How to wear tactical pants with boots?

Tactical pants are worn by military operators, officers, FBI personnel and others who all in safety and protection service companies. They are also worn by individuals who love adventurous activities like mountain climbers. Wearing boots with tactical pants adds more charm to your personality. But the question is what are tactical pants and how to wear tactical pants with boots because wearing them perfectly is also important. It also depends upon the activity or service you are doing while wearing them.

  • If you are on any casual activity, wearing them in any particular way is not important. Drape over the boots would be enough.
  • If you are wearing your pants for some outdoor activity, you should blouse your tactical pants as it is the best way to do it. It will protect the wearer from cuts and scratches. It will become a barrier for bugs, dirt and poisonous plant.
  • If you are in police or on military duty, ease of mobility is necessary to get work done at the perfect time. You are representing your nation, you have to fulfill all the uniform requirements. Blousing your pants gives you the perfect look and the best secure fit for work.

how to wear tactical pants with boots

Some pants have built-in blousing straps but for those that don’t have, below are the ways to blouse your tactical pants with the boots:

#1. Using the elastic blouse bands:

Buying the blousing bands for your pants is the easiest and fastest way to blouse your pants. All the things you’ll require for that are:

  • Thick socks
  • Tactical boots
  • Tactical pants
  • Elastic blouse bands

First, Wear your socks and then slide the bands over the feet. Wear your tactical pants on and tuck the bottoms inside the band. Fold the rest of the fabric and pull it down to hide the socks, it will give you a blouse look. In the last, wear your tactical boots and your attire is complete. The only disadvantage in using the elastic blouse band as it is very difficult to carry for a longer duration.

#2. Tuck the pants in boots: Tucking the pants into boots is much more easy and fast if you don’t want to wear blousing bands or straps. Just flatten the fabric from the bottom and if there is extra fabric, folding in the back would help. Afterward, slide the bottom of your pants inside the tactical boots. This method is not very practical as pants can easily slip out of the boots.

#3. Use blousing straps or garters: These straps go inside the pants but it is more comfortable for you to wear than blousing bands. Pants won’t slip out if it is perfectly timed. After wearing tactical pants and socks, you have to tuck your bottom of your tactical pants. Fold the bottom of your pants up inside the leg and wear the strap tight enough to secure them at the same time. This method keeps your pants secure but the strap is much more comfortable for a longer duration than bands.

Now you Know How to wear tactical pants with boots so keep in touch for other tactical information.

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