What is a PCP Air Rifle?

Wen you are new to air rifles and have asked “What is a PCP Air Rifle?”. PCP is an abbreviation of “pre-charged pneumatics”. These guns are also called “pre- charges” by some industry people like these type of guns are filled with air before it is fired. PCP airguns are very popular in the last few years because of their greater level of sophistication and accuracy.

PCP air rifle uses compressed air as its power source for the perfect long way target. The accuracy and power of the rifle are the main reason for the rifle’s popularity among all customers. Some other benefits of pre-charged pneumatic air rifles are accuracy which is fun for both beginners and experienced shooters and the multi-shot power of the rifle. Getting 30 high power shots will be easy with this rifle without refilling the reserve which makes this rifle worth buying it. This makes PCP rifle perfect for the hunters as they are quiet, easy to shoot, have no recoil with the extremely accurate target. These air tanks can be built or can be screw on to the rifle.

PCP rifle is one of the perfect choices for sportsperson because of its features regardless of their experience, as this rifle is quiet, comfortable, and gives you an accurate shooting. PCP rifle is commonly used in sport shooting as all Olympic air rifles is of PCP type. They are also used in warfare and in hypervelocity research. Best PCP air rifles is a perfect gear as it gives you a powerful appearance in your shooting which is a perfect combination of accuracy, fun and easy to carry.

As per your shooting preference, budget and intended activities, there are numerous options available in PCP rifles. Airforce, Beeman, Gamo are the top ranked brands in PCP rifle as per their performance and power.

How PCP air rifle fire bullets?

Many PCP rifles have regulators as well to manage the air pressure to the valve.  After pushing the trigger, the rifle opens the valve and compressed air is released which pushes the pellet through the barrel and out of the gun. Each shot uses a small amount of compressed air, as a result, it slowly reduces the amount of air in a tank. After a certain level of air left in the tank, it has to be refilled.

There is a gauge available in the rifle which shows you the amount of air in the reserve. They are usually color-coded i.e. green stands for good, yellow is nearby half and red shows time to recharge the reserve.

The bullets won’t be able to travel much when air pressure is at the minimum scale. The rifle has to be refilled for accurate shots and back to its optimum firing performance.

How to fill a PCP rifle?

Air tanks and hand pumps are the two ways to fill the PCP rifle.

  • Using an air tank to fill the rifle is much easier than a hand pump as a lot of hard work is required in it.
  • Whereas air tank is not suitable for wild shooting as after times of filling, it will need to be refilled quite often and air tank wants some carrying along with it. On the other hand, a hand pump can be carried easily over your shoulder.

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