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What are tactical gloves? Types and Uses of tactical gloves

Tactical gloves are one of the most important part in the tactical gear kit. It protects your hands and gives you a good grip over your weapon. They are specially manufactured for those professionals who are employed in protection and safety services, as their safety is also important. These gloves are extremely durable and control your grip while still giving the highest level of performance. They are also quite affordable as the price of tactical gloves starts from $10.

Types of Tactical Gloves

Tactical glove are very popular among the civilians as well for different purposes. So there are three different kinds of tactical gloves available for specific purpose:

  • All terrain: These are multipurpose tactical gloves for all tactical activities such as hunting, driving or trekking. Normally, they are resistant to water, dirt and oil. They have a fingertip technology with the padded knuckles for more safety of the user.
  • Sniper’s gauntlets: they are quite thinner than other tactical glove for more motion while shooting. Sniper shooting is one of the main activity where these gloves are used. In these types of gloves, you can easily move your figures but these gloves are less protective.
  • Needlestick gloves: police and military officials also need protection from cuts and scratches, so they use needlestick gloves for their safety. In these types of gloves, there is an extra padding and double layer for their safety. These gloves are designed to resist any cut from any sharp objects without hurting your skin. These gloves are also used by the persons in daily activities who deal with the sharp objects in their working environment.

Uses of Tactical Gloves

Tactical gloves are used in varies situations by different people in different ways. Below are some mentioned situations where tactical gloves are used:

  • Protect your hands while shooting
  • In law enforcement activities
  • Some outdoor games like paintball
  • While working with power tools or any sharp objects
  • While doing any DIY project for your safety
  • Motorcycle riding or Driving a car
  • Keep your hands little warm in extreme cold climate
  • Convenient for mountain climbing and cross fit

Things to Consider While Purchasing Tactical Gloves

If you are thinking of buying a tactical glove, there are some features of tactical gloves which you have to consider while buying them:

  • Material: protection of the user totally depends upon the tactical glove material. The thicker ones give you more protection from sharp objects, but hands movement is quite difficult in thicker material than thinner. Natural and synthetic material is used in the tactical gloves. Both the material is good in their own manner, select as per your activity.
  • Size: perfect fit is necessary for your easy movement and comfort, as it will affect your performance. The manufacture will share a size chart to help you select the perfect fit glove.
  • Insulation: If you want to carry your gloves in the low temperature, always check the insulation. The gloves will protect your hand from freezing in extreme cold weather.
  • Durability: Always check the durability of the gloves. Usually thicker tactical glove are more durable but they don’t offer you flexibility and much comfort. But select the tactical glove which gives you more protection and safety for longer periods.
  • Padding: It is important in tactical gloves because it gives you extra protection from any injury in any difficult situation. Gloves have different types of padding for your protection, i.e., on knuckles, palm or finger.
  • Waterproof: Getting the fully waterproof tactical glove is hard to find, but there are some brands which offer water and dust resistant gloves. They resist the water penetration and give good protection. It is important to have one when working in wet conditions and cold climate.


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