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Which is The Smallest Self Defence Weapons I Can Carry?

Nowadays, self-defence is a big issue as people are facing unexpected and odd situations frequently. In recent time, this is quite tough to be outside at night without having any safety gear. You may think this is debatable. Actually, people are insecure on the road and sometimes it is serious. So, keeping self-defence stuff is mandatory. But, this is normally terrifying to carry big size weapons to you. Big size weapons can create different problems for you. It can alert the bad people. Robust size weapons are difficult to carry. Considering all of these, this is wise to keep a compact and small size weapon to you for your self-defence. There are lots of weapons that are made for self-defence. Some of them are mentioned below. Make a tour to them.


#1 – Derringer

Derringer is a compact size gun that is very much tiny and can be held in your palm very easily. This is considered as one of the most effective self-defence tools as you can hide it within a second. Despite being small, this gun has enough power to shoot the opponent. This gun has a double-barrel. You can load it with 45 LC and can fire 410 gauge. This gun is super-effective to prevent attackers. This gun can be easily stored in your shirt or pant pocket so that you can get it out within a very short time. So, try to get this gun to ensure your safety.

#2 – Kel-Tec P3AT

Like the previous one, this Kel-Tec P3AT is another one that ensures safety at the optimum level. This is also tiny in size and you can hold it in your palm without showing it to people. You will get several models of this safety gun that will perform at best. Some of them are 4.25 mm Liliput pistol, and the Ruger LCP II, etc. This gun is very much reliable to provide deadly shoots to the attackers. You can easily carry it to your pockets or bags. It can provide you enough time to escape from the spot as soon as possible.

#3 – Taser Guns

Nowadays, there are different kinds of advanced self-defence weapons. But, this one is extremely reliable. An Electric gun is normally known as a taser gun. This gun doesn’t have any ammo. But, it has strong electrical power to shock the attacker with great power. This gun is popular nowadays, especially for working women who have to spend time outside for a long time. This gun is an expert in partially immobilizing the attacker so that you have enough time to escape from the spot and sometimes call the police.

#4 – Fixed Blade Neck Knife

Let’s see something different.  A fixed blade neck knife is a knife that can make the attacker injured within a few seconds if you can place it on his neck and turn a bit south. This knife is extremely sharp as its housing is of Stainless Steel. This knife is very tiny in size. You can keep it with your chain as a locket or you can keep it in your boot. The portion where you will hold this knife has an extra touch of style like a grenade that provides a strong grip. This neck knife is available in two different colours. This fixed blade knife is extremely suitable for carrying to save yourself from any kinds of attacks at any time.

#5 – Self-Defense Knife

When carrying a gun is prohibited in your state, you can definitely rely on the self-defence knife. This is a special kind of knife that is not too big in size but extremely shaped to cut things. This knife is very reliable for tackling the attackers in any odd situations. You can rely on this knife for quick access to your knife. It is possible due to the holster people carry to keep this knife. Normally people use a leg holster that will allow you to pull out the knife very quickly so that you can act against your enemy instantly. So, if you face many difficulties in owning a gun, you can choose this weapon for your safety purposes.

#6 – Pepper Spray

A compact size pepper spray is one of the most trustable ways of keeping yourself safe. This is very much popular with women, especially to those people who are not habituated in using real guns. This is a spray of liquid that is extremely spicy and will make a high-burnt on the attacker’s face. This pepper spray is a reliable self-defence tool for both civilians and law enforcement officers. This tool can perform effectively for a long time as this tiny container is full of enough compressed liquid. Overall, this small stuff is very capable of maximizing your personal safety.

#7 – Stun Gun

Stun gun is a commonly used device in Hollywood movies and series. Almost in every spy movie, you will see this device to tackle the opponents used by the hero. Well, a stun gun is a device that is used to hit the neck to provide enough jolt so that the attacker is bound to step back. This device is very compact in size and you can keep it in your shirt or pant pockets very easily. But, its size doesn’t define its power. This device has a painful stopping power with a lifetime warranty. Moreover, the battery is very long-lasting and it doesn’t require frequent charging. So, you will definitely be benefited from this device when you face any odd and suspicious situation.

#8 – Tactical Pen

There is an old saying, the pen is more powerful than the sword. In modern times, this saying becomes true as nowadays, the tactical pen is a kind of weapon. Actually, a tactical pen is an all-in-one tool that has several uses. This pen has a multi-mode LED tactical flashlight, a premium glass breaker, a multi-tool and smooth writing ballpoint. This tactical pen is very easy to use and superior durability. This is one of the top-rated self-defence weapons nowadays. This tiny and small thing can break a thick glass within a second. This tactical pen is a very suitable one to give your dearest one for self-defence. He/she will definitely love this tool.

Bottom Line

Self-defence is a crucial thing nowadays as it is quite risky to roam due to bad people around you. So, this is a very important idea to keep self defence weapons with you. The self-defence weapon should be carried very easily so that you can use it at any times when you face any difficulties in your house or journey.




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