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What are tactical pants and Do we really need tactical pants?

Haring for the first time What are tactical pants then this will be the best read for you to understand these pants. Tactical pants are very similar to the cargo pants with some modifications in their usage such as they are lightweight with tough material. Tactical pants are specially made for a range of professions who work in protection and safety series like military officers, fire officers or FBI agents.  Nowadays, they are worn occasionally as well.

Tactical Pants usually comes in solid colour and the belt loops are quite thicker for larger belts and to carry other tactical gears. There are lot of different pockets in top-rated tactical pants as per their usage such as knife pockets, cargo pockets, hidden pockets, magazine pockets, handcuff key pockets, slash pockets, knee pad pockets, media pockets and symmetrical pockets. Each pocket is designed for its specific use. Buttons, zippers and Velcro’s are used for pocket closures.

What are Tactical Pants

Different types of fabric are used as per their usage:

  • Cotton ripstop: This is mostly used fabric in tactical pants. It is more durable as it is woven which protect your pants from easy tears. It is most comfortable and breathable fabric as compares to others. This fabric is affordable and lightweight. But it is less durable in terms of fading and shrinking.
  • Nylon Cotton Ripstop: When looking for long lasting pants, combination of nylon and cotton material is quite safer than only cotton material fabric. This material is normally used in military uniforms. It is also durable in shrinking, fading and stains. It gives you professional look all times as it is resistant to wrinkles. Its quick-drying fabric gives you comfort on your job.
  • Poly Cotton Ripstop: This fabric is quite similar to nylon cotton ripstop. In this fabric, only 35% cotton is used which gives you durability feature. It is quite better for warmer months than nylon cotton ripstop because of lighter weight.
  • Poly-Cotton Twill: If you want heavyweight tactical pants, this fabric is good for you. This fabric is woven in twill style to give you a durability feature. It is quite good option for the colder temperature regions because of its weight.

Features to consider while buying them:

  • Pants type :  The pant style and construction plays an important role in its performance.
  • Tactical Pants features: Its features explains best how these pants best work best for you.
  • Pants fabric: Fabric is directly related to one’s comfort.
  • Pants fit: Find the perfect size for perfect fit

Do we really need tactical pants?

Standard pants are quite resisting you for heavy-duty job work. Wearing the best bottoms are necessary to put your foot forward. Tactical pants are best for the military persons, law enforcements and mountain lovers as well.

Tactical pants don’t resist you to do heavy work or hold you back to do that, they never slow you down for any service. These pants put all your tactical gear within your reach and fully protect your knees. They are specially build for harsh environment. They are lightweight and durable enough to do any activity. It offer a lot of pockets for everything so that all your gear and equipment’s are within your handy reach. Most of these pants are resistant to dust, stain and moisture. Some are also wrinkle resistant to give you professional look all the time. The elastic waistband gives you the most comfort. They also provide you the facility to add knee pads for your safety.

Now you understand what are tactical pants and why do we need them. so you can choose your tactical pants as per your choice, they are available in different colours, style, weight and material. They are also affordable starting from 10$. Tactical, mars gear and proper are some of the top brands to choose from.

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