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Can an air rifle kill a human?

Ar rifles are rifles that shoot a target by making a projectile. They are generally many uses of air rifle like to hunt animals, pest controls, recreational activities or competitions and none of them involves the killing of humans on any level. But the question arises that can an air rifle kill a human?

Can Air Rifles Kill?

An air rifle does not kill a human in a general setting where it is being used to hunt birds and small animals with general (.177, .20, .22) calibers of an air rifle. A pellet being shot at a low speed and power is technically harmless. You can treat it without any special care and treatment. Anyone can take out the air rifle pellet shot at a foot or a hand with lesser velocity and power. Thus air rifle does count as being very lethal.

They may be able to kill a human in an unusual setting. The shooter may intend to kill a human using a particular velocity and caliber. A person who does not even know how to use a rifle gun might perform a killing unknowingly. A best pellet air rifle can kill a human if it is shot on a sensitive spot of a human body like eyes, through the nose or any other such parts. There have been many instances of suicide or killing using an air rifle all around the world. Some of them are intentional and some by mistake.  

.177 caliber beyond 500 FPS speed can kill a human in a particular setting but that is not to be known to the masses to prevent any illegal activity to take place. Even .20 or .22 caliber can be lethal with very high velocity like above 1000FPS and high powered air rifles.

Apart from a few exceptions air rifles are not capable of killing a human. You should not use them to perform any lethal activity whatsoever.


From the above explanation, it is obvious that manufacturers don’t make air rifles with the intention of making a lethal weapon. But the air rifles surely is capable of doing so in a special setting. One must use air rifles with proper care and precaution so that you can avoid any accidents at all costs. Using an air rifle with utmost responsibility and expertise is something that every shooter must practice and make sure that their rifle does not get into the hands of an irresponsible person or a child who does not even know how to use it.



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