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The differences between .177 & .22 and which is the best?

It is difficult to tell which caliber for Air Rifle Shooting is best. Because different calibers are enriched with different features. So, this is tough to find out which one is best for an individual especially when you are talking about .177 and .22 caliber. The most frequently asked question of people is which one is better between the two calibers .177 and .22. Basically, .177 and .22 both are popular Airgun Caliber. But there is some controversy regarding their performances, comparability and people also talk about that which caliber of air rifles best for shooting. This writing is to reduce the controversy on the basis of the analysis of the differences between them.

  • .177 caliber Air Rifle is perfect for competition and target practice. Its larger caliber is stablemate, and the surface area partly illustrates just why the larger projectile imparts significantly more shock to the target on its arrival. With its light-weight, it really packs a relatively hefty punch on impact and significantly flatters trajectory that means hitting the target accurately in the first place. They are also built for laser-accuracy at lower FPS. It is worth noting that targets are not all that they are good for. The pellet weight is 8.3 grain, muzzle velocity is 900 fps and muzzle energy is 14.9 ft-Ibs. Its primary limitation is that the pellets don’t weigh very much and they have a smaller cross-section / sectional density. Hunting with .177 is not recommended at all because they kill is not swift with it. Target guns usually have a velocity of 400–500 fps which is very marginal for hunting.
  • .22 is one of the most popular hunting calibers. .22 is usually better for hunting but also works fine for plinking. The .22 pellet options are heavier and will give better impact & penetration. .22 hits harder and makes a larger hole. The .22 version would drop around 3” at 45yards. The trajectory is not as flat at longer ranges of this caliber. A .22 pellet does indeed have better energy down range but depends on the distance of the prey. The pellet weight of .22 caliber is 14.5 grain, muzzle velocity is 685 fps and muzzle energy is 15.1 ft-Ibs. 

From the above description of the two calibers, .22 is more powerful according to me. Because it results in dramatic consequences where .177 is more forgiving. The .177 has such a light-weight pellet that it is only good for small birds and rodents. Anything with thicker skin would only be injured out beyond a few feet from the muzzle. So, if we think about hunting, plinking, etc, .22 will be considered as more powerful than .177. 



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