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How To Choose The Best Hunting Tents For Your Next Adventure

If you are thinking to be successful in hunting, the first thing you should do is to find a quality tent. Hunting trips are definitely a tiring job and also dangerous when you are in a jungle full of ferocious animals. A hunting tent can save you in this situation.

Hunting tent is not only a matter of the place where you will sleep. This is the stuff that will protect you from the attack of other animals, odd weather and also give you a chance of relaxing in the middle of the jungle. A random hunting tent doesn’t provide all the facilities. All the tents are quite good to see. But they are actually not. You have to find out the most suitable one and only can do this better.

Buying a hunting tent with a drawback is always a compromise that should not be done at all. You have to spend as much time as possible judging the hunting tents based on some features that literally determine how effective a hunting tent is.

If you are a skilled survivor then this guide is full of all the information that you need to know before going to a tent shop.

how to choose best hunting tents

Let’s see what you should know about how to choose the best hunting tents wisely.


If you are not a newbie in hunting, you know very well how the weight of your belongings affects your journey. A hunting tent is definitely the heaviest stuff in your backpack. You just can reduce the weight by finding a light model.

An ideal hunting tent is around 4 pounds in weight. You will get hundreds of models in the tent shop. But choosing one carelessly can increase a few pounds and this affects very badly.

So, try to get a model that is lightweight and allows you to pack in a small size backpack.


You should consider this feature if you will go for a hunting adventure in the winter or spring season. This is absolutely horrible if you are in the hunting ground in a tent that is not good enough for keeping you warm.

To get a comfortable and warm tent, you should choose the fabric type carefully. You should choose the material that keeps the tent warm and suitable for wintertime.

It also should be good to resist cold wind. It could be a little less breathable. But you can be safe from the cold.

Weather Resistance

Hunting tent is for every season and you will face different types of problems in each season. In summer, you will need a tent that is sun-protected. You will be in great trouble if the tent is not capable of protecting you from extreme heat. In winter, the tent should be capable of keeping inside warm.

Most importantly, the tent should be water-resistant. Spending a full night with rainwater in the forest is impossible and terrifying. It can make you sick and even more than this.

So, the tent you will buy should be weather resistant so that it can give you the proper comfortability that you want in the jungle.


You are taking a hunting tent not for relaxing all day and night inside it. You have to carry the tent all day long along with other stuff while hunting and put it on at nighttime. So, the tent should be portable enough.

Most people think that getting a lightweight tent is the portable one. But this is not right at all. If a lightweight tent is not good for compact folding, you won’t get this fit in your backpack. So, make sure that the tent can be easily carried for a long time.

Packaged Size

This is a crucial issue that you must think about before making a purchase. There are hundreds of models of tents according to the size of the tent. First, you should determine your trip size.

If you are planning for a solo hunting trip, you can get a small tent. If you have lots of stuff with you, a small tent is not suitable for you. If you are going on a duo-trip, a small size is not perfect for you. Get a medium size tent.

If you are going with a gang, you may need to take a big size tent and sometimes more than one. Considering the right size of the tent is very important because this is wasting your energy to get a big tent when you don’t need it.


This is known to all that a good quality hunting tent requires a high budget. If you want a high-quality tent, you should mentally prepare that you are going to spend a huge amount.

Then why are we talking about this here? Well, people who have budget issues have to consider the price as well. If you have budget issues, you will get the performance as an expensive tent provides. But you just need to carry a heavyweight and this is quite tough. If you can carry the tent, you can get a tent with a lower budget.


The tent’s colour is also important to consider. There are so many animals that are colourblind and they can’t see some particular colour. For example, elk are red/green colourblind. So, if you go elk hunting, you should get a tent that is red or green. You can choose a tent of bright colours.

Bright colour tents are easy to find and noticeable from a long distance. So, if you forget your path, other hunters can find you easily and rescue you.

Bottom Line

Among all the gears and accessories in your backpack, a hunting tent is a stuff that you should get immediately after the rifle. Going on a hunting trip without a tent is compromising with the best result and you should not do this at all. So, get a hunting tent of good quality and enjoy your time in the hunting ground when you are not hunting.



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