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Do air rifles need cleaning?

Air rifles barrels do get dirty over time and you may clean them at regular intervals. Barrels get dirty due to many reasons like dust, oil due to the mechanics of the gun, etc. but the dust does not remain there for a long time. So the question is do air rifles need cleaning? 

Pellets can sediment lead on the bore due to higher velocities rifles like above 800-900 FPS. Lead Pellets are easier on the bore and does not deposit much lead. You can also clean the woodwork your air rifle to give it a shiny finish which add life to the quality and look of your air rifle. 

Tools used to clean an air rifle:

  • Bronze brushes
  • Cotton patches
  • Air Gun oil 
  • Cotton mop
  • Gun grease etc.

There are certain guidelines to keep in mind while cleaning your air rifle professionally.

  • Do not use solvents: Solvents should not be used at all to clean air rifles.  Even gun oils should be used minimally if used at all. Solvents or gun oil are more prone to disturb the mechanics of the air rifle. 
  • Clean your bore regularly: You should clean the bore of your air rifle regularly so that no sort of dirt gets deposited on the bore for a long period of time. Some people never clean their air rifles ever, but if you don’t do anything fundamentally wrong, there is no harm in cleaning your big bore air rifle and any rifle.
  • Perform breach cleaning: You can clean your air rifle using breach if at all. They keep the muzzle of the air rifle protected. Any sort of damage to the muzzle may result in reduced accuracy of the air rifle.
  • After cleaning, dry out the bore: You should always dry out the bore after cleaning. You can skip it only if the air rifle is going to be stored for long term and you don’t want to dry it out.

There are many reputed brands that manufacture specialized air rifle cleaning kits like, Otis, Gamo, RWS, and many more. You can choose and buy the best air rifle cleaning tools or kit according to your budget and needs.


Cleaning your air rifle is an essential part of maintaining the air rifle and keeps it operating proficiently. You just have to keep in mind the aforesaid guidelines and use the required tools to clean your air rifle at regular intervals. Always try to store your best air rifles in a dry place and you can also use a gun bag to transport your air rifle safely.

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