How to Clean a Rifle Scope Without Damaging the Lens

The scope is a very well-known gear that is very crucial for your hunting trip. It works like the eye of your rifles where you can’t see things of a distant place with your eyes. Actually, you get the view better than the normal use of a scope. For maximum performance, a scope needs to be maintained carefully. The scope is very sensitive stuff. It can be very tough to get one effective scope if you damage one while cleaning. Without proper maintenance, it can easily get worse. So, you have no other choice of taking care of your scope. Many people don’t understand how to clean a rifle scope and why they should take care of their scopes along with other gears. Today we will talk about it.


Why Clean a Rifle Scope?

At the very first, this is very crucial to know why you should take care of your scope. The scope is a hunting gear like the rests. But, it requires much more maintenance than others. The scope is all about the optics that helps to see over the distant place. If you know about lenses and optics, you may know that these kinds of stuff won’t be good much longer without proper care. So, taking care of your scopes is mandatory.

Now, let’s dig into the main purposes of what we actually want to know. Well, a scope can be maintained in many ways. All of them are very reliable. You can choose which one you like. Today we will discuss five ways of cleaning your scope in the most effective way. Let’s explore them.

#1 – Preventative Care

This is probably the easiest and the most effective way of keeping your scope safe. This is actually nothing but common sense. You just need to put on the lens cap whenever you don’t use the scope. We already said that the lenses and optics are the main things in scope. If you don’t use a scope, you have to put it on the cup. This is quite dangerous to keep it open in the ground when you are loading the rifle or doing any other stuff.

When you are walking through the woody forest, don’t make the mistake of keeping the cup off. In this way, the lens of this scope can get scratched and after that, you won’t get the result as before. So, don’t leave your scope’s cup off. There are so many preventative cups in the market of different brands. You can easily choose one of them.

#2 – Dusting

This is another way of cleaning the scope. There is a common mistake that most of the scope-users make. This is a common way of cleaning household stuff to wipe it with a cloth. But, if you do it with scope, things are going to be a very big issue. You should not wipe it randomly with clean cloths. You should leave your house without weeping your scope. You should clean your scope in the right way.

First, you should reduce the dirt blowing on the lenses and optics. Once you think the dirt get rid of, you should clean the lens using the lens pen, lens brush, etc. After that, you have to clean it using debris and oil. In this stage, you have to brush the lens very lightly so that the oil falls to the floor. All of these steps are the appropriate way of cleaning your lens and optics. You can’t do it like cleaning any other household stuff. If you can’t do it properly, it is pretty sure that you have to spend more money on getting another scope.

#3 – Liquid Cleaners

This way is quite unusual. Normally, the lens pen, brush and oil are a suitable and convenient way of cleaning a scope. People frequently do it. But, sometimes this is not enough for your scope, especially when there is blood, sap or powder blow-back. In such a situation, only the brush and pen can’t make your scope clean. You have to try something advanced. You can use the different kinds of solutions that are available in the market for lens cleaning and for anti-fog. This kind of solution helps to remove the stubborn dust on the lens and optics. The anti-fog solution also helps to keep the scope even when the climate is changing.

Now, let’s know how to use the lens cleaner solution or the anti-fog solution. First, you have to spray the solution on a Kleenex tissue. Kleenex tissue is the perfect one for cleaning scope. YOu can’t use regular tissues that you use at home. Now, wipe the lens carefully. You should not spray the solution directly on the lens. In this way, your scope can be damaged.

#4 – Polishing

Sometimes, the chemical wash is not necessary, but the wiping is not sufficient. In such a condition, you have to look forward to polishing. Polishing requires when there are spots on the lens like a watermark, mud, etc. Polishing is a bit easier than chemical washing. You can use a lens pen for cleaning the lens. You have to brush gently with the pen over the scope.

You have another choice. You can use microfiber cleaning cloths to clean the scope. But, before using all these things, make sure you clean them with debris oil. You should not wipe the scope randomly. You have to follow a particular way of doing it. You have to wipe the lens in circular motions.

#5 – Turret Care

Turrets are another crucial part of the scope as the lens. Along with the lens, you have to take care of the turrets as well. This is very important to do, especially for the people who live in the cold country. In cold weather, the turret can be spoiled very easily and the corrosion can damage it for air inside it.

So, after every hunt, you have to take care of it. You should keep the turret open so that its inside air comes out and it can be free from corrosion. If the turret is not comfortable moving, you should use isopropyl alcohol to clean it. Then wipe it with wax. Wax is a very good element to make things smooth that doesn’t roam easily. But, in all these steps, you should not use the debris oil, at all.

You can get different reliable wax in the market that can help you to do this stuff. We can suggest Imperial Sizing Die Wax that is commonly used nowadays in cleaning the turret. This is the way you can take care of your stuff. You should always keep the turret clean as it plays a very important role to provide you with the view.

Final Words

Cleaning scope is a tough thing until you read this article. You should always clean your scope using suitable items. With a dusty scope, you can’t expect the best result in the shooting ground. So, to get the best view, you have to keep the scope clean. But don’t hurry while doing it. Mind it; a single mistake can make your lens rotten. So, do it gently and carefully.


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