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The Ultimate Guide For Deer Hunting : Tips, Tricks and Gears

Hunting wild animals is always a matter of great joy and adventure. But, when it’s about deer hunting, this is undoubtedly more exciting. Deer are one of the fastest and most intelligent animals in the jungle. So, sometimes it seems much difficult to get one in your hand.

Almost all Native Americans have a passion for hunting and this especially deer hunting. The reason is that deer hunting is legal and you will get lots of whitetail and mule deers in your nearest jungle if you are a native American.

Well, we said it before that hitting a deer is quite tricky and people need to do lots of practise and gain knowledge about how they will be successful in a deer hunting adventure.

In that sense, we decided to provide a complete guide for deer hunting guidelines to let you know all the information you should know before going on a deer hunting trip.

Let’s dig into it.

1. Choose Your Weapon

This is quite known that you can’t even think of a shooting trip unless you own an air rifle. So, the first and foremost job is to select your weapon.

In this case, you have to choose a rifle that is fast enough to hit the deer within a minimum time. The velocity and power of both of the rifles should be high so that you can reach the running deer.

So, you have to choose an air rifle for your job. While choosing, you must consider the budget and fitting of the air rifle. Here you will find some common and popular air rifles for deer hunting.

  • Winchester Model 70
  • Savage Trophy Hunter XP
  • Weatherby Vanguard
  • Remington Model 700
  • Ruger American Rifle.

You can rely on any of the mentioned air rifles. You can easily get these rifles on

2. Hunter’s Safety Course

Being safe and sound is the main condition of every hunting session. You will definitely be careful about every threatening issue so that you won’t get injured at all.

Without proper academic hunting knowledge and safety guidance, you won’t be able to ensure your security. So, you have to join different courses where you will be trained in several survival hacks and tips.

Moreover, you must need a license from the state to go hunting and you won’t get a license unless you complete the safety sources from any granted organization.

This type of course and the validity of the licenses varies from state to state. So, you have to be active to gain knowledge about these courses and other information regarding this. So, do that before going on a deer hunting adventure.

3. Dressing for the Field

Well, getting all the necessary outfits for your hunting trip is very necessary. This is more important for deer hunting as deer are really clever and can identify and recognize you even in the wooden jungle. So, you have to be dressed up so that they won’t recognize you.

Moreover, the proper dressing will keep you safe from some minor but very alarming issues. Suppose you are hiding in a thorn bush and you have no proper outfit to cover you fully. You know the consequences of such a situation. So, it is important to go hunting with proper dressing and protection.

There are some necessary bare-bones outfits that you can’t ignore before going deer hunting such as Blaze orange hat and vest, tactical vest, mask, tactical boots, etc. You should also dress up your bag with the necessary stuff.

There are some things that you can’t leave in your house while packing. You have to take your gun, a box of ammunition, a sharp knife, permits card, etc.

4. Finding a Place to Hunt

It greatly depends on the hunting place if you will get a deer or not. In fact, you have to hunt the place before a deer.

Animals have a routined lifestyle. They follow the same timing for everything. They go out for eating at a certain time; they go out for drinking water at a certain time, they go out for the search of food at a certain period, etc.

So, this is quite easy to trace them if you keep an eye on them for 2 or 3 days. You have to do this stuff for sure to mark the hotspots and decide where you will go hunting.

The place where deer go with their bunch should be your target place. You should choose a place where you have the back protection of a big tree or wall. In such a way, you will be able to enjoy a protected deer hunting adventure.

5. Taking the Shot

When you are finally ready with your equipment, gear, proper knowledge and decide on a suitable location, it’s time to take a shot.

You should wait with great patience when you are eagerly waiting for a deer. This is possible that you will meet a deer after spending a whole day on the hunting ground. So, you can’t miss the target at any cost. You have to shoot the deer. Make sure you got the perfect aiming.

Use different optic gears like scopes, binoculars, etc. to see the deer clearly and fix your aim. Once you are confident, you can make the shoot. If it hits, congratulations. If not, hope for the next time.

6. Ethics in deer hunting

While hunting, you need to ensure ethical standards of behaviour. This is very important so that no animal will suffer from your foolishness.

If you mistakenly aim a deer correctly and the bullet makes a wound that is not deep enough to kill the deer, the deer will suffer a lot with a bad pain that is not expected at all.

So, before going on the hunting ground, make sure that you have trained well to make sure the death of the deer in a single shot. Otherwise, the animals will suffer without reason.

Necessary Gears for Deer Hunting:

Along with the proper knowledge, this is also very crucial to get all the equipment and gears in your backpack. Let’s have a look at the necessary items that you should keep yourself while pacing.

Deer hunting is quite more challenging than the rest and that’s why people try a lot to be experts in this particular hunting type. We suggest not to hurry more to get into the action.

You should spend more time understanding and preparing yourself so that you won’t fail at your very first attempt.



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