10 Rabbit Hunting Tips – How to Hunt Rabbits

Rabbit hunting is one of those hobbies that are full of enjoyment and adventure as well. But, being unsuccessful in this game is not a matter of joy at all. You have all the necessary equipment and you desperately want to get some rabbits. But this may not be possible unless you adopt some rabbit hunting tips and tricks. So, what should you do? We have quite experience in this field to suggest some effective rabbit hunting tips that you can apply in your hunting session. Read out the followings: 

best tips for rabbit hunting

#1 – Jumping one up

The first thing you need to do is get up a rabbit. Generally, Rabbits would prefer a thick wall or big stone to hide when they want to escape from predators. If you have a dog, you can find rabbits by the dog. But if you don’t have a dog, you have to do it yourself. You have to walk the place where rabbits can hind and make them run to a convenient place to shoot. If they try to escape, you have to shoot as soon as possible.

#2  – Use the right equipment

Before going to rabbit hunting, you should dress up properly. You should wear clothes that are durable and comfortable to wear for a long time. Many well-known brands provide clothes suitable for hunting like tactical gloves, tactical pants, vests, etc. You should choose a dress according to the weather because clothes for warm days and winter are not the same. Choose them wisely. Most importantly, don’t forget to wear orange color clothes to get visible to other hunters around you. Otherwise, you could be their prey.

#3 – Lead your shot

If you get a chance to shoot a rabbit, you should aim from the rabbit’s front side. It will be perfect if you are capable of shooting closer to its nose area. For an excellent shot, a gun matters a lot. You can use a shotgun in this case. Shotguns make perfect shots with fewer meat damages. But using a .22 caliber for aiming the rabbit is not a wise decision as it is difficult to shoot the rabbit with this caliber while the rabbit is running.

#4 – Get yourself some dogs

Rabbits are little but capable enough to run fast. So getting them in the range is so difficult. Moreover, it will be worst if they consider you a predator. In such situations, sometimes it’s difficult to get back the rabbits in the range by running after them by yourself. So get some dogs to get an incredible advantage in such situations. Dogs can run after the rabbits and get them back in the range and help you to shoot accurately.

#5 – Find the best vegetation

To find the rabbits, you may need to roam around unless you make a simple strategy. We know that rabbits are vegetarian and they like vegetables like greenbrier, blackberry, plum, etc. So the chances of getting rabbits are higher in these vegetable bunches. So, identify some places with fresh veggies and search there. Hopefully, you will find your target.

#6 – Identify your target

Before shooting, make sure this is actually your target because there will be many things besides your target. Other shooters can be near you or even your dogs. If you don’t identify the rabbits accurately, you can shoot others instead of rabbits by mistake. If this happens, you know the consequences. So, it’s good for you to make sure to aim towards the rabbit and pull the trigger.

#7 – Work together

It would be difficult to cover a large area by oneself. If it’s possible, you should team up with one or two hunters and work together. By doing this, it will be easy to find out the rabbits easily and chase them. You can divide the total area into small parts and go one for one part to cover properly. Dogs should also be included in this team, obviously.

#8 – Choose your weapon

Many people like to hunt rabbits with arrows and bow. But, I would not prefer that at all. I think, having a shotgun with you while going rabbit hunting will give much more advantages. A hunting air rifle with a 9mm caliber could be the perfect combination for getting a rabbit easily. It helps to aim from a short distance and do enough damages without damaging the meat. You can also use .22 caliber. But this won’t support you in shooting running rabbits.

#9 – Be patient

Well, you have to be patient for any hunting activities and so here. Don’t try to go action early. Your dogs can do it better. So wait till they get back. If they fail to catch, they will be at least capable of making them reach your range. Wait till that moment and do an action when it is needed.

#10 – Shoot quickly

After seeing a rabbit, you won’t get enough time to shoot. So get ready with your arms always. Keep the gun in your arms with a stable position, down your cheek when you see a rabbit and pull the trigger after confirming it. Sometimes, people get anxious due to pressure in such situations and miss the target. So don’t miss the target by making it hurry.

These are some basic but effective rabbit hunting tips you can follow while going hunting. Along with the above tips and tricks, there is more guidance you can follow to be pro in rabbit hunting. By doing so, you will be successful for sure.

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