Can We Use Air Rifle Effectively For Home Defense?

The Air Rifle is definitely a lethal tool that is very threatening to look at. But, this is the most important tool to keep your home safe sometimes. You may think of keeping different non-violent tools to your house to protect yourself and your family without making any violence. But, all those things are not … Read more

5 Tips for Choosing a Hunting Rifle.

If you are going on a hunting trip, the first and foremost duty is to get a good-quality hunting rifle. You will find several rifles available. But mind it, you can’t get any of them. Every person has different needs and their rifles should be different so. You are one of them. So, find out … Read more

The differences between .177 & .22 and which is the best?

It is difficult to tell which caliber for Air Rifle Shooting is best. Because different calibers are enriched with different features. So, this is tough to find out which one is best for an individual especially when you are talking about .177 and .22 caliber. The most frequently asked question of people is which one … Read more

Which is the Best Caliber for Hunting Air Rifle?

People normally keep asking” Which is the best caliber for hunting air rifle?”. Well, there is no individual name we can mention in the answer. It entirely depends on how and for which purpose you will use the caliber. There are several calibers with distinct species and all are well-performing in their respective fields. Let’s … Read more

Why Cleaning Your Firearm is Important?

Weapons, like any other machines, undergo wear and tear after long use. Weapon care is a maintenance technique to experience the proper functioning of a weapon that’s why cleaning your firearm is important. There are some basic techniques to clean the weapon with some chemicals and basic tools, for example, cleaning the gun with oil … Read more

Is PCP air rifle the best choice?

Air rifle is the rifle which fires bullets using the compressed air without involving the chemical reactions. There are different types of air rifles already available in the market. On the basis of design, there are three types of air rifle available i.e. spring-piston, pneumatic and bottled compressed. PCP air rifle (pre-charged pneumatic air rifles) … Read more