Which air rifle calibers is the most competent?

Every air rifle serves different purpose according to its range and power. The most common air rifle calibers are .177, .20 and .22. They come with unique features and are suitable for different scenarios. 

.22 calibers

The .22 caliber air rifle is the heaviest of the three and has the maximum knockdown power. The only drawback this caliber has is its ability to shoot in a very short range of 45-50 yards only depending on the pallet. So, you are going to use your air rifle for hunting huge targets like crow, woodchucks, jackrabbit, raccoons, etc., .22 calibers air rifle will do wonders.

This air rifle is manufactured by many reputed brands like Diana, Hatsan, RWS, Gamo, etc. To shoot in long-range distances make sure you use a high-power air rifle with minimum 800 FPS.  

.20 calibers

.20 caliber air rifles offer the benefit of high velocity and fairly flat trajectory which results in ample accuracy. It is believed that this caliber is the most favorable air rifle caliber in the market as they provide the best of both worlds. It is very suitable for short-range targets. 

Unfortunately, there aren’t many options available in .20 calibers. The ones that are available are of such premium prices that they are not affordable for the masses. They come with top-notch quality and a lifetime warranty from high-end brands.    

.177 calibers

This caliber air rifle is the most popular in the shooting industry. It is the smallest one with the maximum velocity in given airgun energy. It provides the flattest trajectory which results in higher accuracy.

.177 air rifles shoot can usually shoot around 1000 feet per second (FPS) but can also go up to 1250 FPS according to the air gun power. With this much high velocity, this .177 caliber is a great alternative for small pests like birds, squirrels, and other rodents. 

There are a lot of options available in the market for this caliber like Gamo silent cat, Walther LGU, Benjamin marauder air rifle, etc. and you can easily choose the perfect air rifle according to your budget and need.


Each caliber plays its own role in a shooter’s life and meets their shooting needs with ease and efficiency. You just have to understand the pros and cons of every type of caliber in air rifles and choose the most suitable one for yourselves. Make sure you use the best air rifles with suitable caliber according to your hunting needs and budget.

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