Air Arms S200 FT Review

Air Arms S200 FT | PCP Rifle Review

Air Arms, with its headquarters in southeast England, has been in business since 1983 and has earned a solid reputation in that time. It introduced the first model of a pre-charged pneumatic (PCP) air rifle in 1988, making it an early innovator in the field. It currently manufactures some of the finest PCP hunting and … Read more

Crosman Challenger PCP Air Rifle Review

Crosman Challenger PCP Air Rifle Review

Shooters of all skill levels, from novices to veterans, can get a leg up on the competition with the Crosman Challenger PCP, since it provides a pellet rifle that complies with the National Standard for three-position air rifle events. It improves upon the previous version by providing you with rates of up to 580 fps, … Read more

Beeman QB Chief Detailed Review

Beeman QB Chief Review – Here’s Everything You Need To Know

An ideal balance of performance, high-quality features and price, the Beeman’s first venture into budget-friendly entry-level PCP guns. With a style that takes you back to classic styling, the Chief’s hardwood stock has a lot to offer when compared to synthetic alternatives. Every stock is proudly engraved with a yellow-hued Beeman logo. The airgun ups … Read more

Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle - Detailed Review

Benjamin Discovery PCP Air Rifle – Detailed Review

Benjamin Discovery air rifle is setting a new benchmark in the market and may be the most popular, inexpensive PCP air rifles available on the market today by the combination of great power for long distances with precision, as well as unbeatable value.  Benjamin has made it possible to bridge the gap and take the pain of … Read more

Walther Rotek PCP Review

Walther Rotek PCP Air Rifle Review

The Walther Rotek is an amazing air rifle that draws the attention of air gun enthusiasts who appreciate its unique design and range of features. This multi-shot Walther Rotek Regulated PCP (pre-charged pneumatic) air rifle is manufactured in Germany. This airgun is of premium quality and includes a Lother Walther barrel with integrated 1/2″ UNF … Read more

Seneca Sumatra 2500 review, 500cc

Seneca Sumatra 2500 Review, 500cc

Sumatra 2500 air rifle is an excellent product if you’re in the market for a high-powered, clip-fed PCP aimed at varmints and pests. The detailing is excellent, and it has a classic yet modern look. You’ll want to use heavy pellets for maximum knockdown power, but the gun is accurate across the board. Sumatra 2500 … Read more