How much distance are air rifles accurate?

Tere’s no definite answer to this question as the effective range for any air rifle depends on many factors and the most important factor is the air rifle caliber. Different caliber air rifles perform differently and shoot accurately up to different distances. You can understand the nature and effective range of your air rifle with experience and practice. The more you spend time with your best air rifle, better will be your understanding. Some of the most important factors are the type of pellet, the velocity at which fires the pellets, the type and power of rifle and the angle at which you shoot your target. The direction of the wind and the shooter’s stance also affect the effective range of an air rifle. Now I will briefly explain that how much distance are air rifles accurate from different air rifle calibers.

.177 caliber effective range

.177 calibers being the most popular air rifle caliber. The .177 caliber air rifle covers an approximate distance of 400 yards where it can shoot accurately. But, it can even go beyond that range for some more powerful air rifles. It is very suitable for long ranged targets i.e. the target is far off from the shooter’s position.

.20 caliber effective range

Usually a .20 caliber air rifle can shoot accurately around 60 yards. It can vary depending on the aforesaid factors like pellet velocity, shooting angle and wind direction. .20 caliber effective range can even go beyond 60 yards depending on type power of air rifle used. One downside of this air rifle is that it is a very rare and expensive alternative to buy. 

.22 caliber effective range

.22 caliber air rifle offers the minimum effective range of 40 yards up to which it can shoot accurately. This range may vary just like the other calibers depending on the aforesaid factors. The .22 air rifle is suitable for short-ranged targets like small animals etc. which are pretty close to shoot accurately. 


The knowledge of effective range of the air rifle is a very important aspect of shooting and choosing the best air rifle according to your needs. To understand the accurate effective range of your air rifle helps you to operate your air rifle more efficiently and effectively. Just make sure you take all the factors into consideration while calculating the accurate range of your air rifle. 

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