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Is PCP air rifle the best choice?

Air rifle is the rifle which fires bullets using the compressed air without involving the chemical reactions. There are different types of air rifles already available in the market. On the basis of design, there are three types of air rifle available i.e. spring-piston, pneumatic and bottled compressed. PCP air rifle (pre-charged pneumatic air rifles) is one of the type of pneumatic air rifle which uses the internal stored pressurized gas in shooting. so, Is PCP air rifle the best choice?

PCP air rifle is one of the fastest growing segment in air gun market because of its specifications which make PCP air rifle stand out of all. The on board reserve tank for compressed air provide loads of velocity and faster follow-up shots with less refilling. This gives you a chance to concentrate more on shooting rather than loading the gun again and again. There are some light and compact PCP air rifle available in the market- important consideration and make this rifle perfect for the small shooters.

Below mentioned are some benefits of using the PCP air rifle:

  • Easiest air gun to shoot
  • Consistent power
  • Most accurate air gun
  • Very quiet as compared to other air rifles
  • Suitable for both beginners and experienced
  • Produces very little recoil
  • Multisport magazine for fast follow-up shots
  • Uses a higher calibre pellet
  • Have a gauge to show the amount of gas present in reservoir
  • Have air regulators to manage the pressure for firing valve

PCP air guns are one of the best option to buy but there are some disadvantages as well in using the PCP air rifle:

  • Expensive as compared to other airguns: it will cost you some hundred dollars up to a thousand dollar for the single. Buying the whole tank setup itself is quite expensive. However, if you have any air tank you don’t need to buy one.
  • The second disadvantage of PCP air guns is they require support system to refill the tank. There are some options available to refill the tank, i.e., scuba tank, hand pump and carbon fiber tank. Hand pump is cheap and easy to carry but it requires a lot of hard work. On the other hand, both options are quite expensive, and they require a proper setup along with it.
  • Proper maintenance and repair is required for consistent power and smooth functioning of the rifle.


PCP air rifles have earned a lot of attention from all the shooters around the world irrespective of their cost as it is totally worth buying it. PCP air rifle are incredibly powerful gun which makes it a perfect solid choice for game hunters. If you are the person who love quietness in their gun with high power and accuracy for their shooting, then PCP air rifle will definitely become your best choice for perfect shooting experience. Little maintenance will smoothen your experience with your gun which will go long way ahead.

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