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Why I use a two-point sling?

The two-point rifle sling is one of the most appreciated and used gun slings around the world and it is also known as a carrying strap. These slings connect to the rear and the front which makes it perfect to carry a long gun over your shoulder for long periods.

Two-point sling, as the name says, means that the sling is connected to the gun with two different points i.e. one at the front and end of the carbine. Long guns need both hands support as they are heavy to shoot and manipulate properly. This will help you to rest your one hand and do some other tasks as well. The main purpose of the sling is to stabilize your target for accurate shots.

why you should use two point sling

You also have several ways to carry a gun with two slings:

  • American carry: It is muzzle up and slung over the back of the shoulder
  • European carry: It is also muzzle up but slung over the front of your shoulder
  • African carry: It is muzzle down and slung over the back of your shoulder
  • Tactical carry: Diagonally across the body

Other than tactical carrying, all of them are quite safe as they point the muzzle up/ down. In tactical, you have to be quite careful. It requires a bit more effort in controlling the muzzle direction.

They are also used to improve your aim with some simple techniques:

  • Loop the sling around your arm and try to stable your rifle with your dominant hand. This method is also called the hasty nasty method
  • Another method is the loop sling. In this method, pull a loop from the adjustment side by disconnecting the rear portion of your best quality rifle sling. Now, slide your arm through the loop and pull tightly which helps you stabilize your gun which helps you to shoot for longer periods and with more accuracy.

Positive points in using two-point sling:

how to use two point sling

  • Multiple methods of use
  • Doubles as a shooting aid
  • adjustable sling
  • comfortable extended carry
  • stabilize your gun
  • suitable for long guns for a longer duration
  • give more range of weapon
  • small pockets to carry extra batteries


Good weapon sling is one of the important elements for every gear, irrespective of your everyday service. The sling allows your hand to rest and prevent your weapon from bumping into the ground while transitioning.

For my rifles, I always use a two-point sling. Two-point sling is a very simple weapon sling but well thought constructed. This has built-in length adjustment specification with wide foam straps for more comfort and accuracy as per the user, that is why I choose my slings very wisely. Better weight distribution is also there with a lot of accessories. A comfort pad with mesh is there to avoid scratched around your neck. This allows you to quickly adjust your sling length as per your requirement.

I prefer them to carry in African style, as it is easy to grab and aim your target, it is safer as well. The sling carrying style doesn’t matter much but the user should be quick to unsling when transitioning from the dominating side shoulder to the weaker one. When a two-point sling rifle uses as a shooting aid they really stand out of all. They can be rapidly and effortlessly tied to help you to stabilize your shooting position for a more accurate shot.

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