How To Choose the Best Gun For Small Game Hunting?

Most professional hunters started their journey by small game hunting like rabbits, squirrels, etc. It’s equally important to be successful in small games because it boosts the confidence of the beginner. So having a perfect gun is not only essential for professionals but also for beginners. So, many beginners as a question like how to choose the best air rifle for small game hunting when they finally decide to go hunting and when the time to get a gun. But as a beginner, you may not have enough knowledge about guns or rifles. It will be a great problem if you don’t research from now. Some basic factors that should be considered before making a purchase are mentioned below:

How To Choose the Best Gun For Small Game Hunting?

how to choose small game hunting

#1. Guns depend on prey

Which kind of gun you should use depends on the animal you want to hunt. Generally, small animals like rabbits, squirrels, grouse, etc. are targeted in small hunting. You should purchase guns according to the animals. If you want to target squirrels, you should use a 12,16 gauge shotgun, which can be your best choice. Animals like squirrels walk and run slowly. So you will get enough time to make a shot accurately. With 12, 16 gauge shotgun, you can perform better. If we talk about rabbits, you should choose 16 or 20 gauge shotgun. Generally, you have to shoot two times a rabbit with this shotgun and a 16 or 20 gauge is perfect for that.

#2. Carry a revolver

This is true that you have to carry a powerful air rifle while going hunting. Along with the rifle, you should keep a revolver with you for using when the big rifles are difficult to use. Sometimes it is difficult to run after the tiny prey with the big rifle. A standard quality revolver can make sure accurate aiming on the running rabbits or squirrels. There are a lot of best revolvers that can be used in small hunting. We can suggest a rimfire pistol named Ruger Mark III as it is the possible best pistol for small games.

choose small game rifle

#3. Rimfire Rifle

Rimfire rifle is the most suitable weapon for small games. People all over the world use rimfire rifles while hunting rabbits, squirrels, grouse, etc. Generally, the most used rimfire rifle is .22 long air rifle. Besides this, we can suggest .22 Winchester Magnum rimfire rifle. This rifle is the perfect combination of accuracy and light-weight at a low price. Small games always require a rifle that is easy to carry and can aim accurately. So before purchasing, make sure the rifle has all these qualities. 

#4. Shotguns

It’s true that a rimfire rifle is the best option along with a good-quality revolver. But if you ask about a shotgun, this is something great. The shotgun is perfect for aiming at little moving animals. You can’t accurately aim a rabbit or bird that is in close range and moving a little with a rifle or pistol. You must need a shotgun for such a situation. The most popular and used shotgun is the 12 gauge that makes sure the accuracy of the shot.

Failing at the beginning can badly affect your eagerness towards hunting. So don’t take any decision regarding gun purchasing that may cause your failure. Take time, think wisely, follow proper guidelines and take the best possible decision. Happy Hunting!

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