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How to Use a Rifle Scope – Step by Step Guide

You have good air rifles, binoculars, rangefinders, etc. except a good scope and knowledge of using the scope. You are not prepared at all in such a situation. You must know every pros and cons of scope along with the procedure of using it to increase accuracy while firing from a long-distance. Here we elaborately discussed how to use a rifle scope. Hopefully, our efforts will be fruitful.

#1 – Introduced with Different Parts of a Rifle Scope

Before purchasing any scope, you need to get familiar with different parts of the scope. You can’t operate a scope perfectly unless you don’t know about every part of it. A scope can be a small gadget. But it has several functionalities that should be adopted to make a perfect shot with the help of your best rifle scopes. It won’t take much time to introduce all parts of the scope. So don’t ignore this part at all.

#2 – Mounting Your Rifle Scope

After selecting the right equipment, get ready to mount the scope.  First, check that the screws are tightened enough. If you make it tighter than needed, your scope has to bear more pressure and even can be the reason for the damage of the scope. It would be best if you cared for the scope rings and the tube of the riflescope. You can change the tube size according to the diameter of the scope tube. But if you ignore the height of the scope ring, you won’t get effective eye-relief.

#3 – Zeroing In

After mounting successfully, it’s time to zeroing the scope. That means you need to adjust the target and distance so that the bullet can hit near or at the target. This is the most essential part of the total process. When you are in a forest and aiming at precious prey, you have to make sure that the bullets will hit at the target continuously. So your confidence will be boosted up with the increased possibility of success. So, don’t forget to adjust the range to zero.

#4 – Align the Crosshair Correctly

Basically, the pointer of the scope is called crosshair. It is the middle dot of two crossbars when one is horizontal and another is vertical. Using a scope will help you to hit the target by following the crosshair. So this is so much important to make the accurate alignment between the scope and the target. Most of the scope has this crossbar as a pointer. But some of them have a red dot that also works like the crossbar.

#5 – Eye Relief

If you are a regular shooter and need to aim continuously for hours to get the prey, you must know about the eye-relief. Eye-relief is an adequate distance to avoid eye-fatigue. So make sure the perfect eye-relief along with the field of view (FOV). After mounting, you should adjust the scope at the right distance so that you get enough eye-relief and proper range of the target area with a great field of view. But make sure the screws are tight enough to make the air rifle stable.

#6 – Trial The Rifle Scope

After purchase, you should read through the manual to know the basics of the scope. Normally, a scope can be of the various magnification ranges. You need to determine which one you should use. For this, you have to go for a trail to the woods and check every of the optic length to select the one you will use in serious hunting. For example, you have a scope with 6-12X42mm. Here the optic range is from 6 to 12. You should find out the one among these that you will use later.

#7 – Make a Perfect Shot

All are set. It is time you were waiting for. Thankfully, you have all the facilities to make a perfect shot. You just need to remember some things. You should not use high magnification because this is difficult to use in the right way. You should make a shot one after another.  It will be tough for you to hit at the target with the continuous but ambiguous shooting. However, move forward to another shot after clearing the first one and aiming correctly further.


The scope is a must-have item before going to action. You can buy a rifle with low quality but shouldn’t compromise with the scope quality at all. As we said before, you have to be a pro in using the scope and the above how to use a rifle scope tips can help you with that. So make sure you have properly reviewed the above article.



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