Common Misconceptions About Shooting Gloves

To meet the needs and requirements of military officers and police, tactical gloves are designed to protect them in extreme conditions. The main purpose of these gloves is to provide protection to the hands and knuckles against physical threats like cuts and slashing. They are perfect in handling knives, guns and any heavy equipment’s. There are different kinds of gloves available in the market as per their specific purpose. There are several misconceptions about the shooting tactical gloves that are believed to be true, but there are no such fact to prove them.

Let’s see some major misconceptions about shooting gloves:-

#1: They are only for military

Many people believe that these gloves are only for military use and not for civilians. But this is actually not the reality. When they first made, they were specially made for the military purpose but after their success and its durability nature, manufactures started making them for civilians as well.

#2: They are expensive

People thought that tactical gloves are very expensive but this is another misconception about them. As there are number of manufactures starting manufacturing these type of gloves, as a result cost of them have reduced which make them they are quite affordable nowadays.

#3: They are made for winters

This is one of the biggest myth about shooting gloves. These gloves are not made to keep your hands warm in winter. The purpose of these gloves is to protect your hands from scratches and dirt. Material used in these gloves will actually allow your hands to breathe for better grip. It just allow your hand to be covered which is better than nothing.

#4: They are made up of cut proof material

Normally these gloves are cut resistant not cut proof. Your glove can not stand in front of sharp blades. Obviously, material cannot stop a pair of scissors. It just give you a security that gloves won’t tear between the activities as these gloves are much durable.

#5: Just a sign of show off

This might be true for some people but not for everyone. If you are hunting or doing any shooting activity, these gloves will definitely help you. Practising with the glove, make you feel more comfortable with the trigger and you can feel a better grip with your tactical gear.

#6: They don’t have full fingers

This is the common misconception of many people. People thought that design of these gloves are usually open for better grip and reloading your gun will be much more easier. Modern shooting gloves have patches for better grip and made up of a thin material. Thin material give hands a facility to breathe and sweat less. They are fully covered to give you full protection from palm to tip of your figure.


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