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How To Use A Rifle Sling?

Any good-featured firearm is quite tiring to carry for a long time, along with other tools. But there is an effective solution to this problem. You can relax with your best air rifle using a rifle sling. The basic purpose of a Rifle sling is to increase the stability of yours when you are carrying a rifle on your shoulder. A rifle sling is not just a tool for hanging the rifle. It is also considered as a supporting tool of the rifle. The sling allows the shooter to carry his air rifle conveniently and you won’t make a mistake even when you are in a rush. Using a sling is not a big deal in common sense. But you will get some advantages if you can properly utilize it.

Here are some of our suggestions on how to use a rifle sling effectively:

how to use a rifle sling while shooting

#1 – Keep it in your pocket if not needed

People who already spent many years hunting know it well when things are going to happen. Animals follow a regular routine in their daily activities. If you spend some time in the forest, you will also be able to guess their activities. You can hang your rifle with the sling-

  • When you are confident enough that there are no possibilities of attack at that particular time.
  • If you need to do something using both your hands.
  • If you have no intention of shooting.

But if you make a mistake to predict the activities of the prey, you may not get the chance of getting down the rifle and aim at the prey accurately. You know the consequences of such incidents. 

#2 – The upside-down carry

If you decide to hang your rifle with the rifle sling, you can’t do it as your will. You have to follow some rules. A basic thing you should keep in mind is that you have to hang the rifle upside down. You know why? We said hundreds of times to follow the movements of the animals so that you can predict. But it doesn’t happen every time. Maybe you are thinking it’s not the time of roaming animals. But you may actually face them at that time also. So there is no alternative to being alert all the time.

This is the reason why we suggest keeping the rifle upside down by sling. Doing this, you can hold back your rifle quickly and in the right way within a second, keeping the sling looped in your arms if you need to shoot anything instantly. In such away, you can easily control the magazine and bring it into action as soon as possible. This is our suggested technique that helped in many situations in the previous time. 

#3 – Way of holding for left-handed people

Most of the people are right-handed and we have actually nothing special to suggest to them. But some people are left-handed and feel comfortable holding the rifle on the left side also. They need to follow some special ways of using your best tactical rifle sling. People who are left-handed should carry their rifles upside-down on their right shoulder. When your rifle is hanging on the right side and you are going to pick it up for shooting, your right arm will hold the front side of the rifle and the left side will go with the trigger. In this way, the sling remains above the elbow and provides support to hold the rifle stably. People who are right-handed should follow the adverse sides.

#4 – Hasty Sling position

Suppose you need to shoot at your opponent suddenly and the rifle slips. What will happen in that situation? Well, in a hasty sling position, if the rifle slips, you can handle the situation by flexing the bicep and pushing with your hand until you are in a stable situation. Through the Hasty Sling position, you will be able to be stable by 40% within only two minutes. So, you will get another chance to get back in the game.


Using a sling with the rifle is an important factor to be successful indeed. This is proven by professionals many times. A sling can make sure that you always have your rifle with you even when you are busy with anything else. So get the best sling and learn how to use a rifle sling effectively. Hopefully, our research will help you in that case.



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