines than the others. If you think about getting a big-sized magazine even for a small size air rifle, it is most likely to bounce around in it causing potential damage.

  • Size

The overall size of a tactical vest matters a lot while choosing one for oneself. A big-sized tactical vest might get caught in vehicles, doorways or anywhere else. Whereas a smaller tactical vest might suffocate you and make your shooting or hunting trips a nightmare especially in a humid weather condition.

  • Brand value

The brand value of any tactical tool or accessory affects the buying decision of a user. A manufacturer that has a large customer base and a reputed brand value is more likely to be trustworthy among users. The quality of a product from a reputed brand is more likely to be better than the other available alternatives.

  • Budget

The amount you want to spend on your tactical vest is an important consideration. A general notion is that a highly-priced tactical vest is more likely to be of better quality than an inexpensive tactical vest. But there are always exceptions in the market; brands that make high-quality products at budget-friendly prices and those are the most favoured option among the majority of users.

#How to Properly put on a Tactical Vest?

A tactical vest is not like the regular one that you wear with your casual dresses. This vest is worn for some definite purposes and this is why the vest-wearing process has a great impact on them. The tactical vest is used to bear lots of stuff. So, wearing it in a tight, strong but comfortable way is very important. If you want to tie a tactical vest following the proper rules, you have to follow some steps. At first, you have to do is to manage a cummerbund. A cummerbund is a tool that is used to support the vest. You have to put the cummerbund on a flat surface.

The next thing you should do is to put on the vest. You have to be alert at this time. You have to wear the vest in such a way that the vest will keep in the possible upper portion of the body. To get a better adjustment, you can do one thing. You should wear it in such a way that the neck of the vest will remain close to your neckbones. Now, it’s time to put on the cummerbund. You have to position the cummerbund over the open pocket of the vest. Now, you can wrap the bottom flap. You can adjust the position of the pouches. While wearing a tactical vest, you should use buckles and other supporting staff that will ensure the desired durability and long term performance of the tactical vest.


Hopefully, the above buying guide and the list of best tactical vests available in the market will make your buying process and decision a piece of cake. You should choose a tactical vest as per your requirements regarding storage, fit, comfort, modularity, material, budget range and other such considerations. The type of tactical vest you require will depend on factors like the situation in which you need to wear one like hunting, shooting, law enforcement, etc., and the type of weather condition in which you’re going to use and the frequency of using it. Moreover, the majority of tactical vests are a slightly premium tactical gear to own, it does complete justice with the return you get on your investment on a tactical vest. Hence, I suggest you to invest in a good-quality tactical vest as soon as possible.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q- Can a tactical vest provide protection from a knife?

– A simple answer to thing question would be, NO. As the majority of tactical vests do not provide any protection from sharp objects like knife, or blades. They are supposedly made for storing various tools only.

Q- What goes in a tactical vest?

– There are many things you can carry in a tactical vest and some of them are the brightest tactical flashlight, phone, magazines, some keys, hydration pack and anything else you would like to carry with you. Just make sure you put things in their respective pouches to make efficient usage of space.

Q- Is a tactical vest bulletproof?

Some high-end tactical vest offers the feature of bulletproofing as they have a level IIIA protection along with hard armour plates for solid protection. Even though some tactical vests offer this feature, the majority of them don’t so you should look for this feature accordingly.

  1. How to put on a tactical vest properly?
  2. How much should I spend on a tactical vest?

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