Things to Remember While Buying Rifle Scope.

Riflescope makes the shooting much easier and more accurate. There are a numerous number of rifle scopes available in the market but we should always choose the best option only after understanding the various types of rifle scopes available and which fits best as per our requirements. Understanding the specifications of the riflescope is very important as it directly related to the performance of a riflescope. If the rifle world is totally new to you and you are thinking to buy a perfect riflescope.

Things to remember while buying a rifle scope:

#Magnification power

Magnification is the most important part as it magnifies the object to the naked vision. It is represented by the first numbers of a riflescope. If your scope is 5-12×42, here the first two numbers i.e. 5-12 are the magnification power of a riflescope and these magnification settings which can also be changed and adjusted. This is basically known as variable scope. The fixed scope is also available in which the magnification setting cannot be adjusted.

#Lens Coating

It is very important for light transmission. To see the object bright and clear, the lens coating should be good. To reduce the loss of light caused by reflection is the main goal of an optical coating. The more and better quality coating results in the best light transmission. There are four types of coating available i.e. coated (single-layer coating), fully coated (single layer on each side of the lens), multicoated (multiple layers of coating on at least one of the lens) and fully multicoated (multiple layers have been there on every lens).

Things to remember while buying rifle scope

#Objective Lens Size

It is basically located at the front of the riflescope which is far away from the eye. It is basically the second number of riflescope identification. This shows how much light can be gathered. The bigger the lens size, the more light can be transmitted, the much brighter and clear image will be possible.

#Reticle design

  • Visual markers on the riflescope are known as reticles, which show you the target point or where your shot will go. Reticles should be decided as per the activity. Some reticle design designs are:
  • Crosshair reticle- for precise shooting; not for hunting
  • Duplex reticle – perfect for hunting; take aim at moving objects
  • Mil-Dot reticle – for long-range target shooters; not for beginners
  • BDC/ Ballistic reticles – certain calculations based on distance and ammunition type is required
  • Illuminated reticles – for low light areas

#Eye relief

It refers to the distance your head needs to be from a riflescope and has a clear entire image. It is also related to the magnification power of the scope. Normally 4-inch eye relief is present on guns. We should always test the eye relief in our own way. Larger eye relief is better as it spots the aim more quickly and reduces the chance of injuring your eye.


This factor is actually related to where you will be doing your shooting. If you are stalking deer in the mountains, you have to do a lot of activity for a perfect shot; so choosing the lighter riflescope would be a better decision.

If the rifle world is totally new to you and you are thinking of buying a perfect riflescope then these six things to remember while buying a rifle scope and these points should be considered in evaluating the different options available and choose the best option for you.

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